Oscar Winning Director Danny Boyle Would Pick Robert Pattinson As Next Bond

let's go right off the top with this one of the biggest items in the news cycle the last number of weeks has been of course Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman now it's been a really good stretch for Pattinson lately he was cast as one of the leads in the upcoming Christopher Nolan film that's huge he gets cast as the new Batman getting everybody talking that's huge but there are still some people out there to some degree understandably so that are still a little apprehensive about Robert Pattinson because let's face it a lot of the work that Robert Pattinson has done in the last seven eight years outside of Twilight has been really smaller indie style films now he's done a bunch of them and he's been magnificent in all them and the people who've seen them including all the critics and everything adore his work in these things but there's a lot of people who haven't seen that stuff and when they think of Robert Pattinson to some degree understandably all they think about him is as the kid in Twilight and like the Twilight boy is going to be Batman you know that sort of thing well if you needed another vote of confidence Academy award-winning and multi time nominated director Danny Boyle who of course did like 28 days later 127 hours Slumdog Millionaire Trainspotting on and on and on and he was directing the newest Bond film he and his writing partner were working on the newest Bond film they were gonna do bond and then they and the producers just had creative differences and they departed the film but at any rate if you needed another vote of confidence for Robert Pattinson Academy award-winning director who was working on bond Danny Boyle was recently being interviewed and he was talking about another film but he was asked about bond and he said you know what I would take Robert Pattinson as the next Bond I would take Robert Pattinson as the next Bond he said you know I was just watching one of his latest films High Life which if you haven't seen it you need to watch it I was just watching one of his latest films highlight and I'm just this guy is bond now somebody asked him but maybe zl– is a bit a little bit too young to play bond he goes why do you crazy he's 33 years old he's not too young to play bond this is a perfect age for an actor to start so if you're somebody if you're one of these people who is like you want to be optimistic about you know the new Batman film and you want to be optimistic about Robert Pattinson being cast in the role but you just haven't seen anything else then here's another little piece of ammo for you not only does Christopher Nolan love this guy and cast him as one of the leads in his movie not only as Matt Reeves shown confidence and Warner Brothers shown confidence to the sky by making him the new Batman now Danny Boyle himself saying this guy's so good he could be bond he could be bond now that would be quite a trifecta for Robert Pattinson right I'm Edward Cullen one of the most successful franchises of all time I'm Batman and I'm James Bond that would be like a cool trifecta for the dude but anyway I I actually think I never thought of Robert Pattinson as bond but now that I think about you know he'd probably make a pretty good one we're not I'm not my first choice obviously but it would probably make a pretty good bond all right

  • Didn't think about it until John brought this to my mind and he's right RPatz as Bond totally. I would either pick Tom Hardy or Henry Cavill or Robert as Daniel's successor.

  • Mark my words,the same dark vicious, vitriolic critics who trashed BVS are going to pull the same resentment on Matt Reeves /Pattinson's Batman when it releases. 😊🦇

  • remember when hollywood pushed Sam Worthington in every movie? need to stop pushing actors and let their work speak for themselves. the more they push him, ppl are going to be suspicious

  • As long as he's given real material for Bond, I could see Pattinson doing it.

    But that would mean he'd be tied to two different franchises of equal intensity.

    He wouldnt have much time to do the smaller, more intimate films that he clearly prefers to do.

    He'd be signed on for probably at least four Bonds and honestly, with Pattinson playing Batman at the same time— I just feel like it'd be a waste of his talents. Dude would be too exhausted to do anything else.

    And as much as I love Craig's Bond, there is only so much depth he could have given the character before it turned into the same old cardboard cutout it always was.

    He was great in Royale and Skyfall, but there is only so much an actor can do with Bond.

  • Hell yes, I agree with Boyle, Pattinson could be Bond. I havent watched Bond since Craig's first installment. I dont like Craig's version of Bond. As a female I dont think Craig has that hunk factor that previous Bonds did. Pattinson has a kind of subdued sexiness about him, he just need a few more years to fully mature into Bond.

  • I can get behind this. Was thinking Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hardy, James MacAvoy, Michael Fassbender, or Christian Bale.

  • They probably saw his Indie films where he did an excellent job, especially his American accent. He actually worked hard for himself to be taken as a serious actor and seperate himself from Twilight. Out of all the Twilight cast, Robert Pattinson is the only one who has finally becoming successful.

  • Reminds of me of the Flashpoint Paradox when the Flash told Batman that Bruce was the James Bond of Superheroes, and I agree.

  • Bond and batman?? No way that's going to happen WB would never allow it if he sucks at bond it might affect the way the audience looks at him as batman vice versa also.. Can we just get to the inevitable jane bond women reboot of the series 😂

  • He’s still not right , I don’t care what anybody says, he looks weird and your sucking this guy’s D so much , you guys are setting yourself for a big fall

  • The very fact that top directors are voicing support for this guy should make people understand why they chose him has batman

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