Pakistan vs India Champion Trophy 2017 Final Match

[Applause] to [Applause] ramiz who are your finalists pakistan vs india with india to win pakistan to win india to win at the oval [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] another hundred back east I have brushed England Erica the four-time in there getting to the finals of the Champions Trophy we are ready for this final bring it on magnificent atmosphere India winning the toss electing to field first I've got sort of gambling here with me to help me out in finding out the reason why India bowl first good morning Ramiz good morning viewers from all over the world that's the way they want to play last two games against Bangladesh and so they forget they did exactly that winning the toss and putting the opposition in there like chasing very deep batting lineup that's the way they have picked the side huddle at the moment that's the way they want to go about the game it's a plan fashion first in this competition in this final they would have also fielded if they would have won the toss that's the way they have played their game so far that's the sport Oh madam in the place of new honorees as a poker barber Hafeez Malek as the top five suffer us to keeper the captain him at the left arm spin up three fast polos and shut up the leg spinner yeah it's about who controls the nerves what kind of start can Pakistan get there's this tendency to over stretch yourself when you're playing against an Indian batting lineup it's full of master or setup masters slaughtered in the first six look at Robert and power and erotically the record is phenomenal but Pakistan had got nothing to lose finding the form the poles superbly they deserve to be here what is all-important contest the final between Pakistan and India let's see how Armand and company see this off absolutely it's a fresh wicket the first game to be played in the Champions Trophy on this surface here we go the first ball of the final delivery outside the off stump taking it away from the right-hander yai presents a lovely scene position Hui and he gets the ball back from off to middle with the same bowling action the rest is in a terrific position when when he's delivering those sideways movements to umpires Richard cat libera and mirai's Erasmus standing in his 71st one day international coming back into the right-hander this time I said the Seine was at the pitched report very good feast and over nature Kumar 139 kilometers it's the previously will be bringing back into the right hand a bit of Swing cooked a livery good length inside edge onto the pad [Applause] looks to be in very good rhythm nice work amok [Applause] or what are the stomps and well met by us early look to do that play with a straight back not worry about improvisation at this stage looks a beautiful track this dry and there will be some sideways movement but I think overall it suggests that batsmen should have an easy time field it'll have a bit of carry it's got a little bit of grass more than what we have seen in the previous games at this very ground but it's all brown grass well rolled in speed hot for a couple of days this part of London yeah a field well India very 15 artic Panda has been superb in the field in the ring this time stopping a strong try from a thoroughly bending low and back wobbling just a little bit in his hand well stopped he would have want to distich go to the gap just to settle his nerves just to get the feed going the confidence going again is a nice shot but earns him nothing like a Sunstein watch it off the mark he's looking to bowlful to venetian Kumar he's trying to look for the early swing he has swung the ball a little bit in this game he's got before wickets in the power play Bowen Ashok Kumar at four point four runs per over which is a very good record last fall of this over [Applause] thumbs up a lot of Indian fans bit of Pakistani fans in there as well color of green Burma has been more than useful for India 23 years of age and he knows how the ball hits that length it's got a lovely full of length as well as develop into a real threat 26 wickets in 15 matches very good economy for one-day stats is not yet taken a wicked in the power play session 12 o was in power play cricket and not yet off the mark different field for the left-hander it's got a deep scar leg the find leg just one slip Cully and no third man it's no third man for the left-hander poorly going with Tiffany plants full jaws hidden on the pad but maybe drifting down the lakeside beaten for pace I think father Zaman wasn't expecting this line they'll look to ball pushing on that middle in Lexington Pango in very good same position a long way down the leg side it's something different to a man something which he has not seen so far in this tournament that's the deep fine leg there is a deep square leg as well so there won't be any wit for the left-hander it is a solid power hitter the left-hander likes better with dance the ball sweetly yeah not a bad start at all 31 vs South Africa then jolted Sri Lanka with a quick-fire 50 than 57 vs. England all in knockout games [Applause] it's down the lakeside we'd be given as a wide and the first runs for Pakistan down the leg side he will be disappointed a man that he couldn't connect that that's the fresh pitch a bit of red which suggests that it is pretty dry in the driest we've seen so far here at The Oval inside edge gets Pakistan going he can surprise you with bit of extra pace 145 clicks that last ball he's got an awkward action little different to some of the other bowlers but he gets the job done very accurate is the length surprises Zaman is looking to hit it through the outside with a close angle of the back the ball at the inside edge and went for a run this is very good strategy from India not giving the left-hander any width as he very rightly said just with ambra will surprise with the base the previous delivery 145 kilometers it's good pretty their surface as a rally but different from the left-hander bit more orthodox a very good test record he will approach this innings differently it's a good combination the left-hander right-hander one likes to hit through the line the other just builds his innings [Applause] mother is off the mark as well good shot that's his area of strength he likes the ball and the parrots works it away with his wrist Alecto played as a 50 over knock not as a 10 over state [Applause] Pakistani fans also turned up on huge numbers that's the coach makiato he will be a bit nervous he's done well with the site after the first game against India fuller in length that's good balling that's the plan that they've set for amman not to give him any width through the offside pin him down on middle and Lexton blind but they also carry the risk of bullying a wide down the lakeside has already been a wide the Gumrah with his consistency I think India can pull this off against the left-handed a very good seed position actually from bought bought Mother Nature Kumar and Gumrah decent over three that I don't get Pakistan my got 32 today it's between hot hair feel the squid under the turban edge gets it past the slip cordon for a run Pakistan clearly looking for a solid beginning here they haven't seen a lot of flashy shots it's about getting your eye in and looking after that line around that Austin beautiful seam position from a good nation work Amato dropping his wrists at that as a rally but entirely across to that line making sure that the oxide field is in position because they're obviously threatened by father and he pushes for a quick single directs that in extremely in twisted he was gone he dodged other at that time just went off the Glocks the man was on the back foot hit each other very quickly onto the ball hit and he was gone he was gone by a fair margin it's pressure it's early nerves first runs off the bat like you bought the second runs of the bat [Applause] the obviously carrying a brief here from the coach maybe the Texas were discussed that rotation of strike is going to be critical in the first and overs us off you've got to be just a little bit careful just a blind run would have been taken down had that hit the stumps on the fall but Pakistan clearly looking to rotate the strike he still got to get sick [Applause] middle stamp next up and the previous delivery just going away from the left-hander he's hoping against hope that this may work for Pakistan is clearly over the line and it's a no ball come back for there's a man you're breathing again incredible what a start outside edge he was looking to go back on his way Zaman but just been Cumbre has clearly overstepped and overstepped by some distance well is it Pakistan's day well they surely need some divine help because we saw the stats in the last few years it's been India all over these little things do matter a lot and Zaman has got the ability to hurt you it's clearly an edge hanging is better than the front foot not moving that's how he play is easily taken by the keeper as India is rejoicing a wicked Butler was asked to stay no ball was looked at and given that's gone through his legs what everything's happening everyone's nervous the bowler the batsman the umpire what a start to this cricket match it's been watched by millions of viewers all over the world that's the previous delivery it was a free hit between the legs of amar [Applause] gets it as an insulator so boundary india clearly will be ruined the fact that an opportunity was