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Oscars 2018 REACTION & REVIEW – Winners!

I think that this year’s Oscars perfectly captured the mood in Hollywood right now and that’s “deer in the headlights”!

  • Grace I really don't get you sometimes… how in the world is "shape of water" not a risky movie? You need to be crazy or crazy passionate to risk such a thing… Logan and Wonderwoman are the savebets in my opinion 🤔

  • your following must me mostly male dominated because almost everyone i follow on social media (mostly women) were sad that lady bird went home empty handed. the film has also gathered quite a fanbase.

  • I hope that Mya Rudolph and Tiffany Haddish star together in this upcoming PTA film. I know Tiffany and Anderson are talking about making a film together, and since Rudolph is married to PTA she could easily join the cast.

  • Grace, the problem is the easiest most surefire way to be inclusive is to make safe films. Paramount was right to be angry – they're taking chances and the audience is punishing them for it; meanwhile Marvel have a formula to which they rigorously adhere, purge any filmmaker who slightly strays from it, and are being amply rewarded by the audience.

    The solution is for all studios to equitably spread the burden of having a division of films not expected to turn profit but to lead sociopolitical discourse and push the artform, so that it's not just Paramount or the makers of Blade Runner 2049 risking going bankrupt for taking chances. Whether that means more studio investment in indie filmhouses OR more inter-studio financing of expensive arthouse projects is an interesting discussion for the socially conscious producer working today. Either way it's clear Get Out is the exception and unfortunately mother! is closer to the rule – a film which, like a Lars Von Trier film, may be divisive and with niche appeal but entirely valid in its existence.

  • Grace- do you hear yourself when you speak?? You hope Hollywood won't let the conversation drown out the movement and allow special interest groups to high jack movies to be more divisive and less "all-encompassing"???? You do this for a living and don't realize Hollywood itself is the largest special interest group there is and everything they do is meant to be divisive and catering to special interests and identity politics!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???????? WTF am I hearing from you????

  • Worst rated Oscar's ever. Down 16% from last year. I don't think people understand how celebrating yourself because what gender or race you are is actual racism.

  • Pretty good review…
    Especially like you calling out the hypocrisy of some of these movements..
    Getting a bit sick of them quite frankly..
    We just want to be nerds & fans sometimes..

  • I’m for equality and didn’t want to sit through celebrities pandering to me and white actors pushing their brown friends on stage to get “Ally points” and self congratulations from their peers. Even though movies I liked got nominations and wins. Maybe I’ll go back and watch it since it went back to being movie oriented

  • I thought Sally Hawkins shoulda won Best Actress. Her performance was by far the most captivating out of all the performances imo. Francis McDormand was okay.. Sam Rockwell deserved his though.

  • I hope chadwick Boseman gets nominated for his performance… having to speak with an african accent… combat… and deliver dramatic lines… "I am your king now"… oscar worthy scene

  • @Grace

    For someone who admires Gal Gadot as much as you do, I really wish you would pronounce her name correctly.

  • wonder woman and black panther are good. not sure about get out cuz i havent watch it. i m more of a nerd so dc and marvel only

  • I think Oscars should be handed out to the movie who does the best in the specific category they were nominated in. They shouldn’t win or lose an Oscar based on what the cast members believe or disbelieve. For example, the Me Too movement. Even though Kobe Bryant doesn’t believe in that he won because of the work he did.

  • Navigating inclusiveness is NOT tricky or difficult. Make good product with the best possible talent and ignore the loud, fringe elements on both extremes of the spectrum. Easy, peasy.

  • “He just slid it in there, you didn’t even see it happening until BAM! there it was”

    I can’t. Someone make the joke

  • Is it doing Greta Gerwig any favors? Eh, probably not, but the kind of reactionary people bothered by it aren’t likely to go see her shit anyway. The Natalie Portman shade at the globes was FUCKING GREAT

  • Let's not forget that in the 90 years of the Academy Awards, Jordon Peele became the 1st Black person to win Best Original Screenplay

  • I'm so glad the Bladerunner 2049 won for VFX and cinematography. The flawless recreation of Rachel alone deserved the Oscar but there were a number of visuals that were amazing. It would have been a travesty if 2049 didn't win both of these awards.

  • The Lupita and Kumail political rants were really out of place and precisely why people are tuning out of these shows (not because they're really opposed to the politics, just bored by it). They were presenting Best Production Design, and didn't talk about that at all. Just a completely unrelated, irrelevant statement on immigration laws.

  • Grace have you seen Loving Vincent? Coco and Vincent were my favorite films of the year, along with Wonder Woman. I was happy with either winning but I kinda crossed my fingers for the under dog, loving Vincent because there is nothing like it and it would give Vincent further acclaim he deserves.

  • I am really glad for the winners, they were all awesome. Quite glad that lady bird didn't get anything, lmao. But the presentation, Jimmy, gal and margot were just GOLD! It was a great show

  • 😀 super grin – Grace calling out "Shape of water" for having no depth and going "see what I did there?" xD

  • lmao, did you just call Wonder Woman a risk taker? Safe movies get rewarded at the box office, risky movies are often low-budget.

