Oscar Schmidt OE20 Serpentine Quilted Cognac Les Paul Style Guitar – Sound Samples

hello everybody so I have a really cool oscar schmidt guitar here and it's Les Paul and I'm just gonna place on it first I want you to hear what it sounds like I'm playing through a Fender frontman amp let's listen to what it sounds like then we'll talk about this guitar why thinks really cool about it and the pros and cons of getting this guitar was just very affordable and beautiful so here we go I mean the Fender frontman I'm playing through a clean sound I've got my own volume set about tuning everything set to like five five and a half something like that as far as tone goes so this is the treble pickup you [Applause] you what nice I think maybe distorting they cut it into better one and a half year in volume he's got a lot of volume I have no reverb note anything on the amp and I'm using little zoom h1 s to record this so I don't know how well it's picking it up [Applause] he's all still on the bridge pickup let's hear what some like lead times sound like we're playing with it alright so pretty cool let's go to the middle the in-between reason both pickups and here's what that would sound so a lot let's play the front pickup [Applause] like for the in-between kind of like this talking for funky sounds like I switched over to the second channel on the fender frontman so now I have a little bit of gang I'm gonna dial it all the way back to really where it's just number one so almost no drive at all and I can't remember if I have more Drive or less drive on it's got a mid contour button on this a frontman we try a plane every assembler so the thing is interesting about this is I'm still on zero even like one for gang and the reason we violates Paul type guitars is because they rock so the thing I love about this guitar and the pickups in the school guitar is that they really dirty up really nicely so I'm gonna go up to I'm going to take the drive up to about three so now I'm just on Drive of three still incredible position they've got this kind of sample we change that contour again me too that's pretty killer in the ready position got to never for Aundre really like the in-between two pickups on this adjust it has sort of a interesting kind of sound but I don't really usually get out my Lisp all guitars almost my better rhythm sound to me the more than playing in the position [Laughter] [Applause] now I've played this thing pretty hard to stay in tune really well let's talk about it for me so yeah it's beautiful wood and it's dark here in my studio so you're not really getting a super good look at it so I shot a bunch of shots out in the Sun to get some really f+ looks the same what the difference is I guess with the other oscar schmidt by the OE 20 which is about my gold top that i got let's talk about the physical things first he has like gold-plated hardware which up mount along that last bit looks really great start now it's got an excellent bridge i mean i think and tailpiece the pickup scene i think real responsive quite you know there's nothing wrong with them if there's any one weakness about this to switch here i start doing it now but a while ago or maybe they've gotta break it in it was like making a little bit of a pop sound when i did the switch the switch might not might need to be switched out but honestly the tutor seemed really great the neck feels awesome compared to my gulp hop it has really nice binding around at which the less pot leo which the gold top version the o between it's not the the top the wood on the top matches up real nicely i think it's beautiful of course you have the dragon inlays here which are actually mother-of-pearl this nut is great very low friction kind of nut the tuners are better than I'm accustomed to seeing on the oscar schmidt guitars i like the fact you got this kind of little almost like leathery so it's plastic but i like a little back pieces on the wood on the back is beautiful the fret work seems to be great the intonation seemed pretty much spot-on Millis tested they say that was great he's exactly the way I like to play it I'm not attached to things far instead of someone I'd seen a ravine and said what God was was was criticizing the the bridge saying that it's not a wide enough bridge and he wanted to replace the bridge was something water it's not what you get on regular Les Paul my last fall studio I looked at in the bridges it's almost identical to this so what that dude was talking about honestly I think this is a great bridge you get the littles you know kind of cheaper knobs that not like what you get on real Les Paul but you know I like them they're okay if I were gonna be doing a whole lot rolling with my fingers I want to get more like Les Paul type knobs instead with a little sort of more the narrow ones but the town in volume volume seems very smooth listlessness it's just beautiful and it plays great it feels like a superior guitar I think it sounds a little bitter I've played these I should do an a/b maybe I'll do that later an a/b comparison to the two but I feel like that for some reason the neck just feels better on this one the scale is the same size and everything the fret work seems maybe a little better and I like this it's like the neck a lot you know that's my plate and some noise my peg is coughing anyway one thing I'll say if you're a beginner guitarist and you I can't your position you know dots your thing you have them across the top it can throw you off a little bit if you've not played a long time not to look down and see your position markers and so that you've seen the dragon scales and everything you're not really seeing that the position markers you might tell you see but you can't see them across the top here they are there and you me over the years I've kind of gotten used to just playing I don't even pay much attention to to the position markers anymore I will say this awesome guitar fair price I mean I can't believe how pretty it is how good it sounds how comfortable it is to play does it feel like a Les Paul almost it is just a different feel that I get when I play my Gibbs am a real Gibson the G press man I would think this would be a $500 guitar at least and uh it's it's hard to describe you a pretty unless you just see it they and the pictures I've seen I don't do it justice stuff tried to take some really good pictures a lot too black plastic everything a lot the hardware except to nurse team in team really well frets feel good the frets are good size Nick radius is nice I haven't played particularly well tonight some up in practice in much lately but this is a excellent guitar sweet

