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Oscar’s request: Can you help save a 59-year-old Douro Valley vineyard?

So Senhora do Rosario is a wine that comes from the vineyard that surrounds our winery. This vineyard was planted back in 1960 by my grandparents – actually by my grandfather Jirau – he was my best friend. He passed away at the age of 93, and it was
a very hard moment in my life. So I’ve always wanted to keep this vineyard
because it kind of connects me with him. But my father thought that the financials
were not there in his vineyard. The wine was good, but the quantity was not
big enough. And my sister Claudia and me, we are always
trying to resist. My father is getting up to 72 years old, so
we think, “Hey Dad, maybe just enjoy more life – go
on vacation, but leave us with this vineyard behind!” We don’t want to pull out the grapes and
the vines in this vineyard, so we have been able to keep it. Our vineyard is already organic since 2015
and it’s definitely a special wine. The vines are super old over 50 years old
and I hope that when it reaches to your glasses and to your table, you feel that special touch
in your heart like we do feel any time we think about our grandparents. Thank you very much!

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