Pace code part 4 GIVE THEM A MEDAL!!!!!

and came in the other day yeah to look at the postcode practice right see know that sergeant before you because I don't know I'm looking to see the pace code see which I should have available for members of the public to view at any time I I came in the other day and the can't I think it was a sergeant he actually highlighted on a bit of paper that it said members of the public are allowed to view it but then denied the fact that's what it said okay which is very strange yeah I'm just having a look at just cuz I mean legally you should have it here nice one right on my info and the pike came out I'm looking to see the codes of practice this is the second time not being enough make a phone call and they said they saw how our being a twenty minutes and you you're not providing it so I'm just going to go to the IPC I'm not sitting here for 20 minutes when you'll it says in the law you have to provide it and you're not so yeah cheers for nothing finally did you have to print it out there you go you can refer to that obviously I'm afraid you can't take you know that's fine that's all I needed to do it's like all I'm saying is you should you shouldn't have to wait 20 minutes for this this should be you stop it they're basically going up filing cabinet yeah but you took your time yeah and it's taken months it's taken it's taken twice me coming in to see this first time was denied so that the sergeant I spoke to in the first one needs sorting out and then a phone call as well and they said they would sort it out so we're not coming next time it'd be readily available it does say readily available that wasn't really ready and readily available so we've got it now but that's all I wanted need to keep out there thank you


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