Oscars 2017 Review – Mistake aka Best Picture Fail, Suicide Squad

so we yeah last night at the Academy Awards la-la-land got totally carried in the worst flub in Oscar history and I just rewashed the video before filming this review and Warren Beatty you know the Oscar producers are trying to protect him because he's a Hollywood icon and all that but he really is culpable because he saw he had the wrong envelope he looks for another card inside of it he looked backstage to see if anyone was going to rescue him and then he just let poor Faye Dunaway who should have also read the card in full before she said anything say la-la land and then he just stood back and smiled and watched the whole thing horrific Lee unfold and he made no effort whatsoever to correct the mistake it's also of course the fault of Price Waterhouse Coopers who not only gave them the wrong envelope in the first place apparently they put a print to for each side of the stage for each category and they gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope but why did it take so long for them to correct the mistake I was so accept that lala land had won but when it first happened you know live I wasn't aware as I am now after re-watching the segment that two producers were able to give full acceptance speeches before it was corrected particularly Jordan Horowitz who gives like a very long acceptance speech which I'm sure will play over and over in his mind like a nightmare I hope that someday he gets to retake the stage and legitimately win because he was so gracious and correcting the mistake and the fact that he had to do it and not a producer of the Oscars or Jimmy Kimmel or even Warren Beatty that the loser had to admit that he was the loser and call up the rightful winner I think just added to the absolutely horrific embarrassment and it really is a horrible thing to happen to lala land to have what is a snub under any circumstances underscored so strongly again I rewatched the the video the audience just erupts when it's announced that moonlight is the rightful winner why well I got to be fair I read some accounts of what happened in the theater and some people were very upset that lala land didn't win you truly had I think an audience is divided as America is right now and I think part of it is that you might recall that Saturday Night Live sketch when Aziz Ansari hosted about how if you didn't like lala land you were treated like a criminal right even in my review of lala land if so much I really disliked I was very careful to say but if you like lala land great good for you and I would go in the comments and say hey we don't have to agree but people were just you know got out the torches and pitchforks anyway so I think there was a feeling of karma you know the people were so mean about if you had to like lala land that there was not an element of glee when they got a Mickey Rourke and Kate Hudson level snub but also I think on a deeper level what was so important about moonlights win is that it was about popping the bubble of Hollywood's fake reality I know a number of people said that Long Island is not not reality it can escape how nice is it to escape but I don't think lala land presents itself as a fantasy I think it very much is like no this is what us Angela says like it's its own special place and I think that's why it's so popular with some people but I'm tired of Hollywood and I think a number of people are tired of Hollywood holding up a measuring stick to the rest of the world that's inaccurate it's incorrect and it's a refreshing change of pace to see a truthful film celebrated at the Oscars now I predicted that moonlight would win at the beginning of the telecast and you might recall from my tweets over I took over broadband TVs account because Oscar voters in both the media and it's Oscar party I attended on Thursday for Dolby we're saying every one of them I don't think la-la-land was that great certainly not Best Picture material so Hollywood is shifting over all that change is taking place and change is hard but I think a Hollywood that's more in touch with reality is ultimately better for everyone now I know Denzel thinks he was snubbed I felt kind of bad for him actually when they cut him in the audience and he was going up with tears now your initial reaction might be like hey Denzel you already have two Oscars you don't need another one right it's an embarrassment of riches violence was a special one to him because it was August Wilson's work and I think he wanted to to do it justice and you know obviously was you know something he wanted to direct himself and he had won the Tony and I think he really wanted to take this home but I think to be perfectly honest I think that his film adaptation offenses just wasn't ambitious enough and viola viola Davis would have won for anything quite frankly it was it was her turn all for acting winners were very deserving I felt I saw some people already talking about how everybody seems to eventually turn on the all Jews who win an Oscar you know Jennifer Lawrence and Hathaway but I think that I think part of it is that there's not a sense they earned it like the other winners because the other winners have been working for a longer time right but I think in every case they're all very talented individuals but I think what happens often is that the Oscar when goes to that individuals head maybe part of it is that they aren't ready to to be gracious enough about winning the Oscar but Emma Stone is very likable I don't see her necessarily following into the same trap that you know that Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have found themselves in I think I should make the good choices and doesn't let this win go to her head like she did when she went blonde for spider-man and she stayed humble and again makes good choices in her follow-up roles I think she'll be she'll be good she'll be good to go and I think that all the wins ended up being quite fair that was something that made the night quite enjoyable and you know for those of you who are a la la land fans you still won the most Oscars of the night and categories that I think we're totally deserving for lala land and every time they showed a clip for the movie it does make one hell of a montage it's very compelling and it has wonderful components that were rewarded last night with an Oscar I just don't think it holds together as an entire film and I think that the Oscars reflected that and the fact that it did not win now speaking of deserving I was absolute we thrilled to see Suicide Squad take home best hair and makeup and I know a number of people were quite angry the Suicide Squad can now call itself an oscar-winning film or that Star Trek beyond was robbed although I didn't