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how much you earn, money per day how much? Club Girl 1 – at the work? yeah your work Club Girl 1 – around 12000 like this 12000…..12000 per day Yo Bawaha Wassup welcome back to my channel my name is Sanjay Singh Rawat and i am as usual with my beautiful girlfriend Demi Boyyyy and guys we are in Pattaya awe are in Pattaya we are in Pattaya Demi What the **** what happened to you? Demi – I know why are you so happy i don’t understand, we are in Pattaya its new year time Demi – No its not because we are in Pattaya then what? because we are going to walking street tonight so? Demi – I know you like that kind of sh*t no i am not..its just for vlogs what are you talking about Demi – ok then look in my eyes and say you don’t like it Demi i don’t like walking street kind of sh*t Demi – look at me i don’t like walking street kind of things Demi – you are not looking at me Demi i don’t like walking street kind of sh*t Demi – you are not looking at me bitch so guys jokes apart we are going to walking street tonight its gonna be awesome if you haven’t subscribe to my channel then subscribe right now we are here to distract your mind from your daily hectic life make you smile make you laugh make you entertain so have fate in your bawaha and hit the subscribe button right now we just arrived here in Pattaya to celebrate our New Year and tonight we are gonna explore the crazy street of walking street so without wasting anytime let’s go to walking street Demi bought this your bawaha is ready too what is going on here now guys let me tell you most important thing here there are a lot of GoGo bars are around here…obviously its a prostitution hub as you all know GoGo bar is like a strip club if you gonna go inside and sit a lot of girls will come near you in the beginning you will think that they are attracted to you but its not like that its there job..they will come near you and sit they will order lady drinks and the lady drink price is too high so let me tell you that you can respectful say no to them and they will go and if you will talk a bit more then you have to buy them lady drink that is very expensive and there main goal is to order as many drinks they can and make you drunk and once you are drunk you will not care about money and you will spend it all so before entering GoGo bars keep this thing in mind so guys let me tell you on more thing 50 to 60 percent of girls are lady boys and pretty ones are most of them lady boys so don’t get fooled.. to conform i told you already in my previous video you can check there adam’s apple and can check there voice normally lady boys voice is very deep and if you want to confirm it properly then then go to them and ask them politely are you a lady boy or not this is not a wrong thing to ask and they will easily reply you after that its your decision what you want to do guys make a lot of mistake in this and they regret it later on so please conform this first before getting a girl here because most of them are lady boys so guys the club behind me is Nashaa Club this is a local Indian Club this is famous for pickup club too because a lot of girls come inside the main time to come here is after 9 PM because before 9 crowd is very less after 9 a lot of crowd will be inside a lot of girls will be inside so to pick up girls you can come to this club a lot of girls are there but don’t forget most of them are lady boys so bawaha we just came out of Nashaa Club we you can’t stand properly there because of the crowd full of indians but its a best place to come if you are in walking street going inside there is no entry fee…if you want to drink alcohol then drink or just dance enjoy and come inside you can party hard this club close very late around 3 and 4 in the morning and DJ is awesome he plays local Indian Songs i am here with the workers of walking street will talk to them let’s meet directly to them whats your name? Club Girl 2 – My name Lily Club Girl 1 – Minny Minny ok how long you have been working here in walking street Club Girl 1 – we are working here about 1 year like this from 1 year you are working here how much you earn money 1 day how much Club Girl 1 – about….at the work yeah your work Club Girl – about 12000 like this 12000….12000 a day? Club Girl 1 – every day its different every day its different ok ok Club Girl 1 – in Pattaya every year its different there are low season and high season some months we have lot of Indian people and some months from European like that in December and January we have more customers because we have party countdown and some months we don’t have costumer ok ok you both friends? no fan (Girlfriend/Boyfriend in Thai Language) after you’re done with clubs and roaming around as walking street is huge you will be very tired and the good thing is you will find a lot of good massage parlour Demi is taking her massage starts with leg massage outside you can see the whole walking street view isalon is the name of the massage parlour she will give you a good massage Demi Aunty is taking massage too 1 hour package 200 Baht price Head, Neck and Leg awesome massage because this will be very important for you guys because in walking street you will spend 2 to 3 hours easily dude its gonna be wroth it so guys its 2 AM now the vibes are completely changed the strippers are came out of the clubs and now they are literally sex workers every where you gonna see sex workers and the guys are negotiating with them so the vibes of walking street after 2 AM is completely changed let’s end this video its too late…still we have 2 days left in Pattaya there will be more videos so click the subscribe button right now and if you like the video hit the like button rest you know guys what to do Stay Awara

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