Paul O'Grady-Special Recognition Award – NTAS 2018

time now for me and barley to introduce this year's special recognition award a party do you have any idea who it is no it's not sausages I wonder if your friends might know do they have any idea [Applause] well let me in like me barley we're giving this award to someone whose program has changed the public perception of rescue dogs the reaction and response to this program shows how deeply this country cares and proves if anyone needed we are really a nation of animal lovers take a look I don't need anyone really predicted the success of it no you gotta set people absolutely love it Willie is sitting down but on Meg when the program started over six years ago we never imagined that was going to last this long that's just such a high-profile rescue center anyway but this has really taught us to the fore it allows us to showcase the work that we do at Battersea for the saw 150 dogs and cats that come into us every week you know dogs like lean is we're just going on with our normal jobs and Paul's earth to help with you see that OHE is there can be quite chaotic at times he's quite happy to muck in as well with all the duties here he doesn't care if he's got hair all over him drool all over him sorry if I drove all over leaves like the site stay to me he is the ambassador of back to see kiss kiss absolutely idolized him he just brings something special to the whole show and tabasum you don't have a script in front of you so you just don't know what you're working with like we won't give him any clues so the cat naps in the one at the fronts have you got that we've had plenty times when we laugh non-stop regular Sherlock Holmes that dog anyway he has in stitches but a bubble is so obvious that he loves dogs and believe me that's not something that you can pretend don't worry things are gonna change soon sometimes laughter sadly turns to tears how old is she she's young yeah I maybe wants to something like that oh yeah it is a really emotional place but we are very much a family and Paul is part of that family and what we do is we all support one another we're supposed to be a nation of animal lovers and you look at this makes me twinkle just makes me mad actually yeah I think also Paul struggles with the number of beautiful adults we get coming through and I know he'd like to take them all on and he certainly had favorites through the series but he has given in with a couple of lovely talks we've had I'm in here looking for her let me saying a couple of pups have got homes already and the other ones still looking for one that's a lot of this one here I think Jonah has to come I can't just walk out empty-handed it wouldn't look good I think opal overlays a year maybe something really special about poke dogs as it's known now people are now starting to understand what rescue dogs are about every time the show goes out we get dozens of inquiries every dog that has appeared on the show has been rehomed there's always a dog it's not normally the prettiest and it's not normally like the healthiest either that gets me and this little one when I came in and saw her I thought now you deserve a break we want to make a difference and we want to make a difference to these guys we're sure that more people now would consider taking on a rescue dog into their lives which is a really important message for us soon as she's other letter I'm gonna take her with me Oh wonderful economist just check this out sit come here on history ones to resist it this year's special recognition award goes of course supporter Grady [Applause] [Applause] Oh you know what I was just about to go home seriously I was suffering ago well add one you know buckle but I'm gonna clue these bloody people are to keep following me around I think that of course listen this is what's so unexpected thank you so much for it but I have to tell you that this show is a real team effort and it's all down to this lot here really it is on there we got Casey Casey's on camera she goes down with this dirty great camera on her shoulder and that's why she tilts slightly and the staff at Battersea I mean I love doing the show it's dangerous for me because I've now got seven dogs new madam when I first started you should stop me stealing puppies now you're putting them on to me you know I can't take any more I've got a donkey coming it's ridiculous I hate joking but for me I'm delighted that the programs done well because it highlights the work that goes on in basta see dogs and cats oh and it shows the good side of people and it also shows the bad side of people when you see the abuse dogs and thank God you lot are there to take them in and work the magic that you do I can't tell you how much I respect to Oh Davis Lee give him a big round of applause come on and also for the production team who work damn hard on this show because there's hours and hours and hours of film that's got to be edited and it gets emotional and sometimes they're all laughing sometimes we're all crying but it's just a great place to be in basta see and remember never buy a dog off the internet always get a dog from a responsible breeder or better still go down to basta C and rehome a new dog and give it up forever life god bless you all and thanks very much thank you for there's so much thank you [Applause] hide of it grabby fabulous time back here I'm now at Paul and barley barley three easily big bulk come the wave come on nations really you are so deserve it don't feel bad it your show has changed had the British public by dogs god I hope so you know I really hope so and I hope it's I hope it stops them going to like these puppy farms and on the Internet's because you're only gonna pay for it in the long run is the full of all sorts of congenital diseases no and you've really got the message out yeah over that's gorgeous thanks again for this back to you dammit thank you Tov thank you Paul writes


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