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spent most of his prison time in a 10 by 13 foot cell at Redding Jail there was no toilet no writing materials and nothing to read but the Bible the intention was to make these prisons as unpleasant as possible and that was done by working on every single one of the senses in an active and in fact very thoughtful way you were kept on a diet which was designed to be enough to keep you alive but not to make it worthwhile to live hunger went along with coal you had to sit on a backless stool this is a regime where a lot of attention has gone into making you feel really uncomfortable special arrangements were made for pen and paper which Oscar used to write a long angry letter to bosey Douglas the letter would later be published by Ravi Ross wilds friend and former lover under the title De Profundis there is nothing that happened in those ill-starred years that I cannot recreate in that chamber of the brain which is set apart for grief or for despair every stray note of your voice every twitch and gesture of your nervous hands every bitter word every poisonous phrase comes back to me he had two years in which he had to meditate on what had happened and say casting himself in the role of Christ which he does in De Profundis he goes out to find who's Judas was and his Judas and his eyes was out for Douglass on May 18th 1897 Oscar Wilde was released from prison with what his friends referred to as the dignity of a king returning from exile he left that night for France under the pseudonym Sebastien Malmuth taken from his great uncle's novel nelma the wanderer his wife Constance had moved the children to Switzerland and reverted to the family name of Holland she agreed to give Oscar 150 pounds a year on the grounds that he never see bosey again but postponed of face to face reunion how could you possibly accept this man back in society who was a homosexual who was a convict and who was a bankrupt you know any one of those three things in Victorian times would have put you beyond the pale and he was all three together at 43 Oscar Wilde was a ruined man he had very little money and very few friends in desperation he arranged a rendezvous in Naples with Posey when people speak against me for going back to bosey tell them that he offered me love and that in my loneliness and disgrace I after three months struggle against a hideous Philistine world turned naturally to him of course I shall often be unhappy but still I love him the mere fact that he wrecked my life makes me love him all hell breaks loose Constance says you've gone back to your filthy insane life with Alfred Douglas takes his allowance away there's no chance than of him seeing his children and about four months later Constance dies well with her death as the last possible chance of him seeing his children simply taken away nobody's going to let him see his children now after three months together Oscar and bosie parted ways alone again Wilde moved to Paris once there he used his prison cell number as a pseudonym and in February 1898 published The Ballad of reading jail for they starve the little frightened child to it weeps both night and day and they scourge the weak and flock the fool and jibe the old and gray and some grow mad and all grow bad a nun a word may say each narrow cell in which we dwell is a foul and dark latrine than the fetid breath of living death chokes up each grated screen and all but lust is turned to dust and humanities machine for a short time wild was an advocate for the reform of English prisons but at 45 he had lost both his will to write and his only source of income all he had to sell was his personality and very few people were buying in the middle of 1899 he writes a letter to a friend and says likes and Francis of Assisi I'm wedded to poverty but in my case the marriage is not a success it's terrible it's horrendous it's the begging of money from friends it's being without food for the evening because he's got not a sue left and he can't get credit anywhere those last letters are just heartbreaking on October 10th 1,900 miles likely to repair damage from an abscess he had suffered in prison friends visited him at the hotel Dahl sauce where he was living over the course of the next month his condition worsen the wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death Wilde remarked on November 30th 1911 and gitis he was 46 years old bosey Douglas spent the rest of his life trying to come to terms with his past he died in 1945 bankrupt and alone in 1901 robbie ross salvaged wilds estate from bankruptcy and began a revival of his works by 1920 europeans were reading Oscar Wilde more than any English writer except Shakespeare the man who had been crucified by society was once again celebrated by the 1960s he was being studied in universities and in the 1970s hailed as a hero by the gay rights movement a lot of what he was writing about then is as relevant today as it was back in the 1890s which i think is really quite astounding and for whatever is false you know plenty of them you can't help forgiving I think a man who has made you tough consistently for a hundred years [Applause] you

  • It's funny how someone so irresponsible and egotistical can be admired just cuz he wrote some books that some people like. He reaped what he sowed and there was no one to blame but himself.

  • This is a great lesson about what an unrestrained life of excess leads to.  Such a shame that he had such a great wit and masterful use of words and did not really know how to appreciate it.

