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Oscars 2018 Predictions – Wonder Woman, Get Out, Call Me By Your Name, Mother, Dunkirk

  • Doesn't matter how good the movies from earlier this year was. None of them will be Oscar frontrunners. The frontrunners have yet to come out. Anything from September to December will be the talked about ones. Oscar politics are so stupid.

  • I didn't watch Logan yet but I'm sure even for me being a DC girl it's a really really good movie, but I see the point of Grace here, if you wanna or not accept people Wonder Woman as a comic, part of the pop culture for so many years, being a strong relative for feminine idealisms and women in general and having a first movie leading for women as well that as a mention still being a surprise unfortunately, and we'll the obviously success in $$$ and whit critics should be all this and the main fact that we're talking about WONDER WOMAN maybe more consideration for the academy don't you think people???. And being honest, from that view and for me as a fan since I was a kid honestly would make me happy forever, EVEN if only gets one nomination. Would be something historic I think for the awesome comic's Universe and I'm not talking bad about Logan at all. I'm just giving my sincere opinion and getting the view of Grace, so…. sorry not sorry people. Let's see how it goes.

  • "I don't think Netflix has really convinced people in the industry that they're not evil yet"
    ~Grace Randolph, 2017

  • I just know you're gonna put out a video about wonder woman being robbed from awards notice unjustly. Cause I seriously doubt this above average popcorn flick rises to awards level. Also can we cease the "poor DC" talk when they put out movies. They have successes and failures in box office and critically like all the other studios. Move on

  • The people that don't think Logan could get nominated are not considering that the Oscars give more attention to R-rated movies because they don't focus a lot on propaganda, the marketing of the film is more like an independent film, which is a very different thing for comic book movies; and also, if Mad Max Fury Road was also early and got nominated, then so can Logan.

  • Ruby Sparks was wonderful. It was creative and surprisingly dark in its third act, which made it more than just a fluff-piece.

  • The Oscars have been diverse. Just not the last two years, but nowit has, and also you shouldn't get awards because of your skin color

  • lmao DC made one decent film and they're campaigning for an Oscar? WW was not a bad film overall but the 3rd act was just lazy and, frankly,terrible. could hardly see anything.

  • Grace your obssession with WW would be cute if you weren't ignoring movies like Detroit which actors at the very least Maze runner's Will Poulter deserves a nomination. I'm tired of Jennifer Lawrence so I hope no one campaigns for her nomination.
    BTW are you ever going to review Valerian? I loved it and I can't understand why it didn't work. I liked the worldbuilding and the two leads.

  • Last flag flying looks like an oscar movie. The diretor, the actors all of it is exactly what the acdemy wants

  • If Wonder Woman gets a nomination in acting and/or movie and Logan gets nothing I think it will hurt Wonder Woman a bit. Look I loved both at the same level but the whole "feminazism" thing (NOT feminism because that's a different thing that I actually support, there's a difference between equality and supremacy) hurted Wonder Woman enough, if Logan gets nada, then it's gonna hurt WW a bit with the (stupid) argument "They just nominated the movie because is a woman" I'll hate to see that, but I will love to see Wonder Woman nominated.

  • My predictions
    Call me by your name
    The greatest showman
    The current war
    The disaster artist
    Darkest hour
    Blade runner 2049
    Phantom thread
    The shape of water

  • Great Video! "Wind River" and "Get Out" are my favorites on your list so far…I do have to disagree w/ you on 1 thing-Michael Shannon helps every film he's in and is an incredible talent! 😀

  • If Dunkirk is overrated, which I still disagree with but I can live with it, then Wind River deserves an Oscar.

    So, Grace, tells us when your going to review it. Everyone else that I watch and many others I just now discovered have been saying great things about this film. Yet, you are the only one it seems that HASN'T said a word.

    Why are you ignoring this film? Why?!

  • Nolan wanted to make a Dunkirk film since the 90s, but waited until he had the backing of a studio and the experience to get it right to do the film justice. He doesn't give a shit about awards. He makes films because he loves making films. Nothing more or less. Plus Gary Oldman made comments 3 years ago. You make it sound like it was within the last year. People haven't talked about that in quite sometime, and don't care quite frankly. Oldman deserves an Oscar but I don't think he cares all that much for awards either. Plus Oldman looks like he'll be a better Churchill IMO.

  • The one film that is going to blow everything out of the water is being released on Dec 15th seriously if it doesn't get at least 6 or 7 nominations at the award it will be a tragedy of cause the film is Star Wars The Last Jedi

  • What about Wind River? That film was hands down one of the best films I have seen so far this year. The acting, cinematography, soundtrack was just perfect. It was fucking brilliant. Damn shame how this film will get no recognition and become another hidden gem.