created was taken but boo Bravo was stepping there's a terrific battle going on inside a disturbed I'm trying to hit hard through the offside he's been lucky today is the play shot slept push wider gone through the to keep her and the slippery let's been given his leg buys let's go in Pakistan sway at the moment good to livery testing Zaman with the short one just hurries on to him goes in between the keeper and the firstly if you can't do much about it it's a cooked delivery you've beaten the batsman it goes for form just kisses the helmet well that's not the first time is worn one on the head [Applause] very unorthodox an approach and mighty effective but she's just going back to India the last couple of all was the big over in the previous one against Umbra it's already eight in this one using his fate pick in the land and it's a very very good surface just races away when it gets onto those practice pitches it's through the on side he looks exactly to do that right throughout his innings very good on the short delivering [Applause] good start here look a bit scruffy but both hope nurse still out there around 11:00 thunder on 12 well its edges all the way a lot of runs have come behind the stumps but it doesn't matter to Pakistan trying to play the cut shot just a bit of Bounce it races away to the third man fielder he realizes that that's into the gap wrong line can boom rocks apart fail chase for the man in the deep who loses the beautifully time bars early that's his area of strength that is where is good wellhow cook is that outfield it's just a push just a flick and it just scared the space as it goes towards the boundary line as it goes over the practice wickets that's his strength on the on side a very good player of his pads and it just races away to the boundary and tie from you Rossi he was nowhere near can he carry on can he go the distance with the side is a very important part of this batting unit single this time through the on side that's his strength we're artfully very quick in the middle area [Applause] keeping a watch whether to see a blue or there's some green as well in the stands but it seems like it's dominated by blue but not a sea of blue take you on a Schwinn that's the four six of their names they've got some butter on you beautiful shot great use of the feet from answer Ali tossed up from Ashwin so you guys are I'll he's shimmering down the wicked to good strides good flourish of the bat here's the boundary it long off under-23 now as our leaders partnership forty-eight good shot just the right client to plan the seed shot outside the officer 50 comes up for Pakistan yay great shot it's a little bit quicker as well from Ashwin speeding towards stops as a Riley a long way outside the line of off stop got it in the middle of the bat used the pace found the gap of race away the boundary they'd find leg we came to some to see that India not very keen to go to heart of the Hyundai in the first 10 overs we've seen boom run now with the second spell but still no hardly Pandya yeah I think Virat Kohli's just identified this it's a real danger period for his team both these opening batsmen well I'm truly set now he doesn't want to go his more part-time option and give this opening pair more of a chance to really break the shackles he's gone back to one of his more defensive type bowlers at bowler that's not a good job for India through these middle overs as you're saying and at the death and I think this is an attacking move aggressive move from college directed he will be out look like rohit sharma midwicket just moved out from sleep punch firmly in his direction one had to pick up and throw the ball is in just a couple steps to his right turns squares up the shoulders to the target and unfortunately for india it's missed the stumps few chances and run out so far today india such a deceptive feel annoyed service of the batsmen thinking it's played it to the right of the man should be an easy single good shot Jarvis [Applause] yeah that's his best shot of the day I have a pitch from boomer up and just punch down the ground the limited foot movement limited swing of the bat cow still ears and steady slight moving to that front foot transfers he's wade into the ball punches it down the ground growing in confidence both with these two openers to truly come from the center of the bad but still good enough power timing but the picture on the offside that's his favorite hitting zone something that India tried to deny him and first 10 hours of this final their bowling course they had a few chances with the rathaus this was that wicked no boys are not really a wicked [Applause] so Randy was pressing that bottle Garza man has found his feet was it a bit too high because the line looked very good no says the empire they have the option of reviewing that Tony is the man right behind the stumps is the man to call he is saying height might be an issue he's okay with it miss he does get a long way across he stumps Ezzor Ally see here boomer attacking the stump seam up high he's clipping the top of the pad and into the thigh pad I'm truly going over not their appeal from the Indian 63 for the wicked good shot this is gone with the angle that's a terrific shot by the left-hander Maitland space in that area 69 for Norweigan four cars a mile down the wicket straight again from Oshawa no turn just clipped that beautifully over midwicket rider the middle the baton into the gap it's quality batting his temperaments been good today stray wood a fraction early but he's got stood out got himself to 27 from 36 deliveries finally we see how thick bundle coming to the attack code seamer in this Indian tea Chinn one that's a good start that's close may have been a bit of fat involved Tony looks at Kohli runs given holy chats to Dhoni once the umpire gave it as leg buys it ruled out the inside edge as far as on the field I reckon Shane warm was it hitting before this Hawkeye finishes is it hits a bit too high umpires call online yeah looked a bit tight on that replay didn't when I hit the back leg good afternoon everyone what a start from Pakistan 79 I've just fourteen point two overs I love the way their intent has been Pakistan just right and the word guy that looked to score they haven't just sort of let's have wickets in hand and just get through this new ball they've taken it to India straight away been fantastic batting right out of chew the attitude you need in a final doesn't matter about tomorrow let's just go for it I love the attitude Pakistan have had can't die wondering that gotta go for it he's gone the boundary Gallup at Nashua Kumar fold a beautiful opening spell from the pavilion end India fall pretty well they've been a little bit cold no ball the wicket and also just a few direct throws that could have produced run outs yeah it's a good point nice because boom has bowled an extra over himself he's gone for six wires just himself and he's normally been very good up front eight wides already single down to fine leg they think of two let's say no here's Brendon McCullum yeah thanks Ness just a little bit on flex as a man he's been outstanding so far for parks down throughout this tournaments been fluent it's obviously a stroke wake up he's also been very very crisp as we saw at the start of his innings today he wanted it just a little too much this can happen as a stroke maker in a big big tournament big game he was just chasing he was looking for something to settle his nerves something to be able to identify the ball and there it was he got it and since then he hasn't turned there yeah just that one boundary in a final just to ease the nerves now he's been through that difficult period he's got to go biggest thing against England I notice he's not just a pinch hitter sixteen bulls for that first boundary [Applause] go back to that lbw appeal we thought it was back that leg then you can see just from ultra edge that it flicks that front pad and that's why it was umpires call online could hit the back leg I reckon he was in line [Applause] when the before it does their ally NZ over with a boundary 86 for none in the air does it man safe it does how did he get it there absolutely through the kitchen sink at it and it hardly went out the circle was another good shop overheard NASA a sign talk about last over how well pani uses the short ball not a good one that he'd sort of charge him a bit it just spies to come off the sticker Big Shot don't think he'll cut that one off excellent shot hundred up the Pakistan a hundred four none in the final excellent use of the feet last ball of the over realized though they only had three runs up at three singles have to get a boundary and that's that positive mindset again excellent partnership will credit to as our ally when far as the mom was struggling upfront as their ally was fairly positive as anion is catching him up just trying to find something at the moment yes Rosamond has found the boundary cut it away there's no one sleeping that's what he was looking for the boundary he was trying to find one for his teammates and he got it excellent shot that's the time because you spoke about NASA and the placement today she doesn't normally give you much width out there there's not much turn how late he hit the ball is what I was about under his eyes the fraction of width and then the time and this outfields lightning-quick even though it's quite damped around the edges it's still very quick well if struggle find