  • so many artists are "crucified"in their time but in our modern world are called geniouses ( well only some ) and their works of art classics 

  • Oscar Wilde was brilliant writer, but call it what it is , a pedophile and a absent father, I don not see the hero in this But gay people will put anyone up on a pedestal as long as they are gay. SMDH

  • Jim Jeffries? Is that you? LOL
    God hates shrimp too, mentioned that alot more than homosexuality.
    Oh and he hates cursing too, so stop that.

  • But, Wilde, in the search to satiate his own decadence and desires, was crushed also by his own free choice.

  • Thank you Thank you Thank you so much !!!!
    You made my day !
    I was revising , and bored to death to prepare something worthy for Oscar Wild's "Picture of Dorian Gray" , and I suddenly came across this documentary which is perfectly done! … You opened my mind and motivated me to write guys ! ^^
    million thanks 🙂

  • There is a huge irony in the fact that Oscar Wilde was a martir for a cause that was in no way his cause: homosexuality. During his trial he mentioned the beauty of the "love that dares not say its name, which is the love between an older man and a younger one".

    This was named in the Ancient Greece pederasty. Ironically by using the newly invented word "homosexuality" he has eased the victory of a different type of love! In fact even Byron was a martir for pederasty and not the gay love!

  • @truvianni Off the top of my head, I remember reading that he started attending mass, every once in a while, while he was in university, and had a few friends who were priests.

    People argue about how genuine his coversion was. But, from what I've learned about the man, he spent his entire adult life flirting with Catholicism, as much as he did potential lovers, and that he wasn't impulsive about his philosophy, or theology, of life. That's my opinion.

  • @TenderTrap86 You perhaps give me too much credit or too little but I was not being or even trying to be sarcastic.I just wondered why a man who should little religious feelings through out his life would go out of his way to become a Catholic.He seeming like a man who wanted little in life apart from notoriety.I personally find all religions along with faiths to be a waste of time so I do not ask with anything but curiosity.

  • @truvianni I'm not sure if that's sarcastic, so I will answer the question directly.

    No. Oscar Wilde, like many other English literary figures of his era, converted to the Catholic Church, almost in submission, to a truth that he came face to face with, and just could not refuse.Somewhat like Augustine of Hippo, this man of great learning, eventually came to the point where it's as if he felt there was no other option, no other way to be complete.

  • Isn't it sad how genius is seldom recogonized until after the fact. I wonder if the life and works of Oscar Wilde had any impact on the openly gay writer Truman Capote? Perhaps these tragic figures of history gives the future the will to carry on.

  • Unfortunately, this bio doesn't mention Oscar Wilde's conversion into the Roman Catholic Church. Bosie eventually converted as well.

  • it's just so awful how society lifts you up, and smashes you down in the next second. I mean, I didn't think he behaved much worse than any other guy who left his wife and children for another love. (And I am sure, no man went to prison because of heterosexual affairs in these times) Its just so sad, cause Wilde wanted to live his real life openly and teach society a little more personal freedom. but society failed…again.

  • Thanks for bringing the series of seven clips of Oscar Wilde, I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    He has always been a 'Hero' of mine. A fantastically witty genius, whose witty remarks are as true today, as they were in the Victorian era.
    It's a shame that the 'narrow mindedness' of the Victorian era, could not cope with Oscar Wilde's complicated private life. But I am glad to say that in our more enlightened society, Oscar Wilde is seen in a new light and for his literary expertise, wit, & genius.

  • His friend Robert Ross wrote that "He was conscious that people were in the room, and raised his hand when I asked him whether he understood. He pressed our hands. I then sent in search of a priest, and after great difficulty found Father Cuthbert Dunne … who came with me at once and administered Baptism and Extreme Unction. – Oscar could not take the Eucharist"
    Holland, A. and Rupert Hart-Davis (2000): The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde. pp. 1219–1220, New York: Henry Holt and Co

  • An excellent bio of my favourite English (sorry – Irish) writer. Wilde was a remarkable man in many respects – just what the stuffy 19th century Brits needed to shock them out of their pathological, hypocritical complacency – had they possessed a shred of humanity.and been able to respond. Even after the catastrophic shocks of two world wars their furtive, frustrated, immature sexual attitudes persist. Oscar was an incredible talent and a rare, truly human being.

  • @cruzincustoms54 @TheAgentChaos can we just appreciate the genius of Oscar Wilde instead of bringing in your perspectives on religion? this is about him, not a religious debate

  • thanks very much for posting this, I'm now reading De Profundis and is giving me a different insight into OW's work.

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