okay now we're talking about valium and what we have to offer firstly we're going to work on your logo this is where we're gonna come up with professional color schemes we're gonna come up with a logo that is so beautiful and that is also high-quality so that you can also use it when you're printing billboards or when you printing banners or something bigger so we're gonna deliver that for you secondly we're going to do a professional photo shoot of your business of your people as well as shoot a couple of videos as well that at the end of the project we're actually going to give you all the raw materials as well so that you can use these photographs and you can use these videos anytime you want with any other person that you want to work with in the near future so we're going to offer that for you thirdly after getting the photo shoot as well as the logo done this is where we'll work on your company profile so we're gonna create two main formats which is PDF and reduce size PDF that you can actually send to your future clients via whatsapp via email and another one that they can easily download on your website so those are the three main things that we're gonna work on the fourth thing that we're going to work on is building your social media page so we're gonna create an beautiful banner for you we're gonna create a profile picture as well as resize some of your pictures that we are taking in the initial photo shoot and put it all over your social media so that you can have social media presence in addition to that we're also going to help you sort of advertise the social media page and this is what is going to bring traffic and this is what is going to bring leads and the people that are actually interested in your products and services from then on you can do follow-ups and contact them and to see how serious they are about your product or service and then start selling to them and then the final thing that we'll work on after doing all that is to link it all to your website so we're going to create a super cool beautiful responsive mobile website for you that people can actually access through their phones now the reason why it's important to have a web like that is beautiful not only on the computer but also on the phones is because 85% of internet uses in Namibia are using their mobile phones most people actually don't really have the time to check out something on their computer so they would rather just look at something on their phone and if your website looks beautiful on the phone if it looks cool if it looks professional they would immediately want to call you and re-engage with you so after all that is done this is basically your whole branding package in addition to this we also have an optional feature whether you want an intro video a 30-second intro video that you can display at your office and that you can also display on your website as well as your social media page so that you create a beautiful marketing tool that you can attract so many customers and in addition they're gonna see the professionality they're gonna see how your products and services are being advertised in such a professional manner that there will be first of all curious about you and secondly don't want to inquire more and eventually you're probably gonna close it as a sale and make profit out of it so this is basically the process of how to do it how we do it here at Oscars designs and how we can do it in 10 days which is quite crazy but it's all about delivery it's all about professionalism and it's all about the affordable price

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