Paddletek presents 2019 Atlanta Open MxDPro Gold medal Kovalova/Wright v Jardim/Yates

sound check sound check Karl are I'm hearing from the tech I'm hearing from the truck that we are good to go the truck I'm hearing from the engineers in the truck that we are good to go the players have been called to the court we are getting all set for the Mixed Doubles pro gold medal match between somebody hardy and kyle yates taking on from Wichita Kansas Lucie originally from Slovakia and Simoni originally from Bolivia Brazil Brazil I think it's Brazil yep Matt Matt Wright from Wichita and of course Kylie Yates from South Florida that's my nickname for him South Florida I call him yeah so we're in for a thrill here a rematch by the way of the US Open final this this this is the matchup that you know we expected to see it doesn't always go the way that you expect you still gonna win the matches but when the draw came out when we saw the teams that were in the draw this is what who we expected that we would see in the final a rematch of the US Open final which only was what two or three weeks ago and in that gold medal match in Naples Simonian Kyle pulled it out but it took three games and remember folks this is a best three out of five sets I can tell you it's going to be very entertaining what I think we'll expect to see here is an awful lot of cross-court forehand to forehand dinking with Lucy and Simoni and I think you're gonna see in terms of the guys I think you're gonna see right trying to insert himself into the points more than Yates well Yates tenses really lets Simoni play her game and give her her space and he obviously trusts her very well as he should Matt certainly trusts Lucy 100% and Lucy's become an absolute incredibly talented player you know I would have said a year ago you could somewhat pick on Lucy with her third shot drops wasn't weren't as consistent and her dinking wasn't I would say in the top two or three women but now in every aspect of the game I have Lucy at the top of the charts pronounce your last name for our viewers ESCO ESCO along with Dave the Badger wine by bringing you this live action here from the Atlanta South championship here at beautiful Lake windward Country Club in Alpharetta Georgia another beautiful day this is a very interesting Club because all the courts are like tree-lined on the outside so even though the players don't get shade on the court the spectators and the viewers are able to find a lot of shade and we've had great crowds here all week long and it's all culminating here in these final these final lap two matches bringing in our Mumbai not we call them the Mumbai monster Altaf merchant is in the house we might get a visit later by the golden boy himself okay okay I have a flight to catch at the Atlanta Airport here in about 4 hours so I'm gonna do the first game or two and then we might have a substitute commentator coming in but we're gonna bring you this live action thanks to pro pickleball and folks that are watching all this great content in this great live action please share share share and like like like because every time you touch that button on your screen you get put into a raffle for a hundred dollar gift certificate for total and referee Steve hashed one of our veteran referees has been called on to work this game Steve thanks for everything you do for pickleball I want you to know the players really appreciate what the referees do because it gets unnoticed in terms of tournament pickleball so thank you you do a great job and I'm glad you're on this game all right have a good game it's important that the referees stay hydrated as well Steve all tough you and I were talking privately about this match and now that we're live on the air courtesy of pro pickleball and Carl Schmidt doing all the back work here to make these live streams possible we saw this match not too long ago in Naples and in that match up that was of course a two out of three to eleven match up where I believe lucy and matt won Game one Kyle and Simoni won Game two and then Simonian Kao also won Game three in an epic it's a unique format in the the direct butterman directors Chris and Chad decided early on and they this is how they kind of soul determine to the sponsors that the semifinals and the finals were going to be the best three out of five and yesterday was interesting because with the men because all the players got together you know towards the end and Chad really was encouraging us to do the three out of five both for the semifinals and the finals and everybody agreed that we would do that and of course that's going to stay consistent with the mixed doubles today conductances right here I get restroom break this match fatigue doesn't play too much of a factor you know it's been a long weekend for for all of us and a very very long hot day so you know hoping everyone everyone can play well really excited for a minute here and see well it's a prediction right now they haven't said anything to me payback from the loss from Naples new right here beautiful Lake pickleball livestreams all week long Hardeen serving to Lucy start this reset every year from here on out so I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say you are not here or did not come for the Atlanta open this year then better I mean better get it on better get it on your calendar you guys submission since we have lost all power we're gonna go ahead and go to the gold medal match over here and I'm sorry for having to switch that but it looks like Pro pickleball lost all its power so we're gonna continue commentating over here Lucy Covell over Matt Wright vs. emoni and Simonian Kyle oh my goodness you guys sorry to switch it up on you but again Pro pickleball lost all its power so we're