some openers from the last decade or so Pakistan they've mixed a match tried different combinations these to put on over a hundred at Cardiff against England they've now put on hundred here 14 years since they got back to back opening hundred partnerships they have found two left hand right hand good combination [Applause] and that b-58 she's tucked it on the leg side and he has 50 yes the tickle on the leg side they need their senior players to stand up san ally correction hazaragi has his second half century against india and he knows he's not finished it's just a start [Applause] looking to open up the outside I'll get straight to miss field you Ratchet back the point he misses it that's 54 Garza man as well he joins his partner this is a wonderful combination and exceptional start hundred fourteen for none now can he convert that's a key for him he's got three 50s he's got a 31 against South Africa and side need him to go big both of these one of these need to get 100 if not both the I has been very good meeting the ball halfway through efficient against Jadeja I'm not letting him settle that's what you're looking at if you're a opener has got a 50 Brendan yeah I thought he looked nervous early today and understandably so but talk to earlier sidled with one shot down the ground and since then hardship has been flying wet in late ms is not happy with that line day then gives up the chase sweetly timed by the right-hander very very good player has spent a day early and he's just rocked on the back foot and little better width and quick enough good enough the placement was absolutely superb as well Today Show he doesn't often give you that sort of with this occasion he has ezra Ali he's run along beautifully here at the moment yeah he's looking for that gap through the oxide which is not a bad play at all yeah I've been really impressed with him since he got his team phone I think Ezzor Ali's got a lot take a lot a lot of credit for his ability to just sit all the more inexperienced Aman unless the back was was up in the air you're at Singh on the charge or it with one hand of bed didn't dance that ticker that's not out not out this partnership has been built on good rotation of strike the energy levels around Oh chance of a run out to the lips trended it was watching his partner wasn't interested and it's back to Apple India finding some blood finally boom right outstanding with a ball on most occasions you would have put him down as the greatest fielder in the world but in this circumstance he's made the breakthrough with the brilliant but it worked because a mom just watching a non-striker's announcer a Lurie as early there's always one their communication off is done brilliantly boomer Dhoni was calling for the delivery and here I've got the wicket 128 for 123 overs [Applause] partnership broken as early run-out barbarism is in at number three varieties there's got a fair bit of talent focused I'm not toying with the idea of changing the batting positions it's Bubber Azamat number three as erally unfortunately run out we didn't get a response from his partner and aza was dead sure that there was a single to be ad but nevertheless great platform set up our other two openers [Applause] bit of a lift for the Indians in the field and also the fans seem to have woken up from a slumber that's a well of quite a feeler there is it's looking to get that gap done through the off side and maybe Jadeja wants him to take bitter risk [Applause] it's about a minute ready to finish the over Jadeja he's at you in a jiffy no is that call barbarism still not simile that's good boiling tight boiling from Jadeja it's a brave bullying as well he knows that a man wants with a width through the offside to get a boundary is not allowed him that wish [Applause] only a single good over from Jadeja 129 for as our batting beautifully was run out by Boomer 4:59 likest on need to rebuild then is what he's trying to do is to manufacture a shot through the offside to beat the inner ring [Applause] lovely shut down the ground but just as India was starting to turn the screws play the game at their speed their spinners going through that through their overs and lightning quick time yourself and says it's not going to happen today we're still in charge we're still dictating comes down the wicked that's a high along and to their side screen for a brilliant six it's not going to let the Indian momentum get to and it's going to continue with his charge here [Applause] and finds the gap passes the field through the oxide excellent fantastic bit of banning jumping on the back foot and there's Romney said piercing that offside and their brilliant bit of padding and just its maturity so far and this tournament is Fink absolutely suburban big stage overcome the early nerves and stuff settled to now be controlling the game dictating how this games going we see a field change force field change long off comes up to meant off point goes back on the boundary will he be brave enough to go over long off now down the track sigh this is brilliant stuff from the left-hander 150 comes up with Pakistan 154 1 [Applause] do you mind Grover met off he's gone why damn it up this time by the confidence and the guy is a man had come down the work in and just be able to play personally shot as arrogance against a spin as well great poise and control yeah big over for Pakistan the last one there's a man finding the gaps finding great form it's the straight hips and a big hit a flat six but now some are making it look ridiculously easy taking honest with you this is such a tough shot against the ball I catch on the ball spinning away come down the work it he's not quite there but it's confidence there's energy at the moment he's able to just throw his hands out of there one SWAT it almost straight back over the bowlers head and another brilliant boundaries ten uses charge then he lets it go through the oxide sweetly timed other azam is now being rushed for the third another excellent piece of batting from the left-hander and his range has been immense he hit the first one for six straight down and have a look at this easing into that drive [Applause] morons I think that was pretty deliberate yeah was catching up with the ball the not to be big over for Pakistan 17 runs leaked 167 for yeah bruh they are giving it a fair chase tithing and almost stopping the poor hurried look I guess Murat Cooley need more strikes oh but homies hate Kippur is not going to stop himself from playing few shots and Harry Sanjay Mondragon here moves on to the nineties poppers amok let's have a look at this shot first before we talk about Ashwin and we is Paul – Paul Parton is mild excitement from the bowler the interesting see if there's any lateral movement here the Pakistan bowlers will be looking to see if India get any kind of reverse swing Pakistan the king of reverse San Ali that looked like late movement that might have been seen just hit the seam and moved away a fraction very green lush outfield this had started to happen against Bangladesh as well well Virat Kohli temptu here at the white card sanjay temptu / Madan short boundary Madan midwicket that's going to be poor it's gonna be a hundred his first one day international hundred and what the stairs to get that what a stage indeed what an opposition to do it against against India in a final quite remarkable given a life on three out of a no-ball and he has made India pay what an amazing story and at the moment – sure at the top of the order but he's played of long innings ears just got his hundred country not out with striker as well 12 for two sixes the two could partition the only part of the partnership a sir only was the man doing the scoring he was slightly more defensive not scoring as freely once he was gone it's coming to his own yeah I thought India ball well at him upfront actually in the first 10 overs I didn't give him any with the toy can see all the runs tucked down to mid-on and midweek he a lot of thats against spin merrick and his biggest strength is surviving those first 10 overs today and then the way he's played spin especially since that run out he's really gone after spin and you can see there Jadeja and Ashwin have not been able to settle in d have just used the five bowlers is it time just to introduce the part time off spin odd of temptin out for Zaman over mid arm we showed you that wagon-wheel 44% and that would be hitting Ashwin towards the shortest boundary in that direction towards the pavilion it's gone in that direction first borland disappeared for a six pressure on us when and what batting from Crocker's Amon that was the tempter that's good batting towards that pavilion is the shorter boundary he's very strong in the area he's hit it pretty well 82 meters but the other way that would have been out that's very very clever batting pick your bowler pick your boundary and smash it for six this has gone up and again if my just fall away [Applause] make some difficulty look easy and as we thought and feared and I participated bumpers amardas gone after 100 if there's one man at this ground you wanted underneath that ball on either side it was ready to deja uneasy catch at all swirling over his shoulder he made it look so easy bucket hands India needed something desperate they've got it a wonderful hundred comes to an end zoom on goes 414 it's 200 for two we saw the brilliance of Zaman but he's given is wicked away so India have an opportunity to