Pascal Siakam Wins 2018-19 Most Improved Player Award | 2019 NBA Awards Show

and the kia most improved player is Pascal siakam [Applause] [Applause] so I thank God first you know obviously you know without him none of this would be possible Thanks thanks to the NBA for you know putting together this amazing event thank you for the word obviously um I got my family here with me today um Boris Christian right he saw my mom you know definitely she's definitely the hottest you know I definitely got my heart way from her you know just always been our superwoman and kind of doing everything without complaining um but we would I know my story they know how important my dad is not being able to be here today but uh you know he had this crazy dream you know and people back home never believed in him and and he always believed he believed this would be possible one day and me being here I'm just blessed to be able to make his dream become a reality and having the opportunity to keep it alive I want to thank the the Raptors for believing in me a little scrawny kid from Cameroon 180 pounds soaking wet the you know the give me one opportunity to be at this stage and play the game that I love I want to thank my teammates obviously our NBA champs you know the whole Raptors organization man the coaching staff all those guys we were there every single night fighting I'm just happy that I was part of a such an amazing team I want to thank my team you know Todd Jafar Kyla my man Rico Rico Hines I mean we from from the first day man we always put in working and he believed in me and like he always said know your big picture and he always there's always a bigger picture and and we're not there yet but um we're definitely in the right direction and I'm definitely excited for that and then lastly I mean all the people that definitely had a contribution to why I'm today I want to thank you I can't say your name but you know who you are in and I really appreciate it at the end I just want to give it a quick message to all the African kids out there Cameroon you know I know I know I know it's hard and it feels like we definitely it's not possible most of the time I just want to you know tell you to believe in your dreams and go out there and work hard for it and and and and I promise II what happened and and like the great Nelson Mandela said it always seems impossible until it's done thank you [Applause]


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