gonna try to give this to you live on this feed right now until we get that power back right now we have Simoni and lucy cause poor dinking like really working at a point exactly bringing you this over I mean by any means necessary you've got to see this man what a gorgeous point we got over here alright so we are in the first game of this match and it is not a best two out of three folks it is a best three out of five alright guys so we have a score of 2-1 won and again this is the first of best-of-five games so we're early in this game so we're just you haven't missed much so thanks for tuning in with us again the description is not what we're showing you because we have experienced some technical difficulties and they lost all power for you know the computers in the camera so we switched over to the gold medal match just try to you know to make up horse improvise there you go there you go and yes it's on the far side you got Simoni sergeant receiving from that right and that right is being joined by Lucy Copa Nova Wichita work currently out of Wichita Kansas that is right no no you know what the crazy thing is you know what the crazy thing is as much as the ATP to ATP is amazing right it's amazing but it does get you out of position with your partner because it's reflected like what Matt Wright did then you're scrambling on you're out of position so as much as the ATP is great if you have someone like Matt Wright who's able to reflect that on the other side kind of get in trouble you know if they're out of position they you know to the left they need you to slide to cover them to the left at least for one point or one sorry one shot until you can get back on the court with the backhand still in it oh my goodness you guys they are working the ball they are just working where Simoni goes hard to her left and then rips a two in and backhand across her whole body for a winner she said her so it's it's like she read it three shots I know she's awesome having the ball through in that right you cannot you cannot you he's well but so Simoni you're correct the fans are just loving this this court is absolutely packed around there's gotta be a hundred people not to mention the livestream tens of thousands don't want to hear the gizmo gizmo in the badger oh my goodness oh my goodness okay and that time did yeah and that ain't coming back exactly Matt Wright was there to reflect it again but that time a little high why yes can I get some ketchup with my cheese merchants joining us live streaming Mumbai it's in the house oh my goodness you guys this is what I expected to see is basically what I think you're gonna see similar to what we saw at the US Open in Naples that I think 90% of these points will end up being a cross port dink fest Lucy and Simoni and it's gonna be the issue of who hits an attackable ball first but these players is half a ball too high and they are gonna try to crack the ball so here we go let's see who gives them attackable ball first Oh a rare minute that is true I think if that ball came in it would have given Somalia a chance for an apt around the post uh oh yeah that would have been her third one of the game of the first year oh yeah and it's not the best two out of three we're going to five games best of five games you guys so that time Rick Matt right ready oh alright guys because we pulled away from Joey's match Joey Catherine and Ben and Christine's match people also want to they want an update on that too so we'll try to keep you updated or scoring yeah yeah we'll definitely try to keep you updated on that eat one in Joey's man yeah so Joey and Catherine are up eight for as we speak okay good you know thank you so much for the update Dave Thank You gizmo appreciate that so if anyone's out there wondering what's happening on Christine and Ben's court versus Joey and Catherine the score is four eight to been serving over to Joey but over here we got I mean both matches are so great I'm sorry our power went out we're trying to fix the situation right now I'll just inform me that he's about three minutes away from Big Bang okay okay our viewers will get to see to greatness exactly I want them to see thought yeah you know please stick with us through these technical difficulties we're and get everything back up and smoothly and we're gonna get right back to the both actions bringing you the gold medal silver medal and the bronze medal match right here at the 2019 Atlanta open oh what I like there is that someone who actually went back to Lucy where she usually goes down the line to Matt so maybe there's something there you know and Lucy was anticipating back over to very very good point those are the small intricacies that make the huge difference yes in a match this is the small things that add up and then with Simone Idina it created a different pattern so maybe Lucy's gonna be looking for that now how to break the rhythm break the rhythm don't let anybody get comfortable another unforced error Luciana forehand dink you know unforced errors in that what you don't want to match like this where it's such a fine line between guard shot what's unattackable sure Lucy's trying to get a little bit cute I think doesn't have to be perfect forever if you hit it with soft hands and electric pressure you can give yourself some margin for error over the net the block will come down in a hurry it's a pickleball it's a wiffle ball you're right you don't need to aim a ball or half a ball over the net so give yourself a little margin for air folks free dreams a badger issues but do you see how someone who went back over to Matt right oh I wish it would have gone back to Lucy and maybe maybe change it maybe so it's going over a little bit more to Lucy because I did see that favor in