come back showed Malik is the new batsman in barbar Azam at the other end hasn't really got into his groove Viet Pakistan even loud India to come back something that we fear with some are getting sports international 100 displayed these kind of shots before but once you get a hundred there's a certain amount of lightheartedness not as much intensity and watercad this's they'll just blame for his fielding wouldn't you look so easy and tell you that is so difficult look at the emotion in the background he needed that wicket subtle change in the order Mohammad Hafeez was due to come in at four they've promoted shared Malik attempted that's got to be poor couldn't find the Yorker juicy full toss and that's the first boundary for barbarism curly not amused and slip he's put a slip in the summaries and his bowl has gone Yorker and he's ended up being a full toss the shot very good shot stand up deliver excellent balance and the execution there yeah not a lot wrong with that delivery that's why Kohli applauded it was a pretty good delivery pulled off the front foot maybe he was waiting for that short ball got on that front foot just got it over mid working you just got to say well played either as a bowl or a captain I was a pretty good shot from a very good play or big shot and show of malik is found at yeah to maximum it's a very good player of spin [Applause] spick the boundary at the right time we'll be bringing in the left arm spinnaker he's using his fate hitting on the sharpest side of the ground much-needed boundary for Pakistan the need to keep pushing this round rate up [Applause] it's ours saw some behind us just behind a stadium this is very much in the makeovers makeovers from the spinners that's why India has struggled to pull this game back Pandya in his last over one for 41 and he's been unlucky he's bald well has been runs going from the other end from the spinners but he's done his job it's a good surface it's really done a good job for his captain o /y the width again it's a long boundary out there but he's got well enough before to another bound you could pack the star hand here in News last hour he has marred well he's got a finish strong as to just the momentum they required six in the previous over the boundary fat delivery banks it in short once again and he does well to hit into the gap just starting to accelerate Baba Azzam took a little bit of time early on a few dot deliveries just take the pressure of him another short one nice little flick of the wrist that's going football – that was nothing more than just a little flick raced away for four it's even a better shot this time entered the body back after Lent once again just a flick and it races away it's no stopping on this ground once it gets to the other practice bitches that's one of the shots of the night so far that's just on the hip just a nice flick of the wrists it's be interesting now Bhuvaneshwari watching Charlotte o bhuvaneswar excellent stuff this one here of these game he's really improved when he bowls at this stage the eating's he was always good up front when the ball was swinging and doing that he really has improved over the last few years with his bowling at the end of an innings and the reason is because he's put on some extra bit of pace it's not slow medium anymore it's high 131 38 km/h the previous delivery like trying to whack him through the offside just misses just gets beaten by the length well ball ball it's in the air Vanessa got the very dangerous show belacan tried to give himself some room again as an excellent catch from John about the boundary and why wouldn't you move like that be happy into your back in yes it's exactly one of a stripe see don't just hit it blindly be sensible Shoaib Malik had decided to hit this delivery easy cash for kadaj other movin issuer Kumar strikes still in a good position Pakistan 247 for three well the new batsman to Pakistan is a phase we thought that the skipper surprise might have come in but there's still another when we got 10 overs plus two deliveries to come he's a dangerous player herpes but normally that's a bit higher up the order you've initialized beautifully this whole match five point five overs 1 for 11 in the high scoring game on a good surface that's the wicked banged it in short he still went through with the shot malik trying to hit over mid off just getting too high on it and an easy catch that's the pakistan batting card very good hundred by Aman is a very well for is 59 barbarism once again very nicely on 243 so the neat partnerships from here surprising next at six Ahmad at 7 then the bowlers I made a shadow of the Sun Junaid so Pakistan will have to be careful College it ages into the attack this is the last power play now good time just to sneak a couple of overs in here because Pakistan probably just have to last a few more overs here just have to go two or three more Ives of knocking around with the odd boundary if they can it probably can't afford to take too many risks well or just keep going for it that's a great shot down the ground but I'll play that's the attitude Pakistan have had for the whole day having go that's the first ball that phases face can you believe it just run down and on the spinner before pressure and Jadeja good player of spend more with the fees it if the same thing to other Rasheed against England first ball pitched up hit it all mid off and he's done the same thing year round already got it he got it as bad ball from Jadeja there there's tried a ball while flying that was all true to that first shot when he used his feet put the pressure back on today's and our two boundaries in this over that's the poor delivery kid well to connect get her face so long boundary up and that side of the ground and he's done well [Applause] put on the charge [Applause] very good job spic the length up using his feet it's true the line bounce on the surface and it just helps you to hit through it's a good position for our feast to come in because it has to play his shots well I think he's bluffing surprises just said him in and said just go for it you go for it and then he knows he's got himself as a banker they can knock it around if they have to just post the score like a traditional off-spinner it's not a pretty good job though at this stage of the inning this one's got one point so I was not right he will be under pressure at this moment good thing for him he can have five fielders on the on the boundary oh thanks very much on your bike Baba that's the one that India wanted sound stumble again well he picks wickets he picked wicket in the last game and he's picked now as well that's why you need to play him sensibly using his feet it's tossing it up no spin she's hits on the outside bar of the bat and an easy catch for you rod sing don't underestimate him don't think you can put him into the stands every time Pakistan moves wicked number four set batsman out 267 for four in that was Ames the new batsman to practice on the left hand up and hit the ball nice and hard still a little surprised that sarfraz hasn't come in the skipper man rubbings Raja told me through this dad was in can whack the ball there's that round arm delivery again good job here he's doing a good job you look at this ball has no spin no nothing and what I reckon happened here was that Bob I just tried to hit it too hard Yuvraj got a good set of hands nice and relaxed wasn't he [Applause] while another change the attack this time it's boom ruff Ruben – Maya did a good job here at Cole he's shuffling these bottles around seven overs to go big seven overs from Pakistan straight which square the leg side as for Munich a time began for my face when we're getting straight onto the pads of Mohammad Hafeez beautiful timed it with some proper shots have a look at this one flick into the gap and once on those practice facilities the ball was never gonna miss the beat and hit the fence [Applause] that shot as he connected that's gone [Applause] and the distance have things with a very fine striking another maximum for banning this from puppies good use of the feet very simple swing of the bat you can try and over hit like Bob our last over stayed in his shape trusty swing trust his timing got the maximum result here read the face on that one very cleverly if he's done the ground for a run good batting it was a difficult shot because the ball doesn't bounce at all from the angle which is being delivered it's a straight hit and a magnificent strike that's gone all the way for six I think beautifully why this man's been sent a decrease he's radar describing his being a very hard hitter of the cricket ball down the wicket again got close to it hits it hard and flat straight back over the ball and said one bouncing up into the side screen it's not have been Fairless with the bathroom this all-important final very relaxed purposeful hitting from Ahmad bossy [Applause] it's just a perfect length folding from bhuvaneswar just don't travel over the top above stuff the fees is having none of that see me stays stationary didn't commit on the way transfer his weight back in front of square long way back Ricky Ponting pull I never went that father is brilliant shot excellent delivery Richmond gets a cross who shot the ball boom we're on target in this over three singles so it's working well for India 33 ball 50 is the fastest in a final of a World Cup scored by Adam Gilchrist fees on track here 44 from 27th slow ball hits hard straight back