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Oscars 2015 Best Actress Predictions – Julianne Moore, Rosamund Pike, Felicity Jones

Welcome to Beyond The Trailer’s coverage
of the 2015 Academy Awards, giving you an in-depth look at the top categories. And of
course, you’re also invited to vote in Beyond The Trailer’s annual Oscar poll for who
YOU think deserves to win! Right now we turn our attention to one category that is, unfortunately,
pretty hard to fill almost every year. And in fact this year the pickins are so slim,
there isn’t even any real contest as Julianne Moore is expected to win the gold hands down.
But that doesn’t mean these nominations don’t mean anything, so let’s take a look
at whose career has just gotten a major boost… Man, this nomination is perfect timing for
Marion Cotillard, as the momentum from her last nomination and WIN – seven years ago
for La Vie En Rose – was just beginning to peter out. Yes after her win in 2008, Cotillard
became a hot Hollywood commodity, appearing in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, Rob Marshall’s
Nine, Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, and – perhaps most
famously – Christopher Nolan’s Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. To Cotillard’s
credit, she’s always kept one foot in the world of indie and foreign film – you’ll
notice she didn’t have a lead role in any of those big Hollywood movies – yet the big
Hollywood offers seem to be fewer and farther between – largely because mainstream audiences
don’t seem to have sparked to her. Now a strong career needs to balance out the box
office hits with the critical hits, while a lucky few can manage both simultaneously.
So with this nomination, Cotillard is reminding Hollywood how strong she is in the critical
category, and trying to leverage that for a role in big Hollywood blockbuster which
could use said credibility. And it’s already worked! With this nomination in the bag, Cotillard
has just signed on to play what could be a multi-movie role in Michael Fassbender’s
Assassin’s Creed movie. Sure it reunites her with Fassbender and director Justin Kurzel
who are all involved in a new adaptation of Macbeth, and heck isn’t Cotillard just a
great actress that any production would be lucky to have?! Yet Kurzel signed onto Assassin’s
Creed last SPRING… So, think of Felicity Jones as a junior Marion
Cotillard. While comedy is quickly becoming an even playing field at this point, there’s
still a considerable lack of established dramatic female talent in Hollywood. Both in terms
of actresses that are pretty much guaranteed good reviews, and those that can sell movie
tickets. Jennifer Lawrence can’t play EVERY role. And since Hollywood craves SOME kind
of stamp of approval – instead of discovering new talent – Oscar nominations will have to
do. So while Cotillard joins video game adaptation Assassin’s Creed, Felicity Jones has just
landed one of the lead roles in the first Star Wars spin-off movie. That’s a step
up from her non-role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, potentially playing Black Cat, which she
landed because of turn in Like Crazy which landed her plenty of awards nominations – but
not an Oscar nomination. Perhaps if it had, she’d have had some lines in Spidey 2! Jones
IS very good in The Theory of Everything, playing the ying to Stephen Hawking’s yang
– but she’s hardly given as challenging a role as co-star Redmayne. Yep, this is the
kind of category where you’re rewarded for not being over-shadowed in film, rather than
for casting your own shadow… And when you get right down to it, perhaps
that’s why Julianne Moore has such a lock in this category. She’s not only the lead
of her film, where she is able to portray both the professional and personal life of
a successful modern day woman, but she’s the one who gets to actually deal with the
disease rather than react to a male character’s suffering. But there’s more at work here
than just her performance. This is Moore’s FIFTH Oscar nomination and she has never won
– while two of her fellow nominees already have. Wouldn’t The Academy rather make her
another Streep than Lucci?! And at the end of the day, even Lucci finally won! This would
also be an opportunity for Academy voters to check the box next to Moore, so to speak,
making sure that one of the finest – and most prolific – actresses of her generation is
appropriately honored. It is kind of embarrassing when legends slip through the cracks… The
only potential hiccup is that Seventh Son is playing in theaters right now, and some
whisper it could have the Norbit effect – where voters say “Hell, no! I’m not giving an
Oscar to THAT!” But while Eddie Murphy had more Norbits than Dreamgirls on his resume,
Seventh Son is definitely a rarity on Moore’s resume. Heck if you’re going to focus on
one of her rare paycheck gigs, focus on her role in the highest grossing film of year
domestically! Now I’m sure many of you are thinking “Wait
a minute, Rosamund Pike’s role in Gone Girl is just as unique as Julianne Moore’s in
Still Alice – maybe even more so!” And you’re right, which is exactly the point. The Academy
is pretty old-fashioned, so even to nominate Pike’s work is a big step! Academy voters
haven’t recognized a role this salacious – and mainstream – since Glenn Close in Fatal
Attraction waaay back in 1988, and even Close didn’t win! Yes, Gone Girl was a mainstream
hit, a modern day Hitchcock if you will – and he never won an Oscar either. Instead he got
an honorary one in 1968. But Pike doesn’t need to win either, as this nomination alone
is HUGE for her. After making a big splash in Die Another Day back in 2002, Pike has
been working steadily with a mix of big roles in small films and small roles in big films
– and sometimes even moderate roles in moderate films. Yet very few moviegoers could tell
you her name even if they recognized her face. Well Amy Dunne is a role – and a performance
– that simply can’t be ignored, even by The Academy. Or…can it? Pike won’t win
here, and the Gone Girl team of David Fincher, Gillian Flynn and Ben Affleck are RE-teaming
to remake Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train – without her. Plus while she has been pregnant
with her second child – born just in December – she really ought to decide on her next film
before her agent’s phone stops ringing. Just ask Cotillard and Jones – you gotta grab
that next role before they DON’T read your name on Oscar night! Just like with Cotillard, the importance of
this nomination is to remind Hollywood that Reese Witherspoon has still got it. She was
nominated, and won, for Walk the Line back in 2006 – the culmination of her meteoric
rise which began with her breakout role in Legally Blonde. But little did Witherspoon
know that she was peaking, as she found herself starring in a string of box office flops for
the next few years. In fact, she STILL hasn’t been able to climb out of her box office slump.
So again, like Cotillard, at least she can still hang onto her artistic reputation with
this nomination. But one thing that is different this time around – and from Cotillard – is
that this nomination also helps give Witherspoon some credibility as a producer. Wild actually
has TWO Oscar nominations – also Laura Dern for Best Supporting Actress – plus what’s
more Witherspoon produced Gone Girl for which Pike is nominated! So while Witherspoon isn’t
going to win this year as an actress, it is perhaps the year Hollywood starts taking her
seriously as a producer who can get a film into the end zone both in terms of the box
office – with Gone Girl – and awards season… And those the Best Actress nominees! Do you
agree Julianne Moore should definitely win? If not, be sure to express your opinion in
Beyond The Trailer’s annual Oscar poll via the link in the video description! I’m Grace
Randolph, and I hope you’ll check out the rest of BTT’s Oscar coverage – right now!

