Overwatch Gold Medal Replacement – New Improved System Concept

what's up guys i'm bt see the metal system in overwatch leaves a lot to be desired and isn't particularly useful so let's try to fix that in my never-ending struggle to improve overwatch I thought it was about time to address the metal system this is something that I would definitely like the overwatch devs to see so please be sure to like and share this video let's start at the beginning originally overwatch had a scoreboard like traditional FPS games however the devs decided it wasn't quite working and it didn't give the information that they thought was particularly useful seeing as overwatch is about attacking and defending an objective as opposed to simply getting eliminations in an old 2016 interview Geoff Kaplan spoke about it and here's a short excerpt he says we basically stopped displaying any forms of scores kills deaths because it really wasn't telling the story of who was doing their job properly to win or lose as a team and really what's it's all about is did you win or lose as a team none of the other stuff really matters at the end of the day and as a result we didn't get the scoreboards but instead we have the simplistic metal system that we have now I understand why they did what they did but Geoff Kaplan is wrong when he says those stats don't matter when people play a game they generally want to see themselves improve this is more emphasized for those that play in a competitive ladder setting here's the thing though that player shouldn't be trying to compare his stats versus the other heroes in that match instead he should be comparing his stats versus other players of a similar rank that used the same hero that he is using your damage that's as tracer compared to your teammate using reinhardt are pointless but comparing it to the average tracer player at your rank can be very useful is your damage below the average if it is it might mean you spend too much time trying to flank and not enough time actually engaging the enemy or maybe you just need to work on your aim do you have more deaths per match than the average player this might mean you're being too careless or out of position but if you're dying 15 times per match and the average is only 7 that's important information to know the current metal system has some serious flaws it's either worthless or it's bad for example if you're playing as a junk rat and you have the gold medal for damage that is largely worthless information you're playing as junk rat one of your team's DPS you're supposed to have the gold medal for damage it doesn't tell you if you're actually performing well as junk rat it simply says you're a head of your team but even that can be bad because you can have gold eliminations but if that number is only three then the gold medal is both worthless and it's bad on the other side let's say you're playing IRISA and you have gold damage but you also have a junk rat and a soldier on your team having the gold medal in that particular case for damage as IRISA is bad because it means that your DPS probably aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing there are lots of other examples I think you guys get the point having the gold medal is either worthless or it's bad so how do we fix this to start the current system needs to go away in its entirety comparing your stats to your teammates who are playing vastly different types of characters is worthless instead your stats need to be compared to the average stats of your hero at your rank this is what the current in-game stats look like overall the design and layout is good and I think we should probably keep it like that in order to make a transition to a new system a little easier now I'm going to explain how my proposed system will work and then at the end I'll show you what the final version will look like for the player first we have to have all the stats for every player but the good news is it's already being done Blizzard is already collecting every single stat for every player in every match even if a profile is hidden it doesn't matter Blizzard still collects all that that's important because it cuts out a huge amount of work that's already been done what Blizzard needs to do after that is to find the average stats for every hero with a variety of different settings they need to be grouped by rank what map they're playing that sort of stuff I think these groupings for rank should be in increments of probably about a hundred in order to make it accurate but also a little more manageable the stats need to be based on the same hero approximate rank specific map being played whether the player is attacking or defending and the in-game comparison needs to adjust for an equivalent duration the hero and rank should be similar for obvious reasons of comparing like to like the specific map is important for the same reason as the stats you have on Hana Mora are likely going to be quite different from the stats on Kings row also for that reason is why you would break up the attack in defending sections because the stats are going to be vastly different the equivalent duration is so that the comparison just makes sense if you've been playing a hero for only 1 minute you don't want to compare it to the average stats for 5 minutes so the game would have to make the appropriate adjustments to that time here's a quick example the stat we're checking for is damage per minute the hero is soldier 76 the rank is 2301 to 2400 the map is Hana Mora and it's the attack side in reality there would be thousands of players that the server would look into but we'll just use a few add up the damage divided by the number of players and you get the average this means a soldier on attack side honimaru in this rank should be doing about a thousand damage per minute I need to point out something really important the game doesn't need to be constantly checking what the averages are that would be a massive waste of processing power instead Blizzard could check once a week or even once a month the fact of the matter is these averages once they find them are not going to fluctuate all that much unless a character receives some sort of significant buffs or nerfs or a new hero is added to the game so making these averages only once in a while is perfectly fine now that we have the average stats we need to present it to the player in a simple yet useful way I would get rid of the current metal system icons entirely and replace them with something that gives better feedback to the player in my example I'm going to use up-and-down arrows with simple colors but Blizzard can change this to whatever they want taking that example that we just had with soldier if the player is doing better than the average then we see a green arrow pointing up telling the player in a simple way that they are outperforming the if however they're close to the average a different icon in color would be displayed in this case I just used a diamond because it's kind of both an up and down arrow at the same time and if they're underperforming then it's a red arrow pointing down letting the player know that something is going badly with even a very quick glance the player is going to be able to easily understand how well they're performing during that match the next part is changing around what stats are displayed because some are more important than others some of the more important stats are going to be eliminations hero damage done healing done damage blocked death's weapon accuracy and other stats that are going to be specific to each hero what are the things that's kind of weird under the current system is it shows healing done even for characters that don't have any ability to heal this is a waste of a stat spot I would rearrange this so that the important stats for the hero that you're currently playing are on the left and the total stats for all heroes that you've played during the match are on the right and now finally this is what I proposed the new stat section should look like on the left is the hero that you're currently playing with only the stats that are relevant to that hero again if the hero can't heal then there's no point in putting the healing stat there in this example you see that the current hero is junk rat the eliminations is 10 which is better than average hero damage done is a thousand which is about average deaths as I mentioned before is an extremely important stat and this junk rat has only died once which is better than the average next is accuracy 50% again better than average and then we go into the hero specific stats in this case the number of enemies that are trapped and the ripped higher kills which as you can see are both below average in this particular match I kind of answered this earlier but I want to clarify if you switch heroes during the match those stats on the left are only going to be calculated versus the average of the time you've been playing that hero so if you've been playing junk rat for two minutes it will compare versus the average on two minutes if it's only been three seconds then it compares it verses 30 seconds on the right-hand side we have the totals for all the stats of all the heroes that you've played during that match this part should be self-explanatory but it would include other things like healing and damage block that your current hero might not have access to so as you can see while there may be a lot of stuff going on in the back end the player will only ever see this final screen and it's incredibly easy for them to interpret and understand the meanings of the information that they're being provided with if they see a green arrow pointing up then they know that they're doing well if they see the red arrow pointing down then they know that something is going wrong this kind of information is infinitely more useful than the current gold medal system that compares you to other players in your match that are playing vastly different hero types performing different functions in different roles my proposed system gives you information based on an apples-to-apples comparison the current medal system compares apples to cats and while that might be amusing it isn't very useful in addition to the previously mentioned benefits my proposed system would also help in reducing toxicity problems during matches the current system allows players to insult and drag down their teammates by pointing out who does and doesn't have a gold medal I'm not saying this is going to miraculously solve the toxicity issues but it would certainly be an improvement so that's my solution for replacing the gold medal system with something that provides better feedback and useful information to the players even if Blizzard decides to go with something else I think they definitely need to revisit the gold medal system and make improvements so once more please like and share this video so that it gets attention thanks for watching and if you'd like to see more subscribe 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  • New system would give better information with the added bonus of "I have gold medals so you are terrible" stuff, also apples are not like cats, thank you for coming to my TED talk. More Catblobs
    I also want to mention about SMURFS, the sheer overwhelming number of normal accounts will make any outliers from smurfs have virtually no impact on the averages.