notice for the finger at this is excellent cricket drama marvelous him hitting the ball hard and down the pitch sheet harder right that was absolutely crunched down the ground hardik Pandya who's very quick across the ground I only had to move maybe 10 meters to his left he couldn't get there powerful strike from him at 17 now nine deliveries 1-4 and 1-6 let's have a look at this field they're gonna go the same way again hearing you Ashwin will be in the circle really fine almost like a third slips it aligned it back on the ring and then the two offside men litter out take the backward point and then one just in front of point continues to borrow that off stuff walk outside off stump line my face should look at stepping a little bit outside leg something new over extra cover there's a huge gap where is the line if you get was the bottom edge another single road over so far for India 50 partnership of just 31 balls and a Pakistan have maintained pressure in momentum looking good to get to 340 [Applause] something probably anyone to hold it they reverse flick off a bouncer a reverse sport he's going for the reverse Paul moving leg boys I think you're right Ramiz I think that might have cannon into the helmet see him here switch the grip around looking for that weaken and then bang right on the side of the head one leg by right over so far great execution blue finish we're staying one step ahead of the batsman the key in this situation to the bowlers [Applause] no excellent over brilliant all that from goodness welcome are just five runs from it 318 for there are quali having a word with his fastball er 12 balls left in the inning so India or special line in calling the batsman beautifully delivered India have not panicked in the last 10 minutes or so even though there was an all were where our fees and Ahmad were seen to the liking to the bowler with a couple of sixes but this is really bright from India the great skewers of fast bowlers in the modern game is their ability to hit the wide line with the Yorkers as well really try and take one side of the ground out of play third man and deep back would point up inside now as well so got to inside and he's going around the wicket to have these looking the ball at his feet to the long side sure the Bears but not dislodged I think it probably hit the stumps certainly looked like it looked like it went into the stumps quite firmly as well bounce back a couple of feet down the wicket good skills are warm run and it certainly did I don't think I've ever seen a ball hit the stumps that hard without the pie holes even look like coming off I mean look at the rebound that the ball got after hitting the off peg nothing happened singers were absolutely quiet dead it's a drive Fielder push back at these ticks are run in down the money here in the last viewers frustrating a fees in him are let's have another look at this it's perfectly bald from boom rut jammed down on by her fees and then cannons into the off stop the Bayeux actually come up came out of the groove went straight back down again a bit of frustration there on some of the imaging field as a Rohit Sharma that's a slice India avoiding big dent big damage and the last three or four L wasn't they've been extremely successful no boundary in the last hillier no boundaries yet in this over it's more the coronoid wall actually I'm sure that's for the front foot or if it's actually I will waste hi it's a free hit anyway boom run none for 62 in 8.3 here we go with a free hit [Applause] let's into the gap nicely timed big chairs to long fence over there towards mid Wigan and square lake probably a tactic that phase didn't think was coming either this round the wicket angle of attack from boomer huge gap out there at deep midwicket former can't really afford to get outside the US off stunts bother with the field he's got in place in that short boundary so fees is gonna actually think he's going to attack he stumps maybe jump back outside the leg stump try and get him hard down the ground where we can 5400 fees he didn't like the shot but it's been a great innings 50 from 34 sir frost loves it this by the way is the highest score in this year's Champions Trophy 325 and Counting seven balls left in this innings minimum of seven balls well it's a super not from her face a little bit under unnoticed really the course of this game 34 deliveries four fours and two sixes striking it almost 150 took the unpowered with a drive or miss feel allows the batsman to come back for the second run and it's a no ball would you believe it goodra spoiling the Indian coca-cola just not done at this level while saying earlier in the day Remy's that he is one of those bowlers that continually pushes the envelope on that front line he's always really really tight see there look on Coach Cumbres face is not one of happiness and that's a long way over that's a big no ball the free here as well here now for Pakistan [Applause] or a slow ball dipped on the batsman so he gets away with it 11 runs from that over six balls left in this innings Pakistan 329 for for a successful run chases India will have to create rid of a record in a history to win this 329 for four it's both left La Silla innings or excellent yoga this is brilliant from the nature come out on target hula length yeah that's great skills from the Indian opening bola have a look at this the release and the seam is perfect look at the line and length it's hitting the crease line it's hitting the base the middle start we talked a lot about the batting that's been on display today movin issue has been quite outstanding as well particularly as last couple of overs or Pakistan just haven't fought then Albert get him away outstanding with the back tomorrow just too difficult to handle too difficult to get away and against the run of play we sing this this great speller bowling at the death it's that line again making that shot down to fine leg more and more difficult still think of fees has got to look over extra cover the last five or six balls that blue varnish was Bolton have been out there very wide outside the off stump straight hair straight hair sex quick result it is bland a blinder hair got it I'm repeating myself and 56 from 36 buckets and 336 now well don't worry about extra cutoff just hit a straight down the ground stepped outside so I could get it a bit of reach at the ball got the middle of the bat on it 78 meters down the ground mr. cameraman down the resource lot more from bhuvaneswar got the full treatment second highest score by Pakistan against India no that's really good from the mark fall and a little wide this time he wanted that lap sweep again didn't he her face hasn't worked from yet the one down the ground has work friend means the left-hander he mad l-'azim on strike done a good job hasn't he Ramiz 24 from his 19 deliveries yeah not bad at all four in a sixth strike rate has decreased just a little bit that's because of excellent bowling from Kumar Banzai ah he completely befuddled the batsman towards him then Hafeez as well maybe just something I've missed out on there Pakistan last ball of the innings him at the scene makes room hits it would cut find the fence they didn't take the second one and so India would be pretty happy with the way it ended the last three or four Oh was there were on target Nakata would know that they would still have two ball extremely well to limit India to less than 338 that's a brilliant first half of the game for Pakistan India 339 to win that man on screen Virat Kohli we have a lot of work to do as will Shakur Darwin and Rohit Sharma Mohammad Hafeez played a little blinder their finished 57 our 437 balls Pakistan post a very very challenging total for for 338 well there it is India will need to create history if they go in and win this Champions Trophy 2017 339 is the title they'll need to chase 322 is the previous record here at the other welcome back our viewers from all around the world watching this broadcast Pakistan athlete very well in the first innings 338 in the first innings in 50 overs that's the Pakistan team in nuclear huddle they will know it's a big opportunity India need to score at six point seven eight runs and over first part of the job done from Pakistan their weakest suit their batting and that weaker suit has produced a monumental 338 for four so it's going to be the matchup between the best batting lineup in the tournament against arguably the best bowling attack that's what the batter's did wonderful performance from fucka as a man right at the top 114 and just 106 finished off nicely by Hafiz off Reds bin Bath that was a little bit of surprise whoever nashua Kumar was exceptional with the ball at the start and at the end it overs one for 44 the spinners went around the park at around about eight runs it over Pandya top-drawer as well 10 overs 1 for 53 will he swing this new ball haven't seen much of it Sharma on strike [Applause] Navy push at first delivery rohit sharma has been in great form in this tournament but a hundred in the semi-finals 91 against Pakistan in the first game but run out seventy-eight against Sri Lanka he's been in terrific touch but he knows how important this situation is he knows how important this game is all the work you've done in the group stages in the semi-final this is the final result [Applause] how would you advise a seraph Ganguly is someone who opened the batting this is a decent run chase do they stick with plan a where