  • Without a doubt, Rosamund Pike should win!
    But the majority of academy members are old and are close to their expiry date, so Julianne Moore will likely take it.

  • Nope. Now I really want anyone else to win that isn't Julianne Moore just because she's in those crap movies, the hunger games.

  • I'm sorry, slim pickings? Did you see Essie Davis in the Babadook? Cause she was phenomenal, definite omission by the Oscars. Still, Julianne Moore does deserve to win, however much I enjoyed Rosamund Pike and Felicity Jones' performances, they don't quite measure up.

    Also, are the Cornetto Trilogy not successful in the US or something? Because they're comedy legends here in the Uk, not moderate films.

  • Excited for the Oscars! Mainly cos of Neil Patrick Harris, I love him!! But HTTYD2 should win, alongside everything is awesome!

  • My money of course is on Julianne Moore to take the win this year, a long time coming if you ask me, that performance was very strong/relatable and eye watering. While I did enjoy Felicity Jones performance in The Theory Of Everything…just though it decent. Haven yet to see Wild: Staring Reese Witherspoon, plan to this weekend. Marion Cotillard was amazing in Two Days, One Night…but I don't see a win here. (Shocked) Jennifer Aniston wasn't nominated for Cake, just saying -_- totally thrilled to see Rosamund Pike as a nominee for Gone Girl.

