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Edited at they are reaching me in the last hours a lot of comments saying that if I’m a friend of peluchín why I’m a friend of peluchín if I am an accomplice of peluchín and how I could be his friend and all these things first of all I want to say that Im not friend of peluchín that is clear good in fact he said that who does not they mattered the friends that are are a hindrance and that only serve to take advantage of them so good as who did I became to be the peluchin’s friend? I have been his friend not for so long for half a year (six months) from June and why and why I do not know how not I remember I followed on twitter then The day after I followed him, had spoken me, and we start talking and everything normal because nothing I kept talking with I became being his friend so in nothing you see that all normal is that there is nothing to say we have a video there is a video that it’s in his channel that you can see it if you want well that I am basically. It passed the time and there came a time that I gave myself mind that there was something weird; good already I had seen many videos that said bad things about him and etc. but I didn’t tought it was important but anyway what caught my attention was when in the video of 50 things about me, he says he says this: [PELUCHIN]: im able to see horrible things without fear make a page called the narco blog for those who do not know it is a page of videos of prosecutors of mexico murdering to people if they are 100% real the first that I saw was a video that is titled out “They take his heart alive”
and the video is real; my first reaction gave me many things already that I had never seen anything like that but still so I did not stop to see it I did not feel bad for nothing and with those videos now just stop laughing [PELUCHIN END] and basically I saw this I found it a bit weird yes but I finished it is not important then time passes and then a month passed I think and uploaded the video of was with his cat and they gave him the face with the can of tuna was basically that but how do you can watch the video is with more people there is someone recording I mean, so I did not give him no importance so do not me not me dont liked it but not the importance and since is then I found out later that it his cat had died because he had said that his cat was sick because he had a accident something like that and he had died bad said that and that is actually the same which says in the video in the last video he has five days ago but that’s nothing further he says that his other cat died of an accident some know that that grade died because they had a accident and taking it to the vet there was no cure and they had to sacrifice it and this already long ago then of all this three days ago was when Well, all this came out that the video that he had sent something like that to someone in the one in which he mistreats his cat him and he kills him basically because that is what he do and nothing to say I had no idea of he could get to do this I had no idea the only weird thing that had seen was that and I did not give importance and it’s already I have nothing to do I do not know its accomplices as they say out there because of done there is a comment that says me He commented on my video saying complaint in this channel is an accomplice of the patient mentally and as a friend and accomplice both are garbage that deserves point to be tortured until death for nothing to say anything that is to say that what is all said I I did not know I could help to do it this madness I had no idea I did not have idea and in fact I do not think neither his mother nor his family would notice that killing your cat because of done as we can see in the last video adopted two new cats this does not would have happened yes yes yes his family would have known that he had killed his previous cat so I think that’s why I do not they knew that yes they are all the day with him his family his mother could to have realized it could have been spoken they did not realize I do not know why they did not they gave an account but cases that did not they realized and what happened happened and now is there and there is nothing that can be done now just wait to see what happens I already I do not want to know anything, I do not have anything what to see so please stop putting comments also clarify why there many people who think that the cats that they are with him that in fact a friend of him how good I guess now that no I know of your friend I tell you what was your home and took them away I want to forget of this and this is all I know I do not I knew nothing I had no idea he could get to pass this and as I say I think that nor his own family saw him come like this that this is all I can say no I’m going to stop to say anything else though there are more things there are many things there is a lot what to say and in fact because he did not I know I do not want to know it either and already is and I do not want to know anything else about the subject and it’s over this is all I can say. Merry christmas and see you


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