[360 VR live] Switch live show~

Hello everyone! This is ‘Sweety’. Nice to meet you! Waited long time there.We are here! Sweety up! Nice to meet you! Introducing in Chanese again. Everyone seems pleasant here. This is group singer ‘Sweety’. Happy to meet you through VR company ‘Verest’. We prepared lots of things on this, give us lots of consideration please! […]

Top 5 Worst Horror Movies Of 2019

Probably more than any other genre, horror gets a bad rap for putting out a whole lot of awful, cash-grabby movies. It’s usually made on the cheap, and there’s always potential for another sequel, especially when your audience gets invested in a specific character or monster. We over here at Top5Scary know how truly excellent […]

30 Amazing Movie Impressions #SPONTENT

How do these beard lights work? Okay… Moment of truth! OOOH! Bet you look stupid, don’t you? Thinking it wasn’t gonna work. Aha. That’s hot. It’s Christmas! Hey you! My name is Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell and welcome back to SPONTENT! It’s content but sponsored! Sponsored content. Because… Okay. This weeks sponsor is Mega Movie Week […]