  • Gone Girl and Anabelle, where at the same time on the movie theatres. My friends and I had a discussion about spending a weekend with the doll or Amy for one million dollars. All of us liked our odds with the doll… So we're cheering for Pike to win.

  • My order of preference:

    1. Cotillard
    2. Moore
    3. Pike
    4. Witherspoon
    5. Jones

    I will be super happy when Julianne wins, though. She's long overdue and was great in Still Alice, even if the movie was kind of mediocre. Plus, Oscar rarely give Best Actress awards to women in their 50s.

  • Let's not forget that Felicity Jones just landed on the lead role for the adaptation of Dan Brown's Inferno alongside Tom Hanks

  • Hey Grace is there any chance you'll do a review for infinity polar bear? Love your videos and input on movies this ones looks like something that could be an award contender next year!

  • Ranking the Nominees from best to least:
    1-Julianne Moore
    2-Rosamund Pike
    3-Reese Witherspoon
    4-Marion Cotillard
    5-Felicity Jones

  • I frustrates me that some people judge Cotillard's performance without having actually seen 'two days, on night'

    *not aimed toward grace 

  • I saw Still Alice, I don't want to offend any Julianne Moore fan but I don't think her performance is any better than that of Rosamund Pike. This girl who I only saw before in Keira Knightley's Pride and Prejudice and Carey Mulligan's An Education turned out to be SUCH a great actress by going out of her comfort zone and showing the range of Amy Dunne in the movie. 

  • Rosamund Pike should win, she gave a performance for ages. I love Moore, but I think she should compete for an Oscar rather than get a semi-"Lifetime Achievement Award" for her performance.

  • I think that Julliane Moore will win but her performance in Still Alice was not the best. Rosamund Pike should win, she is phenomenal in Gone Girl.

  • Rosamund Pike was my pick to win for a long time, because Still Alice never hit my theaters until last week. When I saw Still Alice, I had to change my pick to Julianne Moore, but just by a hair. 

  • Rosamund Pike is my pick to win – I've seen all five of the nominees, and they are all brilliant, but Pike was able to add class to an emotionally unstable, manipulative, and insane character.

  • I agree with @Rd Fg I LOVE Moore, but I haven't seen anyone turn in a performance like Pike did in Gone Girl. In my opinion Gone Girl was snubbed for best director , picture, and adapted screenplay.

  • Really admired what Reese Witherspoon has done behind the camera in 2014. She produced gone girl and wild and stared in that last one, which she completely deserves that nomination. Really impressive star who will probably have a great producing career and is already a good example of a leading lady in hollywood.  
    – Marion Cotillard is, just soo great. She's the person who did Batman because of Nolan or Inception because of how genius it was. There's a big asking price to get her and 2 days, 1 night, having it be directed by the Dardenne brothers, is once again, proof of that. She can elevate anything and even when they're not so as good like Rust and Bone or The Immigrant. She made those movies better and that's because she's the real deal.
    – Rosamund Pike, since we don't know the numbers for these award shows in how much someone wins by. I really believe Pike would win if Moore wasn't in for this year. Just bringing back that Hitchcock blonde and the public genially feeling scared when seeing her. It's not a heartfelt performance, it's one that strangles the heart and stitching it back up and her convincing you she did the right thing lol. And not that all women want to be sexy and bad at the same time and get away with it. It's just everyone can agree that this is a performance of a lifetime. 

  • Kerry Washington not in best actress? The scandal rating must be dropping or ppl have taken an unlike interest to her.

  • I'm sorry, but why do you say "this category is pretty hard to fill almost every year"? You're basically saying there are no good actresses out there- and there never were. Period. That is so wrong and dumb and sexist.
     Fix yourself. Not to be mean. Do yourself that favor. You're welcome.  

  • JULIANNE MOORE FOR OSCAR!!! (also may i ask why jennifer lawrence has to be mentioned in alomost every video like this and ruin it?? – she's not every where people – luckily!!)

  • Notice when Grace said that comedy was becoming an even playing field gender-wise that the best examples of that gender equality were white women. Hell, just look at the lead and supporting actress categories for drama and you'll notice that field is similarly white. Double hell, look at the ingenue leads in the young novel movie adaptations and surprise surprise what do we find still more white women.

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