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Parents & Kids Try Durian Together | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Do it.
– I don’t wanna. You cut it. – Why not? – ‘Cause I don’t wanna get it. – Why? Are you afraid of knives? – Yeah, they’re too sharp. – They are sharp. Good. (audience laughing) (upbeat guitar music) – Hello! (Suvi giggling) – [Staff] Suvi, who’s
this person next to you? – Mommy. I’m Stella, Suvi’s mom. – I’m Oscar. – I’m Lydia. – [Staff] And together you are? – Oscydia. (audience laughing) – [Staff] Today, we brought you here for a little parent and kid challenge. – Challenging. (Oscar gasping) – Oh, no! – Should we hold hands? – I’m scared. – Oh, I know what it is. Pineapple! (people laughing) – Oh my yums! – I can smell it already. – It stinks! – Do you know what this is called? – No. – It’s called a durian fruit. – What’s a durian? – This is a durian. – Oh. – It smells delicious! – It smells like a Starburst. Honestly, it smells like my auntie’s house when I was a kid. – Your auntie’s house? – Yeah. – Wait, did she have toys there? – No. – It kinda smells like
after you take a poo, and then you spray bathroom spray, it’s like, “Ew.” It smells good and
stinky at the same time. – That’s disgusting. – Okay, how about you
use this hand to cut it? – Oh my, no, no, no. – Yeah, yeah. – I don’t want any. (Oscar giggling) – This looks like a bone. Is this an animal? – I think this one’s gone, it’s like, it’s like pudding. – [Staff] Yes, it’s
supposed to have a little bit of a custard texture. – It smells disgusting. – [Staff] Really? I thought you said it smelled good. – Yeah, it’s taken a turn.
– Well, yeah. – I’m not excited. – Cheers! Boop! Okay, ready? (playful guitar music) I don’t know what’s happening right now. – [Staff] One, two, three. (playful guitar music) (forceful retch) – Thank you. (Ernie spatters) (vigorous nose-blowing) – Hmmm, no. No. – [Staff] So, this is
actually a super fruit. – What does that mean? – It means disgusting, pasty fruit. (people laughing) – I have friends who actually love durian. – [Staff] There’s durian
on there, careful. – Ew! (staff laughing) My durian child. – Can I say one thing about this? I’m very proud that you tried it. Good job. – [Staff] We actually have a
couple of other little treats, since you guys did such a good job. I wanna give you guys kind of like a congratulations thank you treat. – Okay. – Yay! It’s gonna be chocolate eggs. – Hey, where is everybody? – [Staff] Open! (woman gasping) – My favorite!
– My favorite! – Golden Oreos! – That makes more sense than macaron. – It’s so yummy! – I bet they’re lemon! This is when you don’t
trust people anymore. – Oh my God. – I thought it was gonna be yummy. – I did, too. – It tastes like sweet yummy stuff. – It’s not bad. – [Staff] Really?
– It’s not bad at all. – Maybe it’s like getting vaccinated? Like, the first dose of
eating the actual durian is like getting our bodies used to it. – Now, we’re immune and now we like it. – This is really good. – [Staff] Okay. Open! – Ooh! This looks so cute! – Bummer.
– I want to do that to you. – Oh my God, that’s such a strong flavor. No. – How does that taste? – I don’t like durian. – [Staff] That’s right,
it’s a durian push pop. – We got tricked again, Dennis. We got tricked. This is actually pretty good though. – I prefer it in this mode. Yeah, I feel like it really
lets the fruit shine. (people laughing) – I would rather have
something without durian. – Yeah. – High-five, Suvi, we did it! The durian challenge! – Have you tried durian? Don’t try it. – Yeah, what was your favorite one? – I loved nothing with durian. (people laughing) – Bye. – Our durian is so disgusting! – Can you just say bye please? Just say bye. – Buh-buh-buh-buh-bye. – Bye.


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