they've taken their time and got in or do they need to go harder now stick with planning just keep meddling the ball just play on them on the length on the delivery don't try anything extra just get set now once you get set you can score or hit two boundaries and over so I would be looking at da1 and Cooley about your burden and Sharma you just play normally get through the new ball it's a quick outfield it's very difficult to defend in this ground once you get in [Applause] we'll share on the review it I reckon he thinks he's gone that's a beauty as the pitch downside next up he's asking shaker no.1 there's only one review for India in this innings one review for each side Rohit Sharma walks off last week in from Pakistan a big block we was talking about early Wicked's Mohammed Ahmed it strikes comes into the right-hander hits the bad praise across the line and a big start for Pakistan a duck for Oh charmer in the final it's north for one legend that is Kody comes in number three ODI ranking number one and they need the best batsmen in the world to deliver here India oh it's a beauty water stock to the sittings from Muhammad Amir a little bit of in swing a little bit of in movement standing stuff 145 kilometers he's running in great scene position just beaten by face for art calling pressure on india-pakistan know how important this week it is how important this moment is in the game is to get Veera Cooley out early it'll be very very hard for India driven down the ground doesn't get past mid off keep an eye on Pakistan's fielding as well woeful in the group stages against India and we've been lifted Rohit Sharma's had a brilliant tournament it's come to an end the ball that moved back in late did everything a left armored once and needs to do pitched in line just came back in umpires caught on height [Applause] these away and once to is quick and back easily excellent start from the hammer a mere two runs and a wicket in the over to for one just what you need someone to set the tone when you've got a big score and you've got a gun batting lineup in the opposition no freebies plus the important wicket bullying from the other end inspecting has some early probably to take the new ball it's done well to Nate Khan bring the ball back into the left-hander 27 years of age I've got the previous over Wars from Muhammad Amir 93 wickets is the wicket-taker ball superbly with the new ball against England the other day mr. four for 12 and he's the one bowler in world cricket that has a decent record against Virat Kohli's got him out three times in 22 deliveries Junaid Khan his first challenge is bowling at Shakur Dhawan two slips third man regulation offside field and how one is someone who doesn't enjoy batting against the left arm quick sir Leon [Applause] it's time coming back into the left-hander so it's not a bad boy putting him early on again shaketh oven we saw the likes of Mitchell stark trend bald creating problems early on around the off stump that's the wicket of Rohit Sharma big wicked for Pakistan coming back into the left-hander swinging in very little swing and it hits the pads and a big Vikki for Pakistan likes this ground 305 runs in just three innings averaging 150 plus [Applause] it areas what is going on in shaker Devin's mine does he keep playing his natural game does he take a little bit of time it's got a very good record in this ground but it's a different stage a different situation 338 there you go Junaid Khan – verrat curly three dismissals 22 deliveries just two runs scored an average of not 0.66 [Applause] excellent from both the left armors no freebies at all just that surprise element of the left armor – going across and then from nowhere a ball comes back in that's why I left armors offer you so much natural variation going across and the surprise in swinger curly on strike it's got to be careful with the length to shake that heaven yes every now and then the short ball is fine but it's important that he pitches up that's one of the views from the ground just out there left the ball well in Test match cricket dangerous lying in one-day cricket the interest see how long he leaves it out there and Pakistan will be coming out with a plan against him the wind predictor Pakistan 68% don't go anywhere Gerard Kohli gets in any total is gettable this is a very strong Indian batting lineup very interesting to see where as these Pakistan bowlers pulled to him just outside the off star making him hit through the offside that's across the stumps stay off middle middle and leg curly another good over from both left armors now four for one [Applause] some run chase for India 335 from just eight overs runs the outside edge that will hurry away I might even think of three here Cody says no we'll settle for two it's a well balanced attack as well there's no let-up from Pakistan that's why they here in this final Hassan Ali will follow and they have a couple of very good spinners shadab Khan and Ahmad were seen having a fees can ball a bit of spin as well so there's plenty of variation India played should have pretty well use their feet against him at edge bastard like that contest he's coming our heart at the best batsmen in this format at the moment it's gonna be a great battle a wicked here from Pakistan could be game on he loves the challenge Kohli he loves doing things that other people can't do he would love to win it from this position get a big hundred keeps trying to push himself and his team from any situation [Applause] man you want to drop terrific delivery just that's the coach Mickey otter but have a look at Muhammad on his face a regulation outside edge caring to the first slip fourth stamp again the area in England he's been vulnerable nicked it everything was perfect apart from that regulation off the shoulder catch it someone and then you look up and you see it's Kohli how important is that in the end he's gone the next bo-brilliant Pakistan cricket at its best one minute down next minute up terrific stuff from my mother me and a good catcher point what's unfair our colleague and with him probably India's chances in this game playing through the onside outside edge face carries to the point fielder and have a look at Zaman he's done nothing wrong in this game got a hundred in the first innings I beg you pardon shut up Khan in portent catch in this match we're artfully dismissed for five India trailing six for two best bowling attack in a tournament against the best batting attack and at the moment the bowlers are winning 6-4 two brilliant from Muhammad Amir didn't let the emotion get to him too much drop catch and he came back again you've got to love this team you got to love this sport the emotions of the game drop catch and then brilliant shut up Karn coach what do you think this is brilliant from a mere brilliant mist that semi-final and he just keeps coming at you absolutely Barilla it's just changed this game on his head I reckon as er Ellie's a happy man right now five minutes ago is thinking have I just dropped the Champions Trophy you haven't what's going on in his head it's still a lot of padding to come but what impact will that we could have Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli dismissed early Pakistan batted beautifully in the first innings that big total that big run chase has it effect on Virat Kohli he's done all these run chases as a player but come the captain come the big final the big run chase eludes Vera Kohli [Applause] has not been bad delivery in three over seven for two just remember that late middle order hasn't batted much in this tournament simply because of the brilliance of the top four top three in particular they do have doesn't need to come we never ever written off ms dhoni to come down so pulled away one bounce they needed at boundary there go delivery once again all the time in the world to play on the back foot there's a very good striker of the cricket ball shape of our armor testing him that time this is the weight of the boundary yes our France has a role to play here why change it it's not broken don't try and fix it just keep plugging away line and length yeah the odd short ball and let's not get carried away with the emotion just make them hit you off a good length [Applause] as he getting through again good stop and that's with the difference for Pakistan on the field and the semi-final in the final they've just given everything especially Shoaib Malik is very quick a very good fielder and that's a great stop he saved four runs it's a small thing shadow I've gone the 18 you're all going at backward point there's a key position they're just bringing him in straight away took a catch already today we're at Curley portent position slower ball driven on the up the outfields quick is it quick enough yes another boundary in DaSilva very good shot from supernova that's how important wickets are on the surface see it's no stopping once it beats ing on the up it just races away burned down by the Sun for the last couple of days and it's no stopping in this part of the world for the first time Pakistan of blinked second slippers come out now owns two boundaries has just made the skipper change his plans settle for one it's sixteen for two it's the last delivery on the back foot in the air far away from shut up car it's a very important area for Chicago in a very important scoring area top edge that'll go away before hurried in for pace not in the best of positions to play that shot bounce