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Oviatt Library eNews: We Would Like you to Meet Luann Rocha

First and foremost, a library plays a vital
role in supporting the educational success of the students they’re serving, which is
our mission of a university. My husband, I met here at Cal State Northridge, and he had
a very strong fondness for the Oviatt Library. The Library has had such a significant impact
on my husband and how Dr. Durán and the librarians were so supportive of him learning and being
successful as a student. So she was very committed to working especially with first generation
students, teaching them how a library is a resource for them to be successful in school,
and from that point he really valued the library and saw it as an important part of him being
successful as a student and successful in his career path, and very specifically said
“I didn’t realize what role librarians had until I came to Oviatt Library, until I met
Dr. Durán, until how she was committed to teaching us how to use a library and how successful
in conducting research.” That transferred, my husband is a social worker
as well as a community college instructor, and every semester he takes the students to
the library so that they could see research and learn from the librarian how the Library
is a tool. It’s a very important aspect of his class so what’s really wonderful right
now is the legacy the Oviatt Library has had on my husband, and how he now has been teaching
and training students and using the library to help them be successful. That impact and
how I’m also able to come to Oviatt Library and support the future evolution and success
of the library, and make an impact on others. It’s a wonderful giving back experience, for
me and I’m so glad and happy and fortunate and blessed to be a part of this wonderful
institution and legacy.

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