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Peluchin Entertainment Gives Bone-Chilling Interview With Scare Theatre

The youtuber known as peluchin entertainment
just did an interview with the youtube channel Scare Theatre and honestly, its bone-chilling. From the interview, it seems that Mattias
is a very disturbed person, and he has zero remorse for how he treated his cats. Welcome back to inform Overload we do the
news and I’m charlotte dobre. A few weeks ago on this channel we did a video
called How Is This Allowed On Youtube – Peluchin Entertainment. Scare theatre was actually one of my sources
for this video, and it seems that Eric managed to lock down an interview with the kid behind
Peluchin Entertainment. If you havent seen our last video on Peluchin
Entertainment, I highly recommend you watch it first, before watching this video. And also make sure you subscribe to Scare
Theatre. But basically, the gist of it is, A youtube
Channel called Peluchin Entertainment was run by a 15 year old kid named Mattias. There is a video of mattias online that show
him brutally killing his cat jason, and being abusive toward other cats. No one had heard from mattias in a while,
it seems he went offline. There were also some rumors going around that
he was institutionalized or arrested, but apparently that never happened. There were a lot of unanswered questions that
seem to have been answered to some degree by Scare Theatre’s video, so I thought I
would update you all on the situation because it was a story that upset a lot of our viewers. Just a warning though, its likely that this
interview will upset a lot of you as well so if this kind of topic is too much for you
to process, I recommend you don’t watch. Scare theatre spoke to peluchin entertainment
on discord. It wasn’t a skype or in person interview. His username was censored. Matias talks about Wario, who is the person
who leaked the video of matias killing his cat. He said, we had been bitter enemies. It started when he plagiarized some of my
artwork that he used as a media asset. He found my whatsapp account after my friend
sent it to him, and he pretended to be someone else. We argued for about forty5 minutes. I sent the video and blocked wario. Then scare theatre asks flat out, why did
you end up killing Jason. To which Matias replies, I am superior to
them and cats make me angry. It has taken me so long to realize that what
I did could have been wrong. I have not received any help yet, however
it was such an exciting feeling. Then Scare theatre asks, why did you record
all the things you did to your cat. Matias responds, at that moment, the emotion
moved me. I wanted to see it later to relive the enjoyment. Now it makes me sick to a certain point. I’m not sure if I really regret what I did. Maybe its just the stress that it caused. Matias shut down the rumors that he was arrested
or instutitionalized. He was not arrested or charged because he
is a minor and he convinced the police that he would seek help. He says a few other concerning things like,
people treat me as if I were just an insect, and I also had a suicide attempt for which
my mother made fun of me. This could mean mattias is from an abusive
family. And lastly, the most concerning quote of all,
when asked if matias ever thought about harming people, he replied, yes. And the only thing that prevents him from
killing is the fact that he would go to jail. So guys, I highly recommend you watch the
original interview, my description doesn’t exactly do it justice. I should also note that As far as I know,
this interview is genuine, but there were several people in the comment section of the
interview that said that the interview is likely fake because the translation from what
mattias wrote in Spanish was off. One commenter said, as if it was like someone
wrote it in english first and then put it in google translate to Spanish. At The beginning of Scare Theatre’s interview,
he asked if mattias would verify his identity by sending a picture of himself but mattias
refused and used the excuse that he looks different and he didn’t want the picture
to be leaked. What do you think of this interview guys,
could it be real? What do you think should be done if it is. Let me know down there in the comments. For now I’m going to respond to some comments
from my video another Adpocalypse is on the way and its all youtube’s fault. Snowyskies – I thought charlotte was bald
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now. I have that effect on people. Josiah Matthews – youtubers can never catch
a break, I hope IO survives the fallout. IO will never die. Cant die if you’re already dead. BADMMKSSS. Bangtanswag – I really cant get enoughof
your news. I have been watching all day. And I don’t even like news. IO, the news channel for people who hate the
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