  • The upside was delayed. I dont think that it will be nominee, at least at theese oscars, maybe for the next ones.

  • Thus far 'Detroit' is the best film I've seen in 2017. 'Battle of the Sexes' and 'American Made' are both also of high quality. I've yet to see the new 'Blade Runner' or the new biopic on Thurgood Marshall. Also, the Coen brother's new one on suburbia looks potentially excellent.

  • Just saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri at a film festival and it absolutely blew my mind. I would love to see your review of this movie. Politically, maybe it won't be an oscar contender, but it sure should to be. Frances McDormand deserves an oscar for her performance.

  • Mother and Suburbicon are dead in the water. This is a hard year. Not many movies that scream "Oscar" this year! Gal Gadot may get a nom? I would love Alison Janney to get a nomination/win for "I, Tonya."

  • Three Billboards and Lady Bird are both locks to get nominated. Female perspective films are going to break through. The Patty Jenkins theory can only benefit Gadot because for “Monster”, Theron was the only thing ever nominated for the film

  • Guillermo Del Toro was not "kicked off" hellboy, you have a lot of bad takes on film and seem to spread misinformation. Also WW is just OKAY, nothing brilliant about it.

  • My most-wanted nominations:
    Best Actor: Hugh Jackman (Logan), Andy Serkis (War for the Planet of the Apes)
    Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Stewart (Logan)
    Best Visual Effects: War for the Planet of the Apes
    Best Cinematography: Blade Runner 2049
    Best Sound Editing: Baby Driver, Dunkirk
    Best Makeup: IT

  • This is crazy…. i understand you can have your own opinion but the oscars are so specific how can you screw up prediction?

  • Grace, you might want to revisit this list and make a change. Some of the longshot ones actually in contender right now.

  • Films that do well by being nominated for oscars (and get a lot of publicity even if they don’t win) tend to be contenders in several categories. I think Four Billboards in Ebbing Missouri will be more than a long shot. It looks like a great film and with brilliant performances from Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson I would make it at least a contender if not a front runner.

  • whoa there's quite a lot of "wonder" themed movies out this year: wonder, wonder woman, wonder wheel, wonderstruck…

  • I don't think You should be Sooo Biased towards Wonder Woman…your job is to give out the predictions..not to display your choices..There's A Difference between your choices and The Actual Predictions.

  • Lady Bird, The Florida Project, Brigsby Bear, Wonder, Roman J Israel Esq, The Meyerowitz Stories, and The Last Flag Flying are all movies I've heard buzz about that you left off your list.

  • Call me by your name is my bet. Its simple and its brilliant. There are some parts of the book not included in the movie. So yeah, too explicit. Haha. Still. Its simple and its brilliant.

  • This is my first time watching your channel and while I am very interested in your thoughtful perspective, these narrative features mentioned represent such a small field in the overall potential for Oscar noms. To record this prediction work in August? I think it was too early to give these overviews. It's now 2018 and these comments should have come out around October 30th and no later than November 30th as the reviewer here did not actually get to see the wave of buzz that several of these films received by early November 2017. Ladybird and Greta Gerwig not mentioned? and I, Tonya has now come out and Margot Robbie is amazing in it…Del Toro did some gorgeous work in The Shape of Water w/ lead Sally Hawkins…and what of the foreign market (Besides, 'Call Me By Your Name'? The Square rocked!  #Love2HearYrOpinion OnDocumentaryFeatureCategory

  • Everyone should research Barnum. That quote wasn't his, his most famous quote was on the floor of Connecticut's legislature in favour of the 13th Amendment

  • My Guess is Detroit, Darkest Hour, The Pirates Of Somalia, Brads Status, Cuba and The Cameraman, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the whitehouse, Get out, Professor Marston and The Wonder woman, IT, Happy Deathday, Marshall. Productions in 2017 were amazing and so many strong issues, real life happenings i.e. true stories. 2017 was the exact reflection of the socio-political situation of us and the 2016 election.

  • It is so weird to watch this after the Oscars nominations. Things changed so much; Logan even got a nomination over Wonder Woman!

  • it's so funny to watch this video right after the oscar nominations and some of the award shows. how much has changed and what is accurate haha

  • I thought I'm not gonna like Call Me by your Name because of the trailer. Now it's my favorite movie of all time. Compared to the movie the trailer sucks. It made it look sugary, clichéd, maybe even pretentious and much more chatty, and CMBYN has NOTHING to do with that. I'm never going to Judge a Movie by It's Trailer EVER again!

  • A lot of the movies were placed incorrectly. Wonder Woman would’ve made long-shots for me, and The Beguiled was absolutely terrible and wouldn’t make any category for me

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