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Pat Burgener: ICAR EP Doc (Meet the Grammy-nominated producer Jasper Leak)

When Pat called me and asked me if I was
interested in producing an EP obviously I was excited to do some writing
with him and be involved on that hand but then to actually get the op portunity to
fully realize my vision. When we worked together and when we started writing
music together I’ve sort of started having a bit of a vision of
what the production could be. I feel like from the beginning I had a pretty
easy natural kind of rapport with Pat his whole trip was that it was all
relatively informal and built around a house on the on the Southern Californian
coast in the summer where we’d be surfing every day and so I think I just
sort of heard all that and just thought well this is gonna be it’s gonna be fun. The thing I like about Pat is that I think that he he sort of likes to blur the lines a little bit between What he’s work life and his
professional life and his play I think it all sort of I think on a daily level
there’s elements of everything he wanted his music to be more summery and up beat more optimistic and so to me it’s like
well then I think environment plays a huge role when creating music and so I
think to find an AIRBNB in close proximity to the ocean in the middle of
summer made a lot more sense cuz we won’t last for long, with a backpack full of stones. Nice Let’s grab a few just like that. it sounded good. well Max and Pat and myself we all have independent skill sets that then when
combined worked really well together dude this song is like look like the
little box music box. Does like… Pat you know he brings that artist quality to the whole thing he has a supernatural way of
playing the guitar and and a really sort of comfinted way of singing and
recording. I’ really proud of it to be honest you know I’m really
proud of what we did here I feel like we really got a win here and so that’s
always good My vision was striking a balance between Synthetic and organic sounds
and I sort of felt like I wanted to make something that was much more artist
based as opposed to live band based and I wanted to make music that really
established who Pat is as an artist and make the music that helps him establish
his musical identity and after getting to know him more I feel like we were
able to do that here you know I feel Musically it feels a little more, it’s promoting more to a younger crowd and I think it sort of has
it carefree fun vibe to it but it also has some emotional depth
which is emblematic of who Pat is as a guy working with had it’s like music
it’s an organic thing fee I feel like it’s as much a part of his life as going
for a surf or going snowboarding or something and I was really impressed by
how seriously he did take it and you know when things didn’t come easy he
would sit there for a full day you know on his own in a room and and try and get
whatever he was looking for and those days can be brutal it’s
probably through the sports training he’s accustomed to that and he
understands the relationship between how much work you put in and what you get out of it. at the end of the day he’s doing it
because you know something he’s really passionate about and it’s fun for him
you know this was a cool experience

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