Every Romantic Movie

Hey guys! So I know I never say this ’cause I don’t like to brag or anything, but I’m the probably the most romantic person I have met in the entire world ever! If anything I always say in my videos that I’m actually the opposite, that I’m not romantic but I really am I-I’m […]

The Late Ringer [Saxxy Awards 2017 – Extended Entry]

Administrator: “Humiliating DEFEAT!” Administrator: “You didn’t kill ANY of them!” Administrator: “Your friends are all dead…” Administrator: “…Good luck.” [ Dead Ringing Noises ] RED Pyro: (No!) BLU Spy: “Aww, Whats the matter? BLU Spy: “Weren’t you supposed to be good?” BLU Spy: ” HAHAHAA-” BLU Spy: ” AAAAAH!” BLU Spy: ” AAAAAAAAAA-” BLU Demo: […]