Papo & Yo – Mad Hatter Trophy Guide

what supplies disturbed you one here bring you a trophy guide for the game Papo & yo it's not me doing Mad Hatter which is to collect all the hats now in the game there are 25 hats that you have to find and there are two in a strange world and as you can see here you can't really miss this one you're gonna be pulling that lever to be at a make a gap for you to run past and the baseball cap is just up top there onto the right hand side the next one you're gonna be jumping across into this building into the cave and again you can't miss this it's just – you're right there as you can see on the lower platform and that gives you a football hat the next two are in bridging the gap the – you gotta get is this first off this fist which all you have to do is just jump into the water and you get the fish hat and the next one is a fishbowl which you can see here and to get this all you need to do is position the houses in the diagonal line going off to the left hand side because as you can see over the far side of the houses there is a white floating cube so you just jump across the houses and then jump onto the ones of the cube to get the fishbowl hat the next two are in rise to the occasion you can be coming up onto this you know top of the building and you can see the girl next to the wall and instead of going to her run behind the building and you're gonna get the next hat which is a boot and then just after the next section you can be down here with Luna but instead of going up the stairs following Luna make your way around the back of this building along this along this little balcony and there is the next hat which is a tiara onto a long for the ride there's only one hat in this chapter you're going to be in the pipe and the pipe is gonna drop just here there we go and the Hat is actually under this walkway that you're going down there it is just there up against the wall next to the barrel and it's sort of I don't know straw looking hat thing it's a bit weird the next one's in forbearing shadows you're gonna be coming to this um cube puzzle thing but instead of doing that go behind the pipe and make your way around the outer edge of this huge area and under this little piece of material you're gonna find the next hat which is a sort of wizard's hat slash cap in there hat looking thing the next one is in cozy digs and there's only one in this level you're gonna be making your way down this down the ramp and you need to jump onto the building it's the seventh building you come to just past here and you know which one it is because it's the second one that has two tires on it and they just jump your way across these rooftops and you can see the big little dome with that hat just there on the edge of the roof and this is a milk jug and orange juice jug I don't know moving on to mmm tasty there are two hats in this one the first one you're gonna be using those scissors to free monster from this circle and once you make your way back over to here instead of going left to progress with the level jump your way across these buildings onto the red pipe and go down the pavement just in this first little section on the left he's your next hats which is a stripey Stetson and then the next one is still on this area in the next area even gonna be in this big open place with a few puzzles to do you're gonna have to over to this coke which when you press it opens up this building sort of like a book but instead of pressing that you can press if you want but if you go around the side you're gonna find you next which is a pretty sweet-looking skull and crossbones bandana next it could be in bend them to your will again there's two hats in this one first one you're gonna make you buy up on here make your way around to this section you can't really miss it is down in the corner there and that one was a crown and the next one you're gonna need all the houses to get this one if you bend the houses up over in that corner you can see there's a floating white block and basically you need to jump onto that and then jump again into the corner so you get the earth the second air which as you can see is a hollowed-out melon moving on to the next place which is protection it's the very next area after the previous one you can be you know making your way up trying to make a ramp to get into the next area and you're gonna have to lift this a the ground to get that key but instead of going for the key go into the the area underneath it and you'll find the next hat which is a sort of I don't know colander / walk type thing the next one is in white the next two actually are in white mountain which is the very next area after the previous one jump down onto this first section and the Hat is actually in this planter on the right hands down at the platform and this is the head that you get it's a sort of spiky I don't know woolen hat maybe I don't know I don't know what it's made of the next one you're gonna be jumping your way up some platforms to get to a key but instead of getting the key go to the left and you can see that the bear is on our hidden platform just off to the side and this one is well it looks like a tire I don't know if that's what it's meant to be but I certainly want to look like the next one is in multiverse you're gonna come into this section with the football pitch and three levers pull the middle one and head behind the wall and pipe and you're gonna see your next thing which is a which is a topper pretty fancy moving on to relax why don't you you're gonna be moving monster with this platform but instead of jumping over the over the building like you're supposed to do if you get on monsters belly and jumped over to the left-hand side over the wall you'll find the next hat just in this little section which is a chef's hat with a J on it or damage near mushroom I don't know anyway on the next section builder of bridges just before you enter the the next section and go to the right and you can see the the next hat is a Lego brick in the very next section anger management there are two in here this is the first place where you have to push monster into the gap but if you head around the side and into the far corner you'll find the next hat which is a paper bag the next one you have to have Loula and instead of continuing forward get to that Flint block and jump off to the left-hand side to get onto the building and it's a saucepan as you can see the next one is in over the inferno you're going to be jumping across these platforms and the last one and you can see is on the very last platform and this is a flower pot and the next one is in you you slid is wrong and this is just past and monsters statue in the flowerbed you find the Hat which is a sort of I don't know is that a raster type hat maybe I don't know anyway the final two are in and growing up this is the section just after you've thrown the people into monster and you'll be making your way down this floating bridge and you can see the Hat is a party hat just off to the side and the final one for the game is just at the bottom of that section you've got a sea monster on the left-hand side but if you go to the tree you're gonna find a beef rocket that it's the final one after you get that you should get the trophy which is a gold trophy for mad hatter collect all hats so I hope you found this helpful yeah rate the video comment let me know that you found it helpful and subscribe for more see you next time


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