Oscar Robertson Galaxy Opal Gameplay! Is he an elite point guard? NBA 2k19 MyTeam

what's going on guys it's CDC gaming here on this video I'm going to be bringing you a gameplay with this new galaxy opal Oscar Robertson this card came out today in the NBA Draft packed I did pull this card along with a lot of other pretty good polls I don't know I really like this the card are I think that's pretty sweet in the background you can see the old Cincinnati Royals logo I think it's kind of cool how it lines up with the galaxy opal I don't know it's weird I just think this card looks a lot better than the other ones this card and I don't know how I'm gonna feel about it I'm probably just gonna sell him even though I don't think he's gonna go for a ton I don't know maybe I'll like him a lot but he's got 99 offense 99 defense six-foot-five point guards so obviously he's not not the tallest but for a point guard to 605 is it bad I don't have issue or anything on him so his attributes he has 98 standing layup 98 driving 93 post fade 89 post hook 95 post control I need Raphael 98 shot close 97 for all the mids 96 for all the threes 97 free throw 80 standing belt 97 driving dunk 97 contact dunk passing at 98 ball control 98 passing vision 98 IQ 98 accuracy then on defense is 87 block 95 contest 98 steel and then rebounding this is where it gets impressive this is actually all better than Anthony Davis 98 box out 98 Offensive 98 defensive Anthony Davis was 97 for all those men athleticism he's got 97 speed 97 speed with ball 87 Excel 97 vertical 88 strength 98 stamina 90 hustle 95 lateral quickness and the consistencies he has 95 defensive 98 offensive will go over to badges so he has 20 hall-of-fame 10 gold his Hall of Fame's his one-man fast break pickpocket mid-range dead I'd pick Dodger the brain said I had limitless defensive stopper difficult shots also rebounder diamond tireless aura catch and shoot lob city passer picking one maestro break starter poster Iser ankle breaker after bat to your dropper relentless finisher as gold see his putback King postman technician drops temper up and under bruiser flashy passer chase down artist absolutely finished her for a specialist and charge card yeah this card I haven't used him yet should be pretty insane I want to say he has some kind of release issues I know as as diamond had a bad release or amethyst I don't remember what he had but it was a bad release and then they give him his pink diamond for the set reward and it was a really good release so I guess it all comes down to what release I'd assume he has a good one though oh yeah let's get on the game play all right I'm gonna run with Anthony Davis Oscar Robertson and Yanis we're going against Kevin Durant Michael Jordan Andrew Wiggins so not the toughest matchup and we're defense first good defense Anthony Davis i jinxed it awesome he gets the first two points I want to sit in Julius Randle shut up Julius Randle the pelicans uniforms are throwing me off and I was just reading about Julius Randle opting out not do this right now Oscar Robertson I want to say yes some pretty good dunk animations which I don't know I'm sure he wasn't exactly a flashy dunker as day this guy's just doing a lot of running around force him to take a pole up with Michael Jordan I can't tell if he's off ball I heard what he's doing he's off ball Oscar for three yeah he's definitely got a fast release I was expecting a slow release because I just knew people said his old one was bad so Oscar for three can't hit that one we're getting the rebounds though see how long it takes an Oscar over three like they contested knocks out one now there we go so not a bad release I think it was definitely would have helped if I would have used him a game before some of these cards I used before some of them I dealt so a lot of times you're getting actual first first experience opinions I guess I see if we get a dunk or something they Oscar should have some pretty cool post animations maybe try a fade wow that's a fast fade away but he gets that one they go good steel Anthony Davis trying it a dunk Oscar Robertson with the one-handed tomahawk so not a bad start we're up 9 to 4 he has all nine points so far I'm fairly impressed I don't know if I really want to keep through use this card after this but we'll see get a steal maybe don't foul yeah he keeps it barely getting by me without Wiggins I want to try you the limitless threes there we go wide open dang you can't hit that late release though I definitely don't have it down yet get another one here open knocks island out there we go his take over so he has the play making shot crater which that's not a bad one after a point yard I don't know how Wiggins is doing that but yeah giving it like an ankle breaker never mind get it back to Oscar try hit an ankle breaker and then maybe like a fade or something just hey Anthony Davis I'm not gonna shoot it helped over Michael Jordan why not Oscar Roberts hit for 3 or 2 that was bad execution by me I don't know this guy's in the game but obviously I was trying to shoot with only Oscar see ankle breaker or something not the best at dribbling but look like pledges happen in there we get a layup begins it default there was goaltending but it was going even though you're smothered in hawk sit down let's steal an Oscar night reverse dunk there you go we have 16 or up five Oscar has all our points fouls there good defense Anthony Davis honest three pull-up three Green Knight knocks it down he's got a hole 19 now get back on defense good defense Oscar there we go that was a good series right there right here no fade three there we go knocks it down for the win so we get a 22 to 11 win Oscar Robertson at all 22 I'll definitely take that that card out there at the end it was definitely eating up had to green-light 3 a good defensive stop and then a nice fadeaway three for the win with a bad release I'm pretty sure so yeah that card feels pretty insane I think or his height I think he's gonna be I don't know how to say this but for his height I think he's gonna be probably the best all-around card in the game yeah I don't know if that even makes sense but like you can literally do everything you saw has rebounding he can do just about anything really I don't know how to say it definitely an insane card I really don't think he's gonna go for much probably and I think he might even be a buyout honestly but we'll see once the auction house is back to normal I don't know what's happening with it I don't know when it's gonna be fixed but hopefully soon we'll see what that card goes for I'd say if it's under 100k you need two point guard or if you're just one of those people that doesn't have an opal yet and you want a good one to pick up I definitely choose him over Fred vanvleet over Kyle Lowry over CJ McCollum so yeah I think he's definitely not gonna be a bad buy I'm just probably not gonna use them I don't really need him yeah that's gonna do it for the video thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed please leave a like and subscribe go check out my giveaway a few videos ago pretty awesome NBA giveaway a good chance to win yeah that's all I got for you today this will probably be the last feature today I might get one other game play up we'll see ya see you guys later


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