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Pearl (Oscar nominated short) | Short of the Week #023

– This week, we have a 360
animated short from Google. As the Academy Awards come in closer, I’ve decided to cover the nominees for the best animated short film category, and I’ll start it off with Pearl, directed by Patrick Osborne. This is the first great attempt I’ve seen at a full 360 short, and while I gotta say I don’t particularly enjoy
watching films this way, having to constantly
move around and feel like I’m missing out on something,
I thought this film was very well done,
first of all, the camera is completely static, which
I think is a good idea for a 360 film since it’s hard enough to keep looking everywhere
without the camera itself moving also, so while I think shot angles and composition is very important, I never felt like the framing was off, even though I was the
one moving the camera. It definitely helped that
the art style is so gorgeous that it feels like you’re always looking at an amazing painting. This film utilizes the evermore
popular 2D, 3D hybrid style which seems to be used
a lot in recent years, and they do it masterfully. The character design is beautiful and the colors are sharp and vivid, the animation is as good as it gets feeling realistic but not too much that it looks like motion capture, keeping some cartoony elements in it. As for the story, it takes place in one static location, a car, in which we get to experience a loving father and daughter relationship, over a couple of decades, playing out to one long song, it’s simple yet moving. I honestly didn’t think
I was gonna enjoy a film done this way, but Google and the director nailed it in every way, this film’s place on the Best Animated Shorts
category is well earned. If you’re interested in
making animated movies, we have a free ebook for you,
Making an Animated Short. The book takes you step-by-step through the entire process of
making an animated short film, from coming up with the story idea all the way to exporting the final film. Click to download it for free. (fast drumming music)

  • I never liked 360 videos due to reasons you mentioned. I think it's just a fad when it comes to pre-created media contents like movies. Not to mention you have to use mouse which is very cumbersome.

    But when it comes to virtual reality media, in which there is interaction, like video games or simulations, AND you use dedicated virtual reality gear, then it becomes a novel and good thing indeed.

  • 360 is ok but on cartboard or other vr because it's really annoying when you need to hold mouse all the time to see what is happening instead just sit and relax

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