think that was anything that we haven't seen Star Trek do before even on a TV level although TV today of course is quite competitive with movies but Suicide Squad truly did something new and now I want to also point out this doesn't suddenly make Suicide Squad a great movie it's still riddled with problems I still feel it's snapchat the movie but what got right Worman right was the hair and makeup its iconic what they did particularly as Harley Quinn in the Joker it has become a part of pop culture it's really amazing and with all the bold risks that the DC EU is taking I think it's really important if you're you guys they're going to call them so hard on the negative ones you've got to give them credit when they do moon when they do get it right and they got it right with the hairstyle this is hair styling and makeup the Suicide Squad and they 110 percent deserve that Oscar and Suicide Squad deserves to be called an Oscar winning film for makeup and hair styling also I thought there was some fabulous very heartwarming and real speeches acceptance speeches you know they made quite an effort to highlight acceptance speeches during the telecast at those montages of previous winners writing some of the best speeches we've ever seen came from last night and I think some people might say oh it's um Hershel Holly or Viola Davis but I thought my favorite speeches were the ones who thanked their moms particularly the one about you know who the gentleman whose mother had passed away unfortunately but he was able to you know fulfill his promise when she said you know it would be nice for you to do what since I've supported you worked really hard when an oscar and thanked me onstage that was just so great and the other winner who also said that his mother let him quit soccer to pursue the arts and i think that if someone whose own parents have been so supportive and how that support has been so instrumental and allowing me to pursue my goals it was so nice to see parents get recognized i know and in such a genuine way not the old you know you know name check for mom and dad but a legitimate mission of what moms and dads do and how important that is as for Kimmel I think the best thing he did was keep the show going along at a good clip I loved his joke in the beginning about black people save NASA and white people save jazz I thought that was hilarious I thought he had some good zingers in there I think his Matt Damon gag is always hilarious his feud with Matt Damon I think it is too big swings were misses the tour bus gag did not work at all some of you felt those were actors but as I tweeted if there were actors Kimmel should get his money back because that just did not work as someone who has interviewed people leaving the theater sometimes people just freeze a lot of times people who aren't on camera for a living don't like being on camera and that might have been a component I think they might not have appreciated being surprised by being on such a high-profile telecast but and so it just didn't work and I think the Jimmy Kimmel tried to make it work by interviewing them and keeping it going and it just didn't connect I also think the Trump tweet saying you up was fabulous but it ultimately also didn't work because Trump didn't tweet back now somebody pointed out he was very busy at the governor's dinner governor's meeting but you know he has the whole team of people he could have stepped aside for a moment and tweeted back during the very long I mean the governor's ball sure did not last as long as the Oscars did and I think that he should have tweeted back it would have been the gracious thing to do and after all he's the one who decided to make Twitter such a big part of his identity it could have been a really nice moment and I would also say for both sides you know I'm not saying that you know from you know for those of you who are you know very strong Trump supporters not that he should have acquiesced to you know you know Hollywood but you know it could have been a nice you know a nice moment you know maybe a nice first step toward some healing between the two very contentious parties and speaking of contention I think based on the way Meryl Streep's carried herself last night she is feeling the backlash I think that she probably wasn't prepared for how emboldened the group that she came out again so strongly feels for finally you know I think in the past that's not been the case and I think I think we all learned her you know some of you were going to take issues saying learned her lesson but maybe perhaps will be a little more sensitive and the way she phrases things because I think she wasn't particularly sensitive to the other side in her initial comments at the Golden Globes and then finally Moana there was a lot of anger online so Ana's lost and that there was no ego out for lin-manuel Miranda a surprising amount of anger and I have to be honest I felt the bass when people were saying they were rooting for the idea of Luana and how you know it's a diverse of Disney princess and it celebrates Polynesian culture over the actual film itself I mean she told me it's a better movie than Moana it deserves the wind and I think city of stars deserves a win over the Moana song I think even you know can't stop the feeling was a better song than the Moana song lin-manuel Miranda is definitely a very talented man he's a Hollywood darling and Jimmy Kimmel said he's an American treasure at this point but I don't think Moana was his best work and as many people pointed out they're probably going to make a Hamilton movie they're almost definitely going to make a Hamilton movie so he'll be back he'll have another more deserving chance to get that Egon and one light one so as far as you know representing diversity and that one for the film itself not the idea of the film so I think it's all good also as I also tweeted Ali Carvalho got hit in the head with a silk flag while she was singing at the Oscars and she kept going she can just miss a beat what a trouper and she's very new to the business so I think that was great to show that she was such a professional so what do you think of the Academy Awards what did you think of the snub what did you think of the flub what did you think of the speeches were you happy with the results which are you on t moonlight are you on Team LA low end and if so why are you on that you know on each side why are you on that team and should Trump tweeted back write your thoughts down below and it was certainly a night to remember and I also want to again give a shout out of thanks to everyone who watched with me while I live-tweeted over on the broadband TV account all right write yours again write your thoughts down below and you can check out some more videos right now

