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Oscar stop avoiding me // Ep. 10 [EXTRA]

Ada: Okay, so I’m just hijacking this channel
today to make this really quick video. Oscar. I know you’re watching this. Please stop avoiding me. I mean I’m not gonna try to
kill you or anything! Look, I know I was super mad when I found
out about what you did to Connie. And yes! I do think you’re
a cheating bastard! But, you’re my friend. And if Connie can forgive you, then… I can too. Look, I know you’ve been
trying to avoid all of this, And, I’m not mad at Fran
for distracting you, It’s just you can’t block us out forever. Okay? You can’t. So would you just please talk to me, And then, maybe we can
move on from all of this. Thanks. [music]


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