OVIVO Achievement/Trophy Walkthrough Part 1/3 (XB1/PS4)

a single-edged from the labels here with a preview / walkthrough of a vivo game is published by sometimes you develop AI is hard we were provided with the copy of the game for the purpose of this preview content and the game releases on July 3rd 2019 on Xbox one and PlayStation 4 a PlayStation 4 maybe a day or two ahead or delayed depending on the region the cost is $6.99 US dollars or equivalent in other regions the game is a platformer that is a little bit unique you don't have a jump option rather you have ability to switch between black and white planes entire graphic is black and white very stylish and when you are you know black dot you know white background your your gravity is normal you're falling down runners the other way when you're a white dot you know black background your gravity is reversed so you're falling upwards so that's the only control you're gonna have to switch between these two colors and planes and using your left thumbstick to move left and right so you're gonna use that plus the physics so when you're falling and you fall through the plane you are going to use the momentum to get to places that you normally would not be able to get to like that and you have to also avoid these bite things you will get killed basically you're collecting these dots and these character story symbols that will explain what the hell is going on there's no cutscenes or dialogues per se in this game other than that that's the black that I just collect it is it's called a more start in the game so if you're familiar with Morse code black that is a short beep and the white dot represents a long beep so you quite a three black pass repeated data if you click the one black one white at tripi Tata and that means right so I am not familiar with Morse code so I don't know I would have to look it up on the net but that's what it is right so and there's in this video I'm going to show you four levels so this is the introductory first level kind of a tutorial – level and there's gonna be so you're gonna need to use a momentum to get there because there's not enough height that we can get we cannot jump right so there's gonna be three levels three rings so this is the first level that I will just completed it shows you the entire level there now we have the first ring here there's going to be three different levels first world available is the first level and in each of these levels there's gonna be three symbols hidden symbols to collect they're gonna unlock on achievement each and they will fill in the circle so our goal is to fill in the entire circle by finding all the symbols so as I mentioned three rings three symbols each three maps each so this three is a big thing in this game I guess that means 27 total to collect and I do show you how to collect them all in this video I did not edit out all of the deaths because it was a nightmare like that a lot and it wasn't easy I didn't want to edit them all out making it complicated and maybe confuse you of the orientation because game moves quite fast as well right so I'm gonna talk to you through the first map and then this video should be kinda self-explanatory there's nothing really too difficult that I do in any of these videos just watch what I do and kinda follow along and you should not have too much problems and by the way the Morse code thing they I also show you at the end of the video at the end of each map that what the Morse code should look like so if you miss the dot somewhere then you can try to look for that in my video I'm trying to find out if there's any other dots that are missing maybe proud so at the end of each map I'm gonna show you what the Morse code looks like there's a secret symbol that we need to collect we're gonna use our momentum disobey pretty much the basic premise of the entire game or what I'm using this momentum the physics things gravity physics in order to get these items and to get to the end of the level the first symbol collected I do not know the meaning of the symbols by at the end of the walk – I feel it's going to be three parts and I'm probably gonna take one ring per video this is basically the first ring and three levels plus the introductory level what I said I missed was missing so I saw that dr. I needed to use the gravity right it is if you think this looks hard it is it takes time to get used to the controls but once you do it plays fantastic controls are tight there's not personally I haven't had a time where I was like all these controls like a shed and he's a fault of the game and not for about mine like a lack of lack of skill never felt that way in this game so far it's great so instead of trying to go to the right I'm trying to get up there because I see the symbol all the way on the top right there yeah a lot of the times you see it but how supported is the secret answer even if you have a guy at handy like a picture guy that shows you where it is it's not the problem you know where it is you just don't know how to get it here I have to go the long way around basically I was trying to just kind of take a shortcut and try to get in there somehow can't can't do it at least I couldn't figure out a way to do it there may be a way but so eventually I realize I gotta go around like I said I didn't remove any of my blunders please I'm human for one and I'm Liz he is together you know editing this loud in some way have been pretty hard cuz I didn't die I was just I kept trying if I died and there was a checkpoint where I right before my successful thing I would have headed it out to be honest and I do I did edit out some of that my second and third map and I probably will be doing something similar for my other Rings videos but for this one there with me I think this is the only time that I make that I do this for so long even with this video handy the walkthrough with you because you can see depending on how long it takes for you to get used to the controls it's not it may be a pretty long completion in maybea easy completion for you it's all gonna depend on how fast you adjust to these controls because it's not the usual jump move forward run the kind of things that we find in many of the platformers so let's move on finally collected that I think the next symbol is a little bit easier I just love it this is a fantastic you know talking with carnage it was like oh this is amazing is if this was the he has been new played the game before with a pre-release and enjoyed this so much that he decided to complete it quickly you know long while that's saying something cause it's carnage place a lot of idea Xbox games place a lot of games in general so many IBM's have unique ideas but not always the best sometimes there's you know the idea is great but there's a lack of production quality you know that comes with being an indie unfortunately due to lack of funding or the idea is not that great but the achievement easy or whatever I think this game gets it right on many levels it's fun it's not that hard of a completion you just need to collect all the symbols all the symbols are pretty much visible so even without any walkthroughs you can still know figure figure this out you're not at all you're not at you know the mercy of a walkthrough crater like for example from the same developer energy cycle that's a hard completion if you're trying to solve it yourself especially energy cycle H I think think the person that completed the first on the PlayStation side took like 20 hours or something like that trying to figure everything out but now with the no guidance rod Shiba they can be completed in like one hour less than an hour I think so you know but this one I think without a guide maybe of three hour for our completion we talk I probably still like three hour completion so there's one thing I think is the right controls I mentioned is great game very simplistic very easy to learn but hard to master love that in a platformer I hate games I hate platforming games were there are so many mechanisms that makes it unnecessarily difficult to learn but actually the game itself is pretty boring and just has a lot of levels so I think this one gets it pretty much perfect so far I haven't played the entire game so maybe the second and the third third maybe I'll be like oh this sucks and maybe I don't know but from playing the first three levels which is one third of the game that's the worst code I was talking about they do spell out our so I'll probably look it up at the end and tell you what they are my third part of the video and third and final part of this series so I say I'm gonna stop talking here a cheap unwise basically you need to collect all the more school tats and collect all the symbols each of the symbols collected the our achievement so there's 27 achievement for collecting each of the symbols collecting all of the symbols and collecting all of the dots that's basically the set of achievements at this game provides of course you get 1000 G you can get a platinum trophy for completing it on the PlayStation 4 not sure if this oil is coming to the Vita system usually sometimes your games are not cross back so you probably will have to buy two times if it is available on the Vita it's also I believe of Europe and North America region stack so you can play at least two times if not four times I'm not sure if it's coming out to Asia so they say enjoy the rest of the video liesl comments let me know what you think I'm going to be I'm gonna go back and play more of this game he's fantastic awesome alright subscribe to our channel like this video and I'll be back with the second and third parts very soon you you


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