I just followed you rock seeing cramped top edge Lindy I can say that it did go down in the first innings as well a lot of boundaries behind the stumps it's probably their time with and punished he is in a Dean run on form and nothing better than the left-handed grace of sugar cover phanie you're gonna go deep from this game and he's going to have to step up and lead them to big players back in the heart and with an excellent shot from Shakur Darwin Pakistan's been brilliant with the pool so far to experience calm leaders within the team of the crease for India and after weather the storm of Pakistan India quite capable of handling a loss of two wickets even though the odd call is somewhat says half the ranch's is that kind of a batsman but they're quite prepared ready to meet you head-on even in a tight situation like they're experiencing right now next in MS Dhoni loads of talent ability skill experience chartoff can can be very effective Pandya we know he's an excellent all-round cricketer the need a little partnership here to unnerve Pakistan cracking shot gets it past the that is making a special sound Robin on the mover 19 with the game shake a doll on top of the bounce lashes through that cover point region again gaps up beautifully it's one of those wickets as well if you can master the bounce let's be sure the new ball it's just a little bit steeper the bounce here at the oval crucial time if you can master that get through that initial tough period it's a beautiful place to bat you can also surprise you with bit of extra piece his pace is up today as well you can just see it he's enthusiastic he's making changes to his own field you can see the plans that he's been working as well through our charmer he went across them the first couple of deliveries swung one back to Coley could see exactly what he was looking to try and do go across and it's been incredibly disciplined and aggressive with ball in hand leave this Pakistan bowling line up so far still whether that's one could take her in the tournament hassan ali yet to bowl as well so really good staff parkstar [Applause] the making and think about the square leg fielder that posted one for the attempted pull shot right he's heading the list 10 wickets for Hassan Ali Golden Ball award for the most wickets taken the bowler with most wickets Hassan Ali at the top of the ladder [Applause] that's a push and it's Iran good cricket from Dhawan keeping the scoreboard busy [Applause] yeah he's been outstanding with the bat loves playing here at The Oval 250s and a hundred in his three previous appearances 250 in fact over 300 runs for Rohit Sharma the meme Iqbal is being a great success story for Bangladesh question familiar Mises it's been outstanding at the top of the order with the ball but how long how deep do you take Muhammad Amir because on a wicket like this if they are to create a partnership they're gonna need some wicked taking options down the line deeper in the crease and to me he's a guy that personally I think this is probably at bowl five overs have a spell then it gives you the ability if you want to bring it back for almost three spells if you need it or if things going good then you can attack them with maybe 300 spell through the middle and then to a little bit deeper but so far he's been brilliant but it'll be the question so phrase needs to answer [Applause] and it's a big one big fish surprise with the catch Pakistan with a wicket and India three down well I changes things down under you go him again wicked taking Bowl is really defined saying I'm easier said it was a cross see where it's bounced a little he's just spotted outside off stump chicka Dhawan sarfraz does the rest Pakistan are rampant at the moment and see that delight chicka Dhawan the prolific shooked are one departs from 21 the near-real in 33 for three we all know how good a player is under pressure ms dhoni right little spin spinning them a lot these days with a remodel Bolinger action but this was huge cross him delivery that skidded off the surface I went in to mines playing with an angle back straightforward cash by Sir frost and rhythm broken once again by Pakistani balls oh he's so good again spin this may just backfire for Pakistan this move of introducing spin the same as having good pucks down so far face comes on right on them off spinner against the left hand your eyes saying these equal to the task here at the moment adjusting the long off feeler I think looking to wind up and make use of this over you rod sing a little quicker once again shifting down the leg side not allowing him any way through the off [Applause] in Pakistan could have easily given a one mole over to June eighth new man in MS ball has decently deviated of the surface vote for your favorite play of the day go to the website another shot down the garnet support this clearly has misfired this move has allowed your odd sing with few easy boundaries breakers of the people such a good striker of the ball eat the man at mid on Oh Lester celestial in style you are saying as earn India with a massive advantage 14 runs and right over 4713 yeah you can get this from you ROG every now and then he can fall prey to a strong hit down the ground wants him to stop himself did he read the wrong in the back gone for the appeal safra's feels that there's a strong case rather gone pro review so the case here to study for the third umpire is bad first [Applause] and you get a hotspot place yeah definitely pad first I'm having to go straight to ball track there thank you here it is ball trick and coming up now Richard the impact is in line is going on – hit the wickets season incredible what a wicked shut up Carl has been boozled the left-hander who's got a massive regard against spin it is happening for Pakistan today nothing really has worked for India so far in this contest it's your brats ink the latest exit well then 22 from 31 shudder with a wicked 54 before here those I love is the new man in for India the world shut up plan clearly has been an inspired selection water delivery wicked – wicked the ball skidding through hitting the pad first you rot Singh is taken out by Pakistan yeah he knew exactly that here a strong case convinced his skipper who went for a review but it came out as wickets hitting look feelings shada bet 20 the other thing about this is just the brilliance to set him up the ball will fall when across him who was the wrong and it's gone across him he's kicked the slipper in place he's bolder genuinely exponent and how confident that he looked the coaches delighted Pakistan are making a massive play in this game the crowd is absolutely alive fox Donna charging one shot check it at the car see the chaplain set it's salia was given Pakistan another massive breakthrough detecting the nor warrior ms there's been asked to wait is he over the line is fine he is fine that heel is hitting trees and not over it very good catch by mad machine low and it took it well and Hassan Ali is off the mark m/s gone Oh India badly dented 54 for the loss of five the top hoarder has been eliminated Rohit for not the oven 421 Kohli for five new Raj 22nm s gone after scoring only four and the competence of this 18-year old Chateau Beach with great catch or now it's a good shot that'll be one bounce for maybe you need a lot more of that because they're a long way behind in this match they still need 277 just 211 deliveries there's one thing about here larger though no matter what the situation he's gonna play in his own style deliberate sir just a spectacle to watch from distance hustle only the way he runs in beautiful Whoopi action slightly open chested unlike the great Pakistani father bowlers yeah it is good Sanjay I tell you what if you're for us Mutual's out there I know you're a little bit sad at the moment Sanjay about India but per for us neutrals Adi you've got to love what Pakistan are brought to the table today their intent with the back straightaway to really go for it the energy with the ball want a shot that is that'll be for just the energy and everything they've bought that's one of the shots the day that's sixty seven four five are they getting old maybe for a quick bite and they'll be back it's gonna get four hardik Pandya it's a bit of a fighter [Applause] yes good shot just not quite sure they've got the field right there shout out it doesn't want to be bowling to whine and the off stuff and it looks like they wanted to ball one side of the we could buy wider buff stuff and protect that square boundaries getting the ring but as so many gaps there now I think he's just moved another field across to the on side so to the left of screen and allows him to bowl necessary the right of streets burn extra Fielder on just the layout should have aa bit more at the stumps like that I just want to follow up on that point of what Pakistan are brought to the table today right from ball one to have that energy to have that mindset and attitude to say we're gonna go for this no matter what if we get pulled out cheaply by India's so bad then to post a score of 338 after being sent in from and you remember India won the toss and sent Pakistan in to have that sort of attitude to go for it and the way they'd backed it up in the field the energy they bought straight away Muhammad Amir has set the tone you got to admire what Pakistan have brought to the table today and the mindset to just have a guy yeah and the Wicked's that one with our mirrors got for his