their side but here enough you put that ball that high to any of these ball players on the court and as Dave Weinbach says you're gonna have issues they're not they're not going forward six-five – where are in the first game out of five and that's a side out making this score five six one you guys five six one savonia serving over to Lucy kovalyova I'm gonna get a support date on a Joey game I think eight five two with parental and farías with the lead okay good to know good when they did do the draws for the final four Catherine and joy were seated three Ben and Christine receded four so they're thinking that Christine and Joey have a slight advantage in that in that match but you never know because it is a best of five trees are gonna be very long these players are just working their way into this match I'll just stand on that ball the aggressive make himself big in the middle of the court and making it happen Wow he needs to insert himself more than what we saw in Naples for them to prevail in this particular match he tends to let some mone play her side obviously both these players trusted partners extremely well oh my god that's her favorite child I promise you she want that one back I know you're calling off a mulligan she wants him on with you alright guys the score is six six one Lucy kovalyova Serena Simoni Hardeen and there's the mone shot so she better be bored oh I'm lucky let court right there making that aside out are you guys please like please share and please follow because we want everyone to enjoy this match alright 100 viewers I love it I love it it's because this is the final of the main event this is the final of the mean of that people want to see this rematch of the US Open oh man well Simonian Kyle won one yeah so I mean I I love both teams and respect them so much they are so it could be anyone's it really it could be anyone's freakin game I really believe that it could be anyone's game you like everybody see you love that side you kind of just go for good points I mean that's it do at that point yes absolutely take the time to point out that you see in math right winningest mix double team they are the winningest what does that mean what does that mean they have won the most amount of pain it's up matches amongst Wow absolutely amazing that's history right there I've seen that drive before that's a wicked shot you know they're both sporting onyx paddles with the Onyx gear I'm getting so excited I can't even handle like I can't even stand still you guys I'm knocking over the camera this is such a good game I can't even handle it which is just what that day was talking about until somebody that's it – hi – we're either the female can misdirect or the male can reach in for the poached to catch the opponent's off-guard which is what Matt tried and it didn't I'm just wondering why they're giving her that back here I mean but yeah I think it's also her banking but it's also cowboy but what I just feel like why don't you pull them off to the sidelines a little bit and create an opening yeah rather than yeah but I mean Simoni knows that there's an opening and comes in and creeps in she comes right back yeah she comes back she knows she knows the gap is there so she anticipates way ahead Oh what do they say pulling them out wide to the sidelines again yeah and then there was the gap right behind Simone ease bet you gotta work for the gap you got to make it and then once you make it you've got to exploit it the Jolie matches 810 to the Christine McGrath serving to kill Katherine Toronto and right here Matt Wright is serving eight seven – that's a that's a rare miss third right there you want to make your opponents play you have to make your opponents play you have to believe that right now we know these get all for these players can play physically but would you play it three out of five and even paying three out of five all weekend in some of these big matches you're gonna start to see some mental errors that he declares me that's gonna make you scratch your head and you're gonna say wait a minute I've never seen them miss that shot but I think this match is gonna come down to mental errors it's just and you're gonna turn around and say wait a minute I've seen her make that shot in Einhard time exactly one for 901 you you'll have to be so mentally tough to play a three out of five game okay you guys we just want to update you okay so our other live stream on the HD is back up but we have power until we get things situated we will move back to the bronze medal match because we want both covered we're gonna go back to covering the Joey fair use bronze medal match with Catherine paronto against Ben John's okay so we got the word we are batters okay we are gonna switch it fly right there we are all on the budget productions Oh perfect Dean was committed to the dank your King Lucy speeded up a lot of mental errors or that I think was a mental Wow as we have said when you're looking at 4 p.m. on a weekend like we've just had and these guys have been playing three out of five sets for three days in this heat this match is gonna be mental first thing you said to me when you got off the air are just sloppy mental errors you know these players can make digs they can make Wow incredible day if Mona had told me altough I'm getting hit the ball over there I still don't think I get it back let her on place it to the other end past colleagues that's incredible look at that emotion look at where a great point guys this is an incredible point we've had two back-to-back points and we've just been incredible as a player that's what you this is what you play for eight nine that was a really good buy car to get himself on the point I wasn't too sure about that placement I felt like he could've