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Oscars 2019 – Avengers Endgame to Host?!

  • C mon Grace stop acting like a rookie now… like..really… Aquaman, Venom and Spider verse…do u even understand what ur talkin bout….. U shud know the difference here…. Grow up Adult

  • The problem is nobody watches this!!! The rating are really bad every year, a few years more people were watching a rerun of duck dynasty than the Oscars. George Cooney has said interviews that awards events should just be for people in the industry only. Honestly I only watch for the opening monologue and now with no host and I’m not even checking it out.

  • Who watch the Oscars it's 2019 I watch utube for my movie review don't have time for the Oscars 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😎

  • They only care about drama movies and shit. They’d never nominate a superhero movie except for the Dark Knight, but that hardly had any superhero comic aspects.

  • Judging by the video u haven’t actually watched how many times marvel comics have been snubbed at every awards show since 2008 DC have won more awards them marvel but marvel produced the better movies let that since in…

  • Yeah if Spider-verse loses to a Disney film, I’m going to assume it’s a conspiracy. There is no other logical explanation as it is the best animated film of the year.

  • Honestly with the lack of a host I guess they had to quickly pull some strings or come up with ideas for a host, I think some of the actors from the marvel movies should host but include other actors and actresses as well. Yes they have some creative control but they definitely need to include others.

  • Maybe we can look at this in a positive angle?

    Perhaps Disney is using this opportunity to say to the Oscars (and organisation behind), remember the genre you said didn't accomplish anything? They are saving your event and paying your salaries. Remember this for the next Oscars.

    Perhaps it is time constraints if they were to have other studios and their characters host the Oscars with the Avengers. I mean having to negotiate with the other studios and other studios actors, payments and administration of that etc takes a lot of time. It may be that Disney could only assemble the Avengers in that time since they have complete control and can more easily make it happen.

  • No wonder Aquaman wasn't nominated for Special Effects I bet if it was a Marvel movie it would've won. Thanks Grace for making this important video and calling Disney out because they should be called on this travesty.

  • Competing in art has always been a stupid proposition so who cares which people host what's just the club for internal admiration?

  • What's Disney's response to Netflix
    Disney Streaming Service

    Disney response to Comic-Con

    Disney response to other Studios
    Buying 20th Century Fox

    & Now Disney might end up owning The Oscars

  • The Avengers hosting the Oscar's is quite hypocritical, IMHO. They despise superhero movies, but, now need superheroes to save them.

  • I still can't believe it that Aquaman got snubbed for VFX but garbage black panther got nominated , I think black panther will win best VFX. Lol

  • I like the idea of the Avengers hosting, but if they can't the Oscars should get Billy Crystal. I love when he hosts.

  • I totally agree with you Grace, the hypocrisy of a decision like this is so infuriating. I felt the same way when they announced the award for the ‘popular’ movie, total consolation price and a catch all for any movies the academy doesn’t feel like legitimately honoring at the Oscars. Errrrrr.

  • Here’s the thing, I don’t think comic book movie creators give a damn about an Oscar. Do you not see how much money they are making?

  • Grace talks about being a fan of capitalism and being fair to competitors at the same time. Uhhh, those things simply don’t go together. Never have, never will. Capitalism is dispassionate.

  • Representation not only for races in films, but for films themselves is an important topic, and one I believe we have a right to be passionate about.

  • Hey, when you're in an industry that consists entirely of left-wing rapists and pedophiles, it becomes difficult to find someone to host.

  • I’m a huge fan of marvel and the avengers but I don’t care about this. It doesn’t excite me. But I guess I didnt really care who hosted anyway.

  • I’m all for Miles Morales’ spiderman. But Acquaman is just not good enough and I regret spending more than two hours on that movie.

  • Completely agree with you Grace and infact this announcement, along with your video, has definitely helped to once again highlight the corruption in Hollywood! I definitely won't be watching the Oscars, and infact haven't for many years now and to be honest this farce only strengthens my resolve.

