OSM Entertainer of the Year – Rajkummar Rao

[Applause] our next category was the most fort category of the PC jeweler Outlook social media Awards this year it was a full-fledged war in fact and the bouts were not amongst the nominees it was their online army that was added fighting to the finish for the awesome Entertainer of the Year the nominees included the likes of Akshay Kumar alia Bhatt difficult part upon diljit dosanjh karan johar raj tomorrow Ranveer Singh Kanu nigga and Varun Bubba to give away this award can I please call the eminent journalist and a man behind jungin monkey bars in Ottawa on stage please [Applause] he was The Lone Ranger entrapped he was the surprise package of virility butterfiy he was a self righteous Newton in Newton and now he plays the dreaded terrorist Omar Sheikh in his new release omerta and he also starred in the viral video where he emoted the same line in 15 different emotions Kanaka [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] this is for senior citizens eight years and 28 films it wow I haven't even kept a caucus did some research before coming here and eight years in 28 films and 15 emotions for one character so 28 emotions in 28 films how do you do it oh you should ask your daughter how does she do it she can do 50 I'm sure I think so that's what he was supposed to do no we supposed to just put our emotions and it was just actually just for fun I didn't even realize it was gonna go so viral one day that people gonna play it on such a steam setting a steam platform but I love doing it I I honestly I generally fell in love with cinema with acting and that's what I always wanted to do there was never a plan B in my life this is something I it's like a true love you know so I I hope it so it's a long relationship and I'm right now I'm married to acting there's no other extra metal of Heather I'm having apart from acting and I'm gonna be married to acting all my life I'm a fan of yours I loved your Newton kai po Chi also and I've seen a few other films also there's this Bible for actors called an actor prepares for Stanislavski do you refer to that I how do you how do you prepare yourself for a character different character well I think the great will go to my training at my film institute Pune and my theater days I think that place gave me a lot of confidence that place gave me two and a half years of my life just to practice and and treats in a minor way on not only Indian cinema international cinema I'm very glad I went there I think whatever on today is is because of my training at FTII but how do I do it I'm still trying to figure it out so I'm always very nervous before I start a film before I take a character as I still don't know like how do I do it it just I just try and live every moment truthfully here social medias a very important role in your career do you think only social media is enough or something more is required only social media will not be enough probably it will give you some popularity for time being but after that only your talent will speak like we have Priya here who is such a big social media star with that one wink but I'm sure she's talented now and from now on I think her talent will take her places so I think social media can give you that platform but eventually talent gonna you know make you sustain we have seen that big stars remain stars own only mister person will remain virtually in every film similarly Salman Khan will remain Salman Khan you are entering the big league now so shall we see the actor Rajkumar Rao or the star Raj Kumar oh I always say this but I think being a star is something which is accidental accidental I think audience or audience makes you our audience make you a star but being an actor is something which is in my hands I can work on my craft I can practice it and then try and be an actor being a star or something which is not in my hand so there's no point worrying about it only thing I can do is try and act and act truthfully and that's what I try my last question if you were offered the rule which we said Dilip Kumar did in mughal-e-azam how will you do it differently oh you have to offer me and then I'll show you I can't I can't think of it right now but I think the leap saw as as thank you but I think the leap service has set a benchmark for playing Salim I don't know if it can come close to him but I can definitely try and make it different I actually this is my one of my wish to play a prince or our like okay King on fluency well I want to break the convention of how we portray Kings on screen I really wish you an epic film like mughal-e-azam and many more films may you be a big big star who remains an actor also and I'm sure all the best thank you so much sir thank you [Applause]


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