  • Thanks for the review…cuz I just bought one and the quality is unleal !! For the guy that refers these a " cheapy" for try one because I rate these guitars in the class of my SG's my Tele's and LP's in some ways better when it comes to fit and finish….try them before you hate on them…..

  • Great tones in this. Thank you for posting. I have been looking for one of these in p90 goldtop but I don't think they are made.

  • I seriously keep coming back to this OE20, and your reviews on them. My 12 year old has been playing for close to 2 years and has almost every style of guitar BUT an LP. We got a STEAL on a Gibson SGJ, and he loves it, but can't spend the cabbage an LP requires. Thinking the sunburst….looks classic. Thanks for your guitar vids, man, we love them!

  • Hi Tony, Happy New Year to you! I was wondering if you got an opportunity to review any Harley Benton guitars? Thanks..

  • I love tonys reviews. they are fair and takes the time to explain things well. I think I will move on the goldtop based on his recommendation. Thank you Tony

  • One thing that confuses me is some pictures look like the inlay is black and white and some look like they are real Mother of pearl with nice blues and greens…..for me that would be important but you can't get any seller to send you a picture first,,,,,they always put the best pic as a example, but not always what you get…..

  • Great job demoing this axe! Anyone considering an affordable Les Paul type guitar such as an Epiphone LP100 needs to check this guitar out first. It is cheaper costing, has a set neck, feels like a more expensive guitar and sounds & plays great. I have a black with purple burst version and Ilike this guitar. The only thing I want to inform any potential buyer is that the pots are mini pots, so if you like to get cheaply guitars and DIY soup up mod them, you won't have room in the electronics pocket to upgrade to better pots that are full size. That being said, I have no problem with the current pots and they work fine. Washburne, the owners of Oscar Schmidt, offers this fine guitar for a great price.

  • which guitar do you like the best, this one or the Gold Top? Which sounds "better" for Classic Rock? Also are you familiar with Agile guitars? Your thoughts? Hope I am asking too many questions.

  • Gr8 review as usual! Im in the market and this sounds like its worth looking at. A local pawn shop has a Dean custom thoroughbred deluxe ( saw it 2 weeks ago) and Im wondering how it would compare to this one?Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks for the great vid. I've had my eye on the non-serpentine model for a while now. You helped make up my mind.

  • Hey Tony…saw a video you took in Wilmington my neck of the woods. Hope you had a good timešŸ˜Ž

  • Real pretty wood on the body. I'm one of those that need fret markers because I don't have a lot of feeling left in my hands so play by sight a lot. I have a Zoom H2 and it doesn't work out very well for me. They were made basically for recording live concerts. I play slide on a "very" quiet acoustic guitar (1963 Harmony Stella tenor) so have to get the H2 so close to the guitar I can't get the whole guitar in frame, let alone my head.

  • Very good video! That OS is a steal but I had no idea the fender front man sounds so well. Thanks for the demo

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