  • it can be a total (purcentage of all your stats in the match
    ) for comparing you and your team with some medals

  • 7:56 I think you should switch them around cause most players are used to looking at the bottom left to see their total kills. Also, it should list all the heroes you have played during the match

  • There is an app (that I won't mention) displaying similar information and showing you how good you are compared to other players using the same hero. It helps players improve a lot. So your suggested system is totally feasible, and would actually be an excellent thing for ranked mode.

  • Very good thought. The stats are worthless because they don’t know any relevant information to get better.

  • This system you propose already exists, but just in the end game menu when you get to see you hero stats on a bigger scale. It also says if you doing better that your avaridge with a green arrow pointing upwards just like your idea. So why can't blizzard/the overwatch team just implement it. I rest my case. Blizzard just fix it.. ;D

  • I completely agree with this. My team always yells at me when they have gold elims as DPS. Its getting old.

  • I don't think this will make sense for top500 or bronze because they are already at the bottom or already at the top so taking that ''average'' would only mean the best condition match (Because how already few matches there, there is still some matches unplayable cause you are getting rolled or rolling the enemy) either way your stats will be low cause the match will finish quickly.

  • This is actually a beautiful system! A++ BLIZZ PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PLAYER BASE!!!!! STop fucking us over because of the "you think you do, but you don't" mentallity, time to start pulling your heads out of your asses!

  • Great idea!
    It could also show up a double upwards arrow if you're performing, like, 50% above the average and a double downwards arrow if you're performing 50% below it.
    Would be useful to tell if you're either getting countered/shutdown like hell or playing really well.

  • I think that there should be a number next to the arrow showing how much they are outperforming or underperforming by; eg. average damage is 1000 and they have 928, then it would say / 72.

  • Ok, problems I can see. The comp you play against makes a huge difference, a pharah is going to do monumentally more damage against Goats as opposed to double sniper. Second, how is the system going to compensate for someone who switches heroes a lot? They never get accurate representations of their stats. Is this just going to be comp stats? or is is for quick play, arcade, how about custom games? How will it respond to them? Overall, the system is a great improvement and that was a great explanation, but there are definitely some details still missing

  • Maybe also show what the averages are next ti what you are at so you can see how far ahead or behind you are

  • This would actually change how people view the scoreboard and might make people not want to one trick as much if they’re performing poorly

  • This video made me an obvious subscriber. Simply because I like to subscribe intelligent people with similar interests. Keep up the good work. I'll share link to this on the forums.

  • i would play overwatch again if they implemented this system, not saying i left because of the current system, this one just sounds interesting and gives me something to work for other than rank

  • This is brilliant. But if your team sucks, you won't have good stats. We have to find a way to reflect that.

    Your SR also shouldn't be based on wins and losses alone. SR = skill rating. If my team sucks but I play well, I should lose significantly less SR or maybe even gain some. And by playing well I don't mean chasing stats; I mean contesting the payload and whatnot.

  • Although your idea is great, here's a good reason why Blizzard won't do it – ego. It would basically be them admiting that a youtuber has better ideas than their great devs.

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