Pascal Siakam Speaks After Winning Most Improved Player At NBA Awards

I think it means everything just being being from where I'm from and and I know a lot of it a lot of kids can can just look at this and and and can have some type of inspiration and and believe that is possible so I'm just I'm just happy that I'm a part I'm a part of such you know an amazing event today and being able to win this for not only for me and my family but we're kind of giving hope to all the African kids out there Lauren Jones Elly Sentinel Pascal when you look back on this season Most Improved Player NBA champion what's gonna stand out to you most I mean I think I'm a team guy for sure and I think there's nothing better than the NBA champion that's is the top of the table and then is I can't really describe the excitement and how amazing it is to be able to be a champion so I think that's different the best thing is the famous wings you know I don't see no limits at all I feel like it's only the beginning for me and there's so much more to come I'm just excited I'm excited about the future having there having the possibility to even get better and and and get better from this and and knowing that it's only been three years I mean I'm in a league for three years and there's so much more growth and things that I can improve on and you know and it's definitely who I am as a person always being able to to improve and get better so I don't think I'm gonna stop now I mean I think of coming had my kinda enjoyment you know that last week after the finals was definitely wild and crazy and amazing at the same time but but I think that's something that rest it stays with you for the rest of your life I think there's you having a moment like they're having a season like we did and with the incredible teammates that I had and and just the whole journey I don't think it's something that you can rush like I don't care if we start into next season obviously gonna have bigger goals and one of the bigger things but when a championship is something that they definitely carry we just saw you know for the rest of your life you


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