Oscars 2019 biggest snubs and surprises

  • It appears that movies as well as award shows are more politically driving now than they are for providing entertainment. Hence, we don't waste our time watching any awards. And Hollywood's idea of making a good movie also appears to be ruining classic movies by horribly attempting to redo them. *cough Ghostbusters (we didn't waste time seeing that either)

  • I simply CANNOT believe that Richard E. Grant didn't win for Best Supporting Actor! That performance was worth the price of admission, alone. What a transformative actor he is and what a performance! Equally disappointing is why wasn't Can You Ever Forgive Me? nominated for Best Picture? Personally, I wanted – and was sure that – Bohemian Rhapsody would win for Best Picture, but jeez… at LEAST, put Can You Ever Forgive Me? in that category, also.

  • Biggest Snubs: A Quiet Place for Best Picture; John Krasinski for Best Director and Best Actor or Supporting Actor; Emily Blunt for Best Actress or Supporting Actress in A Quiet Place.

  • Me to my friend as I walked out of beautiful boy "Oh good Lord Timothee better freaking be nominated for an Oscar because that right there was so emotional, beautiful and even painful to watch"
    Nominations comes out: both of us "what the..?! how?"

  • A Star is Born is just one of those Halloween type of movie so you can tell how Oscar plays the favor hypocrisy play.

  • Happy for Spike Lee. He finally won. I was disappointed that Glen Close did not win. Regina King deserves every award she gets. She has been acting for the longest time.

  • I forgot about Ethan Hawke. Haven't seen Redford film but I'm sure he was deserving. I saw Clint film and he was deserving.

  • First man should have been up for best picture and one he didn't mention. At Eternitys Gate. Landing on the moon was a historic moment. How is that not best pic material. Trailer of Gogh film made me aware he was in an asylum which Lust for Life never showed if memory serves me right.

  • Rami Malek is FIRST CHOICE for the lead role in "Mick Jagger – The Life – The Lips!"
    The screenplay will blow your geezer mind Pete! … Call me!

  • I didn't count how often he mentioned, that all good things about a star is born had to be wihout any help of bradley cooper, but yes man, you're right. What a shame that he isn't nominated as best director !!!

  • why do people act like wow a grade school teacher in Mexico.. such a humble background let's celebrate her getting nominated.. first of all being a teacher is a wonderful and kind of a stable a good job. second of all she sort of stole the spot from other deserving actresses

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