gone back to Lucy with that Dave this is where I go back to one of the first things you told me about pickleball is you've got to get that turd shot low and unattackable I mean that point they lost that point right when that third shot was floating that's a great now that's what we're talking about right there Kyle Yates missing a third shot that's again intestine just a mental mental Sunday afternoon three out of five said error all right guys we're back to my game point only knows hold on I think we partner up can you imagine those two partnering up what are they gonna play [Applause] 3:01 in game two three zero one we talked about after what happened in [Applause] this video and like it because see this great content you put in for a hundred dollar gift certificate for total pickleball so share share share [Applause] attacked the ball just didn't have enough zip on it and some only had time to load up on that backhand nine four at this level of play Dave is just really hard to beat somebody three straight games is just very hard five cents but he won't he won't look back and look at that little reset the reset that's the morning didn't fall for that kept the run alive the 4-3 reset that kept her alive huge that was huge in the game to split one game to one game remember this is the best of five sets you must win three sets well I yeah okay hold out one second I think we need some more ice water hold on I'm gonna go out and help these guys out here one second while we do a quick quick water retrieval I wanted to give a quick shout out to the operations team this is the pickleball tournaments team with Melissa McCurley of course the these events wouldn't win run smoothly without many many volunteers just to note a couple of the folks behind the operations desk Linda Dylan Bruce Dylan Laurie Lee Mary Lynn Miller and of course all led by noticin McCurley from pickleball tournaments all right well thanks for tuning in and a big thank you to Dave wind back for helping out he's on his way out of here now we've got another stream running with gismo pickleball he's got a guest speaker against announcer with Michelle Esquivel they're covering the bronze match this match has also landed on the pro pickleball Facebook page we're also recording quite a few matches have been recording quite a few matches that weren't streamed and those will be posted later to Facebook and to YouTube along with the matches that were streamed those will also be posted to YouTube all right well hang in there they're just taking a break right now they should be back on the court here in just a few minutes thanks for tuning in again share share the video we want as many people as possible to see this quality of play and not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping spread the good word your name will go into a drawing for a hundred dollar gift certificate from total pickleball all right folks thank you stay tuned the guys are back in Dave's a badger has come on and he's headed back to Madison Wisconsin so you have me all merchants for the rest of the time you know this is a five-set match to take a five-minute break after getting to so this morning to start up one of the interesting comments that Kyle made to Matt as the players are just drinking water and Gatorade and just kind of getting research for this dope game Kyle it that Maddon said are you warmed up you ready to play so guys I think we got a battle going on here so we're back at the dink here that was handed back save right there not only does she save it resets it totally percent unattackable on that is just incredibly incredibly gifted hands okay it's where backhand down the line this morning's defending you he's trying to put a little extra on my ball look at that low and back there you go there you go what a point what a point that's a strategy that really worked well for Lucy in Game one you know I just think when you bring somebody like Simoni it's just maybe it's a crime you're not gonna go out there and if every point your mind sets I gotta hit a hundred Dinks just to maybe get one opening and I feel like Lucy's trying to be a little creative today cuz the Naples match just like that right there she sped it up after about six balls you guys watching an eye on Kyle it's just incredible it's incredible watching Kyle just the focus because he is not seeing a lot of balls watching work watch his eyes I mean he is following the point just incredible concentration and he knows he's gonna get one chance maybe and when he gets it he's gonna have to be ready to unload so try to focus at this point just tracking an eye on Kyle during the point and he is just stop watching your partner and this track of the ball and check away you are kind of spaced out a little bit right there that's how he makes that shot Lucy trying to make a little cut back here into the game I thought that return looked out all the way till landed and then you can just feel it slightly off the line oh wow great point by Matt right great point great point I think the bronze medal match Joey and Katherine have split with Jen and Christine and it's 692 in Game three I'll let you know who's serving who's winning Game three so it's a battle there Joey is serving nine six one by the way so we're a game six one a third and you're one game to me too incredible after a long weekend these guys are still battling at it look at that look at that look at their hands Wow great point guys you are in for a treat and very rarely do i I mean this is a treat for me I got 95 degrees in Atlanta but I have the honor and the pleasure of introducing somebody we're gonna join us in the live broadcast here telling what's going on the match I'll be the first to announce I know you guys can't wait but on