Paula Abdul vs. Janet Jackson (1990 Music Awards)

  • They are both excellent dancers to me and I used to love them both as a child. Theirs was a golden era.🌟💝

  • These were great choreographed performances, but this was the start of the lip syncing live performance standard ( and the set up for auto tune to destroy real music ).

  • You guys on here say Paula is a dancer in dance school you get taught the basics now hiphop dancing and being able to be versatile Paula isn’t versatile she taps but she isn’t a hardcore dancer like a hiphop dancer she does not have the ability to mix Jazz with hiphop she isn’t that kind of dancer Janet is very versatile like her brother anything you throw at them they are going to take it and own it.

  • In the early part of Janet's comeback career meaning Rhythm Nation Paula Abdul was Janet's choreographer as well as many big name artist. So, there is no comparison really because Janet learned from Paula. Now I still love love me some Janet still.

  • I miss this excellent singers!! They were pure talent. They didn't were not half naked to get attention; today the singer females have to be half naked to get your attention!! That's it!! To talent!! Nicky minaj, jennifer Lopez. Myle Sirus, Cardi B, pure garbage!! No talent at all!!!

  • Paula Abdul off course!! She was a laker girl, paula Abdul dances with any kind of shoes!! Janet only with flat shoes!!! She dances only hip hop music, Paula dances any kind, jazz, tap, classic, hip hop and etc etc. Both are good singers but Janet was more popular, better dancer Paula Abdul!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😜😜😜.

  • I liked Paula's esp the back up dancers…the slow split move was awesome……but i liked Janet's more because the dance was more unique and innovative….one of the main reasons why i luv Janet!!

  • come on this is a no-brainer, Paula won hands down. Paula's dance steps are just out of this world and she is moving around the stage while dancing while janet's dance is about routine repetitive movements. Janet is a good dancer but Paula is just one level above when it comes to dancing. Paula vs Michael would be more of the same league competition.

  • Janet had a harder song to dance to & is she partially lip singing it's just the 90s camera I grew up to this I think it shouldn't be a contest, but I do like Paula more use to dance to her music as a kid, they were both all over M.T.V. GOOD TIMES

  • Janet doesn't even have a Mic to at least make believe she is singing lol why? I've never seen someone do that

  • paulas better due to her swift moves she never missed a beat. and lets not forget who taught and choreograph janets dances 😘

  • I give it to Janet. Both women are overly great!!! I chose Janet because she had less people. I could see the performance better. Paula is the GOAT. yet I liked Janet!! It was cleaner

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