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Oscar trusts that Cardo’s group is doing well in their training | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Look at this, Renato. Looks like the
citizens can’t wait for Hidalgo’s task force. They’re really praising
him as a hero. Didn’t you say that
Lily’s friends with them? Conduct drill! Go! Go! Go! Move! Move! What will you do once
they’re done with the training? I’m sure they’ll target you. Our forces will be
powerful by the time Dalisay’s training is done, so I’m sure we can
beat them, even if they combine
forces with Lily. I hope Lily can help with
our search for Renato. The entire Philippine government
is hunting him down. We’ll catch Hipolito
sooner or later. Even Major Basco’s group is
undergoing special training. Hallway clear! – Room clear!
– Room clear! Go! Room clear! Room clear!
Room clear! Room clear!
– Left clear! We need to hone our skills if we want to defeat
our new enemies. Room clear! Left clear! Right clear! Last room clear! All clear? All clear? All clear? Prepare for search! Search! Searching! Searching! Clear! – Prepare to withdraw!
– Prepare to withdraw! I hope we succeed before Hipolito destroys
the peace in this country.


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