Oscar Sudi on UhuRuto relationship

  • Is this guy called Oscar Sudi even got a brain?? When this so called Aror and Kimwaror project is just a project by the name and the money budgeted for stolen by you Tumbocrats and people on the ground languishing with poverty how can you blame the President???? Go to hell Sudi do you think we don’t know where you’re coming from??? Illiterate makanga wewe hata haufai kuwa MP. Wewe na Murkomen kama mnapenda watu yenu hamunge kula pesa yao fala wewe. We know mlinunua hiyo pesa na pillows and mattresses for Mwizi Ruto’s Hotel in Nairobi

  • And u recently called our president kuwa pia yeye Ni "MWIZI MKUBWA"..
    Can you pls repeat those words in this 'STUATION' Mr Sudi??
    History will finish all of you..

  • You messed up with BABA and thought he was your EQUAL.. And now mnataka mhurumiwe..U will look for him…

  • Hon Oscar Sudi your very hypocritical, insincere & misleading @ wanainchi of Elgeyo marakwet.You should support the war on graft & its agencies but not fight back.Those suffering are the wanjiku @ large & the president Must leave a good legacy you like it or not.

  • Hio project ya kimwarer na arror inabeba "watu wengi Sana…" On the ground the local mwananchi has not been compensated while billions have been paid. Hon Sudi should explain hao "watu wengi" ni naini?

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