five Oh mints GG let me see that a game five this is not the rec play a lot of matches on Tuesday this is champion has joined us one mental error somebody leaving a ding – hi somebody taking the chance and singing earning going forward come down – for controversy Kyle asked the ref he passed if if he saw that ball out but they did not make a call she said she hesitated now I'm not sure what's going on Steve looks like he's going over to the line judge Barry Waddell what that means is basically he didn't look that happened to me at the US Open I know that look it's just as a blur you know you're just so passionate about the game and when you look over and you see the reference angels eyes or one of the line judge is saying I didn't see it you're just frustrated it's frustrating but it's called a timeout so guys for for two Game three but this is the time right here our golden boy wanna go Scott finally to win that match point how does it fit men that monkeys off my back now I mean I was getting a lot of crap from you guys from on Todd not winning that game so you know it did feel good because I asked Shelton my partner to fly in from Utah and we made their gold he said the plan was if I won the gold I'll do that yeah especially that third game I mean you guys lost to them in three so you had to come all the way back win that match and then win the game – 15 years right that is incredible you have arrived so you guys kind of tracking your match and then we went up on noise is just a matter of time right you know Lucy continues to crop right now but he was ready coming down all four have worked themselves back into this match and are up 75 one but Lucy hit such an incredible third boy another inch and Kyle is all over there well one of the things I'm playing the opportunity of playing you know 12 Rech games and leucine-rich Arkansas the week before the open just for the record I went oh and twelve I think in one game I was up nine seven but I mean literally I went oh and 12 now I was mad and Lucy but it was incredible her reach I was just so impressed that I you know when you play in a pickleball you tell everybody hit the dink in the kitchen hit the dink in the kitchen make sure it's not attackable but I thought you took away at least three feet from me so I mean I not only did I stood in the kitchen I hit the ball in the first three and a half feet of the court and then you got mad out there just brawling there's so many times that she reached and I mean the first three games I think I was over with Jocelyn I mean joshan's a player that can play him he says two guys playing Madden Lucy we may know 112 played 13 games you would have won the next one nobody beats me 13 games in a row very Kyle with a sharpness you know he's been driving that third shot a lot then dropping the fifth by the way Joey Farris is serving 5 for 2 in Game four so Joey and Catherine looking to make a run for the bronze medal that was it she had and have a torment I think it'd be so much fun because you know a lot of the guys when you watch this on TV you're watching on a live stream you're like this is cool they're thinking I can dink but guys this ball has so much action on it and there is a fear of putting it up high when you got Kylie it's a good Kyle he's ready to pounce I mean there's a fear Simoni outlasted we men's doubles yesterday look at some more look at that the first time it happened this look they're just planting themselves they're just look at that look at that ten eight one oh this is I mean well she she's won so many of these points against anybody on the women's tour and that's what game 3 we were expecting so Scott one of the things that Dave and I've been talking about throughout is that these guys are playing five sets and they're probably starting off at a hundred percent and then we're gonna see them at one forty one fifty you know get up there but they've paced themselves and I don't mean they're relaxing guys they paced themselves but you're trying to see the what are you doing you got about this much room to play with right you hit the ball this this much higher and Jeff warnings gonna kill it on you I just think a mental battle now and but you know these I used to the three out of five and Kyle is one of the fittest guys on the tour Simoni I mean I'll put her against anybody on in fitness level so this is this is gonna be a battle you know I would like to see now they're they're going into Game four right so it's two to one night Lucy I would like to see Kyle and Simoni switch out some of their game plan a little bit don't get stuck in that rut of just doing the same thing over and over if it's not working change something every time Simoni and lucy goes cross-court forehand at some point Simoni gets it up just a little bit it's a rip to the backhand of Simoni some mone rips into bats forehand and that does something to put it away they've gotta get out of that rut right there because it's not working if it was working don't don't change it right but it just seems like every time Lucy speeds up so Moni rips with her two in the back end it to Matt's body Matt was doing something he's ready he's ready for those and so he's able to get the upper hand but this is really really crucial that Kyle and somebody come out and win this next game but Katherine enjoy just one game for okay the bronze okay you said game for so they won three two one yeah they won three games to one so they just won the bronze medal so that's incredible incredible torment for for the two of them yeah I was watching them earlier in the day and they just really looked down into me Joe Joey's just a smooth player he's gonna he's gonna be very relaxed guys we've been talking about eleven nine in the fifth side you know and they've