side on this this is kind of a stage final of the Champions Trophy he's got three wickets but the three wickets of Amir art for me again the Droid Sharma she could have an incredible wickets oh this one's gone straight up this is going to be another way get the captain's going for it six wicket gone shut up strikes again no need for a review this time and kadar Giada that's the way please comes off on occasions dozen on occasions for all the 18 year old he's just taken his second weekend it was a big leg break he tried to smack it on the outside and a skipper sarfraz go away I want this you little Ripper that's number six and we're on our way this has been wonderful stuff from Pakistan you can see the emotion that passion with watch they're playing with is this great stuff for Pakistan and unfortunately for India they lose s6 we go yeah dad's gone benign at 72 for six they're hard to believe that the score the team lake in there on a pitch like this excellent batting conditions here at the oval seven to two four six the cream is gone the cream of the Indian battens gone ten awash shut up conned the recipe nor the leg spinner getting a second wicket and it's the first ball I've seen a distort that has really turned kaydara the others saw the ball shot went for it but the dog just took that ball wide away from him they did it sort of got stuck in the pitch and it just turned and gripped and as this pitch has gone on and just draw it out a little bit and look at that eighteen-year-old absolutely popped her just about take on Rocky Balboa the way he's borrowing an eye on how pumped he was you owe and there's no respite for the Indian batsman because the shot up corn at one end there's Hassan Ali at the other have a look at this leg spinner hits the pitch and goes away from kaydara I expected that to come a lot straighter captain calls for it he's got the biggest hands on the field so it was his catch [Applause] just shot that from hardik Pandya his bounces inside the rope actually left it and fell at the very last minute did he actually play at European was right Olaf's min oh I don't think he went to let that go just wonder if it got the Tyler bat realized I was gonna hit the bat and then just nudged it over the keeper clever shot has he got enough yes he has hit back more than enough it's gone in the second tip was a bit of tax on that one answered by a nice look more and I was an upper Decker absolutely clean as a whistle Pena just a nice swinging the bat no use of the porous Stand and Deliver stuff that's up the top deck another for catching the crowd and pretty ordinary through this trophy in the crowd yeah determination Oh they've gone for it and then gone for a tribute thank you that's not a good prospect gonna get the odd bad ball that's an excellent shot good strike from Pandya sweet timer of the ball he's a very very good prospect this young shadow looks good love to see him and yeah see sure maybe bowling in tandem right now to the screws right out of the middle of the bat the leg spinner continued let's hit through the onside and that's gone miles into the stands is a very powerful hitter hardik Pandya and that's against the turn over the mud wicked boundary well that's a big hit cleared the front leg for the slug sweet little bride in the middle the bat Patek Pandya much of him there's an why a lot he hits the ball very very hard that's a big hit high and handsome long I've new briquette it's a good cricketing shot just goes to show how good the surface has been so far against the turn through the on site this time again Willie other boundary he does even better flattered hi hi handsome over meat on full again from out right in the slot back down the ground it goes Pandya on 248 now just 31 deliveries it's great to see him back this way he knows his team is down and out he will not go without a fight he's that sort of a character tough customer did well with the ball in the first half probably the best Indian bowler so far in this final and with the bat he's giving his best forty-eight of just 31 deliveries which it again thought six of the over three consecutive sixes rings up as 15 good time in just 32 deliveries and it's the fastest 15 in a world Oh di final [Applause] spot-on syrup eating an ex-teammate of mine Adam Gilchrist 40s up to 33 deliveries this one in just thirty to three consecutive sixes to over long on yeah it's slower and a bit wider at that time from shut up that's good bullying falling from the youngster just 18 years of age just whacked three back-to-back sixes and this over touched it again this time to recovers grace is the way to the boundary 22 runs thunders over so far there's still one more delivery to go that's another beautiful shot very hard again it's time through the off side stays lakeside freezes arms and bang just a single a big over for India 128 for six the big last or 123 from him have a look at the Indian Manhattan regular wickets that's why Pakistan is at the top of his office game [Applause] first time to a midwicket he moves on to 70 in very quick time I was just about to say he won't stand there and let another one like that go outside the office time boy before he let it go I'm expecting it to be called a wide he saw a little smirk little smile on his face was touched up by it again dragon not right out of the middle the fact that good enough over wired logon six more to Pandya moves under seventy now his high score in one day cricket number [Applause] something to chair the Indian fans stand and deliver 150 two four six [Applause] [Applause] got rid of all three of them [Applause] it started in the afternoon big big stuff 76 443 balls pushed into the offside from Geneva and just doesn't go plenty of time for the fields but took his time bouncing into the ball off and the simplest of run outs Pandey on his way India now 7 for 152 once again Pakistan strike 76 152 4/7 Ravi Chandra – win in at number nine and have a great game with the ball and struggled with the white ball of late thirty years of age a very good test batsman hasn't had much success in the one-day format he will be joining his partner's bowling partner Ravindra Jadeja when they have a big task Herculean task once again Hassan Ali's has caught the ball and there is a big throw not this time with his bowling but with a run out it's been such a game-changer for Pakistan this tournament just his Energy's difference has dropped off into his teammates let's show the on side would be looking to come back for the second amar struggling a bit with his ankle couldn't agree more sir he's made things happen hasn't he for Pakistan right through the tournament at northern restart Game one against India needs to run it again pushed into the offside no calling both batsmen ball watching today's it takes a couple steps down decides to go back and look at the animosity between those two there just have a look at her Sonali look at his eyes it's temper all around whack MRF runs don't be third man just looks a bit disappointed on the ground doesn't he didn't have a great spell with the ball it's crucial still for India and the middle law was after Pakistan got off put that brilliant start and you could see that in his body language he was got or not to be disappointed there being just no good being disappointed now there's a game on still he's an experienced Indian player needs to be leading the way he's just run one of the young players out he needs to stand up now keep more energy about him and try and have some sort of impact on this game it's amazing a little things like that's sort of concerning two big things you know not backing up not getting a single it's amazing how many times you see someone get out the next ball because it's playing on their mind [Applause] outside edge different mismatched Pakistan genetic on strikes with the or ball good bowling change from safra's tonight back into the attack short wine aged safely taken a slip over on his way Jadeja ate the 156 india [Applause] the burnisher Kumar mu batsman in at number 10 taking bad just thirty two innings two hundred and seven runs not a very good average it's coming to a situation there is only one side dominating here and that's Pakistan first wicket fortunate on with with the old ball [Applause] straight on the bottle group they have been for well he has marshaled his voice or just saying where there wasn't much urgency about his cricket today Jadeja lazy shot once again slashing on outside the off stump well taken good captain Singh good bowling change and swear like I'm asleep just above waist height [Applause] [Applause] what about the energy that's created in that Pakistan huddle right now they're coming from everywhere the players as I should that's an ally again good link seam up Ashwin flashes outside the after feather through to sarfraz and isn't he happy to Pakistan captain India 156 for nine another wicked from Arsenal another fantastic spell of bullying from the young fast bowler 158 India blown away in the final and it's Pakistan what's room over the line massive win red seeds and after a very long break they were able to beat India and in all important contests they richly deserved this there were the better side on the day brilliant with the back exquisite with the ball and surprise what a leader they found in it it's been the perfect day in London and Pakistan to produce the perfect storm [Applause] [Applause] you you


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