there's a lot to do in trouble and explore with your friends or complete all the challenges and collect the trophies was it really called goober land Oberland yes it's where we're gonna get goober this is my casting couch because the most fun part of this movie hey I'm making all the money you're not making shit I'm the producer and the director we're taking the couch we're leaving all right guys there's a city over there there's no mountains over here over there they call me for all right each one of these yeah find them and place them in the Hall of goobers Oh No the trophies in there [Laughter] [Laughter] you can jump to it there's one more gem oh you could drive cars Priss the kick button to get in one this is this fucking trophy right here we're here tell us where you got the trophy you did yeah I got there I got the car hoop trophy where I'm bringing it back to the car hoop trophy bringing it in to where it needs to go okay wait wait though let's all go together fuck you Rita babe we worked we worked later together David not coming back yes you put it away we did it right here over here on the end I'm on top of buildings we got it I heard [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] don't worry [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what have you ever done for me huh man come on the whole thing cartoons one anyways cuz he got the he got the thing Oh look it's forever immortalized in a red car because I like that beautiful oh nice I want to see it yo did you know the who cars also oh my god Watusi in a trick or let's go to snowy fields of Iceland it's my best friend it's a well it's it's Moby Dick eat me pizza and you can have my son what I'm a youtuber slash Dennis okay I'm welcome here welcome here watch everybody stay still everybody stay still hey guys [Laughter] so we have my son oh my god have you ever had alright I got it at the end [Laughter] soggy pizza Hey look I responded here [Applause] when you spawn were you just teleported here this check is Jack from Titanic they're on the west have you ever fucking hit you you jump in the water I'll jump in water why would it be to go oh shit what did you do with my pizza it's a respawn I would never get it bring you home strong me yeah look how happy he looks where's your son he didn't chew it was your damn son maybe there's more one piece yeah every spa respond what why do you respond son son is here we gotta wait for it son to come back so we see [Laughter] trophy do y'all see that blue sword yeah dude it's like epic Excalibur yeah morning watch your head okay oh my god yes weirdly things it pushes you in the water [Applause] bring it down come on come on you were into endo bring it back [Laughter] thank you we did it all right so we got one two three four five trophies we saw me see the treasure cuz we did it I haven't seen it let's go bronze ass really oh my god so when we went when I went up the stairs there was like giant heads rolling down the mountain I don't think there's anything behind it the trunk check it out yeah check it out secret secrets Mountain this way hold on shit don't go down no way let's don't cheat I am a little bit down a mountain it's like me we're gonna make it like yeah we could do it now okay [Applause] bring up I'm gonna bomb but I'm waiting I got home you missed the cheek know what the cheap way down to cheat yeah from the side angles oh I made it Oh presents Fran Judi who you doing huh let's go get the boulder in I'm the champion of the world role of the world Wow straighten up Wow all right guys come on let's get let's get back to the mountain I mean where we got left over there the woods


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