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Oscar Serrano, MD, Transplant Surgeon, Hartford Hospital

– My name is Oscar Serrano. I am a surgeon with the Hartford
HealthCare Medical Group. And I work at Hartford
Hospital’s Transplant Program. I got into medicine because
I am fascinated by the human body and how the
various systems work in conjunction with one another. I am particularly captivated
by system failure and how the body responds to a transplant. My philosophy of care is to
take care of each patient as an individual in a
comprehensive manner. Taking into account not
only their medical needs, but also their religious, spiritual, as well as linguistic needs. My areas of specialty are liver
and kidney transplantation, hepatobiliary surgery,
pediatric transplantation as well as kidney donation. One of the attractive aspects of coming to Hartford Hospital’s transplant
program was the Center for Living Donation, which is the center that
is dedicated exclusively to taking care of living kidney donors. My hobbies include
spending time with my wife and two children. We enjoy traveling, we enjoy
learning about new cultures. We also enjoy doing
outdoor activities such as mountain biking and skiing.

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