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Oscar Winner McMatthew McConaughey Outstnading Performance in “Interstellar”[Subtitled]

ROMILLY: We’ve got years
of messages stored. Cooper.COMPUTER: Messages
span 23 years. Play it from the beginning.TOM ON RECORDING: Hey, Dad. Checking in. Saying hi. Um… Finished second in school. Miss Kurling’s still
giving me C’s though. Pulled me down,
but second’s not bad. Grandpa attended the ceremony. Um… Oh. I met another girl, Dad. I, uh…
I really think this is the one. Name’s Lois. That’s her
right there. Murphy stole Grandpa’s car. She crashed it.
She’s okay, though. Hey, Dad. Look at this! You’re a grandpa. His name’s Jesse. I kind of wanted to call him Coop,
but Lois says, uh, maybe next time. Donald says he’s already earned the “great”
part, so we just leave it at that.(TOM SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)LOIS: Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Say “Bye-bye, Grandpa.” Bye-bye, Grandpa. Okay. Sorry it’s been a while. Just… what with Jesse and all. Uh… Grandpa died last week. We buried him out in the back
forty next to Mom and… Jesse. Which is where we would have
buried you if you’d ever… come back. Murph was there at the funeral. We don’t see her that much,
but she came for that. You aren’t listening
to this, I know that. All these messages
are just, like… drifting out there
in the darkness. Lois says that, uh… I have to let you go. And, uh… so… I guess I’m letting you go. I don’t know where
you are, Dad… but I hope that you’re at peace. Goodbye. Hey, Dad. Hey, Murph. You son of a bitch. I never made one of these when
you were still responding… because I was so mad
at you for leaving. And then when you
went quiet, it… seemed like I should live
with that decision. And I have. But today’s my birthday. And it’s a special one,
because you told me… You once told me that when you came
back, we might be the same age. And today I’m the age
you were when you left. So it would be a real good
time for you to come back.

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