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so we remember the simple life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie right so Hoover started swirling that it was making a big return and that Lindsay Lohan could be part of it out of nowhere the show's Twitter account was reactivated and it was only following three accounts Paris Lindsay and Netflix turns out the Twitter account was just a fan and pear shut down the rumor tweeting there's no truth to it yes I love that show and was approached again to do it but I had to say no as I have an extremely busy work schedule traveling the world and running my Empire oh wow that was mm-hmm I feel like maybe she reactivated the Twitter account no that was an overt that was an over brag so the simple life not coming back but is there some way in which you could see it we imagined and if so who would you want to see in it I think we have run the course with I don't think they would Paris would ever do anything with Lindsay but I think the the course with lint Paris and Nicole ran and they're in different places now and I don't like well you had mentioned you don't think it's funny to see someone super rich doing something that would kind of almost make fun of a poor exactly I don't think that we're in a place culturally anymore where we would find that as amusing I do find that the fish-out-of-water element is right it's always an element it's always like a theme that works really well but if it's if it's done distastefully to be like oh these you know if the joke is on them and not on the people that they're around then maybe that's fine I don't really I didn't really watch the original simple life so no it could be they could reboot it and have different people each time like public figures like I would watch it if they have like Chrissy Teigen do something a fish out of water thing I would watch it if you did it will and like they put you in a nail salon you had to run it for a day yeah I mean as long as as long as it was those like I agree I like when you mentioned to Chrissy Teigen and I sort of was like oh if it was like Chrissy Teigen I don't know if you guys ever watched like a micros dirty job right like it was you know them trying to do something or learn something that was so out of their comfort zone but the joke wasn't on the people they were meeting the joke was on them then yeah I'd be totally up for that I think it would be really fun and informative have Mel what would you what would you do we have to put you in a comfortable situation I don't know not at Burning Man well that would be – exactly we would have a big festival and then you couldn't she's she's already done it I have a whole Pinterest board about that I would take a group of celebrities to Burning Man to a place where for a week to a place where it can get so dusty you don't know if it's day or night where there is yeah where it there's no running water oh no showers no toilets the food you're eating raw magnets take some CP slow back a lot of people now take them to Afghanistan and just leave them there that a man would be way more interesting

  • We are culturally in a place that is beyond rich people making fun of the way poor people live? Insert "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande, and nearly every rap song for the past decade. People fetishize the way that celebrities live more than ever. Just look at Trump, The Kardashians, The Jenners, The Real Housewives, etc. You can't do anything anymore without causing extreme outrage and offense, but we're definitely not above "The Simple Life". If anything, we're beneath it now. Everything was staged on that show, and everyone was in on the joke.

  • Send them to Brasil, at some house the favela (the real one, no the fancy places). I'll love see those "tourists" who come here and pay so much money to go those places and take pictures of poor people who live the nightmare of drug's war every single day and still survive to take a crowded bus (2 hours travel minimum, in the hot and umid clim) to work. You know nothing guys!!! Come to reality!!!

  • also, paris has run her course. no one really cares about her as much, so i think if the show rebooted the only people that would watch it would be people in there 20's and 30's since it came out in the early 2000's and wouldnt really get a new demographic.

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