PACT – Award classifications

You need to identify the right classification level
to get the right rate of pay. Here you will see a list of classifications and
you can read their descriptions by clicking the arrow on the right. You can also filter the classifications
by a keyword. This can be helpful if the job has a title
like team leader, if there's a special duty like
securing money, or if a qualification was needed to get
the job like a trade or certificate. If you don't have a
key word to filter by we suggest you start with the
classification and work your way up or down. Classifications with more
responsibilities are usually higher. Once you find the
classification that seems right it's a good idea to read the classification
just above and just below to make sure you got the one that fits
best. If you don't see all the award classifications this means we might have hidden some
based on your search terms. If you want to see all the
classifications, click here. If you need to choose more than one
classification you will get a chance to do this a little later, so just choose one for now. When you have decided
on the right classification select it and click next.


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