  • I got only one upset with this year's oscars, and it's Music – original score category – out of nominees, I would go with Dunkirk – Hans Zimmer's Supermarine is a major achievement of excellence in tension building.

  • I thought the Oscars were better this year. I saw Spot Light after they won last year and I did not see what was so good about that movie. I thought it actually sucked. I did not find it engaging. I think the movie is a little behind the times and I did not care about the characters and the move was just bad. I am shocked that people liked it Was it because there were black gay characters. So what. The movie gave you nothing. I found it to be flat and felt the movie was afraid to show you a true view of the life of a black homosexual growing up in the city. Super vanilla . Almost spineless if you ask me. I really feel the movie got awards because they needed to give awards out to movies about about black characters because the oscars were so white the year before. Now Fences was a good movie. Hope everyone got a chance to see that movie by now.

  • People thinking wonder woman or logan should be nominated. They watch more films apart of their monthly blockbuster?

  • I see where you come from with Frances McDormand's speech, but honestly it was the most exciting and impactul part of the whole thing. Everything else was predictable.

  • Hugh J. should be at least nominated for Logan …. also SF would be so finally get some more recognition … and also comedy is very ignored … ironic is, that whole oscar show is build on that, on comedy and imagination … the academy exploits that a lot, but does not appreciate it … hypocritical!

  • i think Remember Me won fair and square. The greatest showman is such an overrated movie with probably the worst sountrack ever, yes its catchy, but from a mucsical standpoint, it has no real lyric content ans has a weird mix between modern pop and werid Al sonwriting.

  • maybe WW should have been nominated for costume like SS? i thought aesthetically the looks were great; especially the Amazonian looks

  • I LOVE movies but think the Oscars are worthless and never watch them. Grace, please make video about why you think the Oscars are relevant and how they impact movies and movie making. Obviously the biggest money making movies rarely win awards. Thanks for the vids

  • Grace, what about Meryl Streep’s ENTIRE CAREER, people are considering her to now have the Jack Nicholson “seat” at the Oscars, that’s definitely progress.

  • I might be the odd one out, but Remember Me was so unmemorable to me. I loved CoCo but I thought this is me was much better. Not the best but better.

  • I would just like to point out now that a backstage footage of that 'thanking the moviegoers' bit was released and Gal Gadot had to do exactly nothing to get to be the one to go with Jimmy first. I think the producers there just literally looked at the group they had and were like 'yeah, Gal is the one', before handing her a microphone and putting her beside Jimmy.

  • Hmmm. So was gal gadot empowered or exploited by her screen time despite the snub? You can’t have it both ways if you’re going to play the feminist card. Grrr…

  • “Remember me” is better song than “This is me”, it’s better in every way, also it is the soul of the movie. You can hear it in diferente tunes as you realize that it is the soul of the movie.
    “This is me” is really not connected with the leading characters. Yeah, it is a good and catchy song, as hymn to the minoritys but not that great in the movie. There are better songs in that movie.

  • I can’t understand why you are upset about “the shape of water” winning. The movie is very inclusive with al the teams of all the nominees, we have a love story, a fairy tale, the power of the importance of woman and the power of minority, the theme of racism, gay theme, angry, violence, the oppression, a beautiful cinematography and a very well-crafted movie, also great performances. Guillermo Del Toro said that you can tell realistic facts of the world through a fantasy, and you got it.
    I taught you didn’t get the movie. Can you watch it again? I love you, Grace, and I like your channel.

  • Kobe Bryant was found not guilty. They found semen of multiple men within the woman, and she confessed to making it all up. Kobe deserved that Oscar. There have been too many black men arrested for false accusations of sexual assault, which makes it harder for actual victims to come out and speak up. Plus, you didn’t even mention Peele’s win for bear screenplay for Get Out, which was history making.

  • liked the side swipe at the lead actor win. of course i know in social media circles "alleged" means "guilty". even though the accusers own son has since come out against the allegations

  • I don’t think Wonder Woman should’ve been nominated 😆. I only saw it once and that was good enough for me. DC films are becoming more and more resembled to trash. I also don’t think Critics have any right to judge a film unless they are established themselves, or not at all. Can you do better than the films you call bad Grace?

  • 1:38 Grace I love how you describe these sorts of events.
    I'm watching this on "International Women's Day", and I think your description of the Oscars applies incredibly well to the events of days like today.

  • I have to know, did you see Lady Bird and what did you think of it? Particularly the ending? In your opinion was it worth all those stellar reviews?

  • Jimmy Kimmel was good last year but this time he went to a direction of everything identify politics. He went to far and made things more divisive. The best thing about this year's Oscars was definitely the montages they made. Besides that, it was really frustrating.

  • I hated every single song in the greatest Showman. Every song is so white, bland, and generic. Thank god Remember Me won

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