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Oscar worries about Lily’s security | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

The task force is investigating the reason behind Madarang’s
grudge against Cardo. If that’s the case, then Cardo
isn’t the only one in danger, so is everyone connected to him. That includes us. But the ones really in danger
are Cardo’s family, Sec. Borja. That crossed my mind too,
Mr. President. The investigation found that
Madarang is connected to the grenade attack. He knows where we live. We need to increase the security
in Lola Flora’s house. Cardo and the task force are not
always around to protect them. We can’t forget about the
other threat, Mr. President. Renato Hipolito. You’re right, Sec. Borja. We shouldn’t underestimate
Renato Hipolito. Diana? Yes, Mr. President? About the thing you
mentioned earlier, is it possible that Lily’s in
danger because of Hipolito? I know Hipolito,
Mr. President. He can hurt anyone, especially those connected
to you and Cardo. But the one who’s really in
danger from Hipolito is you. That’s what
Secretary Borja told me. All of us should be cautious. It’s possible Renato’s acting
alone according to the reports. But we both know what
he’s capable of doing. – Do you like it, Mr. President?
– It’s delicious. Miss Lily brought that for you. You should try this too,
Mr. President. I made this, and it’s
even better with coffee. Thank you, Elizabeth,
but I’m good with this. Mr. President,
I’m just curious. Have they caught the people
who killed Cardo’s friend? Not yet. Hello, Lily? Oscar? What is it? Are you home already? I’m still on my way.Is there a problem? Is there a problem? Boss, I hope you don’t mind, but you need to be
careful about Lily. I know this is good
for our business, but once she’s got
the President’s trust, she’ll be capable of anything. Nothing will stop her
from betraying us. We were just talking about
security a while ago with Diana. I know you have
a few bodyguards but I can assign
a security detail for you, just to be sure. Oscar, don’t stress yourself
out over that. It’s okay, I’ll just
hire more bodyguards. Thank you for your concern. You too, Oscar. I’ve always been prepared
if ever Lily does betray us.


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