  • Hard to believe I didn't comment last year on this video! Moonlight won over the provisional ballot and La La haters ranking La La Land 9th, whereas Moonlight had some #1 placements and 2 & 3's more likely. The 9th places brought down La La Land's average as any student knows a F grade can kill your average. Mike drop.

  • I enjoyed the video!! I have some great videos on my page as well. If you get the chance check them out #89

  • I still CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT believe that you never reviewed Moonlight. I am still SO disappointed in you, for that.

  • I'm watching this on november and my god, how current is what you said about Hollywood's measuring stick.

  • 99% of the fault goes to Price/Waterhouse,, but for Warren to look at an envelope that said Best Supporting Actress Emma Stone, La La Land, and not say something is wrong he gets the other 1%…….

  • I feel sorry for "La La Land." It doesn't matter. A mistake was made at the Oscars. "Moonlight" won for Best Picture.

  • Thank you Grace! La La land was not that great! It was good in some aspects, like Emma Stone performance. However to a degree even she wasn't the best in her caliber.

  • Team hacksaw ridge. A truly heartfelt film with a great message that violence doesn't always have to be the way. You can touch people with compassion even if they are what some might say are your enemies. I think that is a message that the world needs to hear right now when everyone is so divided. I also believe that if trump had tweeted it still would have caused a stir so I don't think it would have made a difference in healing any relations between the two sides. Some People hate him so much at this point that he could say exactly what people want to hear and it still wouldn't be enough.

  • Hey Grace Do you think Denzel saw shade the the fences clip the we feed you we shelter you but we don't have to love you. He seemed to me he was hurt by the clip.

  • Well Grace, I thought Jimmie Kimmel bringing the people off the street and down the front row to meet everybody was funny and did work for him as he is always spontaneous like that and funny. Take Care.

  • I liked both La La Land and Moonlight. I can't remember seeing a modern original Musical that was so wonderfully done like La La Land. Often I'm for the underdog but this time I was for La La Land. I think after the big win at the Golden Globes the backlash begun building very fast. And Oscar voting was very late this year, that definitely played a role here. My favorite movie from last year was Carol, it didn't even got a nomination for best picture so I'm very used to the idea that my favorite movie is not the favorite of the academy. The Oscars spread the love between three good movies and that's ok. Jimmy was a great host, he should host next year with Matt Damon.

  • emma stone shouldnt have been even nominated imho just hams it up the same way in everything and sadly for a third time with gosling

  • Fantastic Beasts winning the costume Oscar was a joke the costumes looked like boring rentals from Berman's and Nathan's.

  • I believe they should've stopped before or after they have gone off stage, not while they were on stage making a speech. it was like Kanye West and Taylor Swift again. Tainting both groups, a hugh disaster, but I did love when Kimmel said I blame Steve Harvey.

  • I loved both Moana and Zootopia but I preferred Moana and I gave two shits about city of stars or what ever it was called that's my opinion but I never say anything should win just for diversity that's when there's a problem

  • I feel like Meryl Streep was in the right place. (Not saying you have to agree with what she feels but the fact she stood up for what she feels) She should feel proud she's in the public eye and what does she do she stands up for what you believed in and theres no excuse for what Trump did, whether you agree or not. As a public figure you have a choice and she was a great role model she stood up for what she believed in and took her time to say "oh you shouldn't have oh wait I'm amazing." No she used it to be something to make something of herself to leave that impact and she did . And isn't Trump supporters the one saying the Society is too sensitive these days mhmmm sensing a little hypocrisy.☕️🐸

  • I agree that you shouldn't attack someone for not liking something. I personally liked La La Land and I really don't like people complaining about oh movies need to be more real and show how everything really is because when I go to a movie I want to be sent into THAT movies world taken away into some place else I like a stability but not that it has to be our world because to me that takes away from the movie and with La La Land I felt like it wasn't being like this is LA now go run away come here. It was telling a story of what some people do and a possible outcome. Now would I mind a story showing the true struggle of giving up everything to move to LA and begin an acting career I would feel like that would be a great drama but I could tell from the trailer that that wasn't it. Now I do feel like, Grace, that in fact you're so…stubborn is a nice way to put it, that it has to represent something takes away from you enjoying a movie. This isn't the first time you've done it you did it to Finding Dory with the truck driving on the wrong side of the road. I really do believe that it limits you and blinds you to a story that is trying to be portrayed. No sane person watches La La Land and goes "wow that's how LA is! Better start packing." Thats not what people do but taking a light hearted thing and trying to drag it down for not representing something it shouldn't have to because this isn't trying to improve society it's trying to entertain. I personally didn't like moonlight I was bored and I felt like it fell in a stereotype of it's own. But I feel neither deserved to win. But the fact that moonlight showed a "true" film and not a "persona" of one does not and should not justify the win. I personally love dramas hidden figures but I love a fantasy as well. I don't think a Hollywood more touch with reality is better for everyone, I think it limits creativity I think it gives people that you need to be thinking of how reality is what it is and not trying to deceive people don't be a fool about it, to escape to leave reality, which reality is it sucks sometimes. Is that why you want people to see the world? A glass empty and not a glass waiting to be filled.

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