gave us his perspective the mental perspective you were playing with Jeff and Carrie incredible match how did you feel mentally I know what happened physically thank you too bad mentally I felt like the level was pretty high the entire match and I just wish I had a bit of an issue there but well when I saw who you're playing with only issue he has always got a smile on his face no matter what I've seen them in some intense points and he's always smiling always hey you know what there's one exception I was playing at national team smiling when we will play that match all right well back to Game four guys we're back to Game four [Applause] two-one-one guys game for sim only serving two one one as you can tell the other guys in pickleball were there just a lot of fun and always always cutting up and I mean you know it real Scott the guys in pickleball and you know we play tough matches we compete with each other about the game the guys I think we got three Simonian just start Game three one two yeah this could be this could be game for guys it's tough in a tough spot because maybe right now how much he should try to implement themself Simona can hold her own so that's maybe where you know some of that hesitation from comes from officer we're looking at four or five now five one little mini run here to get it right back from and I just love the pile dude so focused he looked at every spot he look right left middle and incredible by the way the first game you like I mean got us back online right away I'm just coming Canada or Europe oh man that was unbelievable yeah I know you got so many different players and different teams play 1012 tormance but each other the finest all the time inside out and so when we play I think we're trying to be creative because we don't really know our opponents that well so many different guys been different know what to do yeah and so pregame you know Madden losing okay it's gonna come down to you and Simone you drinking back and forth back and forth back and forth the minute she pops it up we're gonna go it and that's sitting on the side he do that why doesn't she do that because they've tried all of that that hasn't worked Kyle going work Simoni going in and so they just know what you know this is this is the way to play and grind it out for two hours and you're gonna get there one one opening and what you do you better take advantage of it and that's kind of what's going on here for me to be a backseat quarterback here sideline quarterback so that's the trend there is every time it doesn't come back eight five one guys so Scott one five they made that run from one five very similar to Game three you've got to believe that Kyle has one more run left in him he's not gonna he's not gonna let this match pass just like this it's going to do something cross-court with the forehand to that's incredible about these top players you know you see you get hit by Matt right overhead you turn around you compete the next point you don't just it's not curtains around play look at that not at the pro level like you got to shake that off and go on now they've got a three-point run god I went annette would call just stop incredible 9:7 100 guys 110 7 1 let's check this out guys guys I have you seen this chick this 5000 some more you can do that again come on Rob Davidson Rob David do you have 6,000 David okay guys 10 cheeseburgers Schwartz it doesn't happen guys ten seven guys ten seven ten seven one that was the guys in the sidelines are getting into it and seven one this is match point match point I was gonna first Wow metal match over what a match what match what a match yeah let's get an interview with the winning team here I'm gonna run out there riding a quick interview with the winner and Matt and Luke run all the way to 85 thank you thank you so tell me what you were feeling right when that let go happen to go over its this 3:05 set thing is it's tough it's a grind especially with the dinking I can't even imagine how Simona and Lucy feel right now but Lucy played great she got so steady they're late and really dictated some of those Dinks and I was just it was a treat to be a part of this watching me keep staying it's gonna come down to one mental error somebody's gonna make a mental error somebody's gonna mimic and you know what we saw a couple points here and there but for most part it was incredible I mean you guys were so focused I was really impressed by you know watching the two guys because you guys are out of it a lot and the girl is not playing but you guys oh look see I can tell you one thing your testimony it just stood like that we came through for a long day man don't you think I think we're brains aren't functioning too much I know we're a little tired man hopefully the hopefully people can watch it online good I thought was a high quality match good for the sport and hopefully there'll be a lot of use yeah thanks to you guys for coming guys incredible I'm going to sign some day of pickable thank you alright folks we are going to call this good thanks thanks so much for for following the stream and for sharing I think we were well north of a hundred maybe maybe a bit more here during part of the day I am going to be covering a number of tournaments here later this summer I'll be covering beer city open the Chicago open the Golden State classic with the briones we'll also be covering the Texas Open with changed as name and also looks like I'll be covering the Vale open in August and lastly Dave wine backs event in Surprise Arizona he is sharing the couple of events so anyway thanks for following the events thanks for following pro pickleball and keep out on the court all right thanks so signing off you

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