  • I think Disney has always had an insidious agenda in regards to their dominance. It’s never enough that they make sub-par popcorn mindless films that are watched in droves, they also actively try to sabotage and subdue other studios. They’ll only get worse until they run out of Marvel properties that people care about, they’ve already tanked Star Wars, and their live action remakes are shaky at the box office.

  • Grace I'm so proud of you 💕 every once in awhile strong person comes along and draws a line in the Sand,,you just did that by pointing out and standing up to the big mouse🐀,, or should I say rat!!! I love you Disney but what you're doing is not right!

  • We all know why DC movies are hated so much and Aquaman didn't get the nom. It's pretty clear. Let's not brush it off saying it's a conspiracy theory.

  • Grace these films are popular but they are not quality scripts. I stopped watching then faithful for that exact reason.

  • How in the world can you believe that Oscars is objective and fair if Disney is controlling it? How will you respect the winners after this?

  • Great video, but really who the f watches the Oscars? Its a shitshow to promote what ever shitty agenda they want. Black Panther was a dull superhero movie, 100% predictable with no suprices nor great acting.

  • They really need to allow some form of legal streaming for the Oscar's. They would get much higher ratings since a lot of people have cut their TV cables.

  • I also forgot to mention, but I honestly don't care who hosts the show. I'd actually prefer if we didn't have a host and just focused on presenting the awards.

  • I am done with the Oscars, they have plenty of people that they can call to host…ridiculous. I am with you Grace!!!

  • who actually gives a shit about the oscars? honestly… i think, some people are just pushing this award and as well the golden globe to have some kind of importance for the movie industry in the world…

  • Grace: "It's awesome that disney owns all sorts of properties so they can do cool things with them" Grace: "Why is Disney monopolizing all my media!?"

  • “With great power comes great responsibility” is a lesson completely ignored by modern day capitalism, tbh. Capitalism can be ethical in theory, but it’s not right now.

  • first aquman isnt any where good enough to have a oscar nod for anything black panther is only getting a nod because its a black movie and we have to be fair to the 12% even if its not a great movie wont matter it will get snubbed just like it did at the golden globes its not that good of a film. what a movie makes has nothing to do with how good it is infact most great film dont make much because joe six pack doesn't like art he likes explosives and tits

  • I agree with all this. But it's not at all surprising? After all, not only does Disney own the contract to air the Oscars, they also own ABC, lest we forget.

  • I couldn agree more with Grace, exactly hypocritical … and there is not ignored just sciense fiction, that was so much successful over the past years, but also oscar show is always run by a comedy …. where is recognition to this genre????

  • Disney gracious 😂 These are the people that killed Star Wars and are raising parking lot ticket prices to over 100 😂

  • Disney DOES have a responsibility towards Hollywood history. But I, like any other sucker out there, am going to tune in at the Oscar's night to watch the Avengers assemble.

  • Just like every year, I'm not watching this garbage, but I will be on the lookout for a compilation video of funny Avengers host moments on youtube after the show lol

  • Yes, I think 100% this gimmick is going to get people to tune in, because my gut reaction was; "wow that sounds like alot of fun maybe I'll watch FOR THE FIRST TIME." but after hearing you out I agree with all your points. Sad

  • It's a brilliant marketing strategy that would get a lot of demographics to actually tune in!!! it makes sense and cents.

  • Right when I wanted to stop watching the oscars, they force me to keep watching. I'm just too curious about this. It could be completely ridiculous.

  • What BS. So we can't celebrate Marvel anymore without comparing it to DC? They can't enjoy this awesome promo opportunity without you having to say "what about DC". Let Disney market whatever they want they've earned that right having built the empire they now hold. It's not their job to throw DC a bone!

  • I know the Avengers are the shit but…damn Grace… I just wanna fall in love, break my heart, build an iron man armor, and avenge my love again for you.

  • soon it will be Disneywood not Hollywood that's when foreign movies will begin to reign supreme! (cough foreign movies are already more interesting)

  • I mean it’s a company trying to get hype on their movie….that’s what companies do make money and I mean the Oscars are know to be biased towards films that give them gifts or money.

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