Oscar Rivas responds to Dillian Whyte doping test results – Wilder & Ruiz involve themselves

  • Fact is he was past to fight. Read what you want of that. But anyone with half a brain will know this is bullshit or a twisted truth

  • Not sure vada can stop any fight they can only tell the board or the commission then it’s down to the board or commission to stop the fight.

  • Dirty asf. UK fighters be dirty. Fury, Dillian, BJS SMH. Oscar Rivas for Mandatory! VADA DIDNT CLEAR THIS SHIT..I BET!

  • PBC are a cancer on the sport. I’m just shocked none of their fighters (Except Russell Jnr) ever call out rivals from other promotional outfits. It’s like they don’t want the challenge or legacy. Bunch of bitches. I actually think Spence walks through Crawford, man’s just too big, but at this rate, we’ll never find out. I’ve never wanted AJ to beat anyone as bad as I want him to beat Ruiz now (and I’m Hispanic,). Need those belts back on these shores so we can end the Yank politics. Wish Hearn had never got involved with that lot.

  • I don't like Pbc fanboys but what Eddie hearn and matchroom have done is disgusting. They should have told Rivas and his promoter and hearn going on about Pacquiao on peds when he knew Dillan had popped dirt at the Campbell vs loma press conference

  • Ruiz is starting to get annoying now, Joshua gave him the opportunity of a life time and he acts as if he don't want to return of favor. I hope Joshua beats his ass in a rematch, I don't see how Joshua lost to this clown.

  • Isn't this the same guy that always accused AJ of using but had never failed. I know UK boxing is bleeding from the neck but US doesn't have the bandages

  • 3 years ago when this happened to Price & your anger was directed in the main place

  • 1) FACT: The ONLY top HW's not to have popped so far are AJ, Parker and Wilder.
    2) FACT: Wilder has narcissistic personality disorder.
    3) FACT: All the body language and verbals from Whyte and his whole team after the fight – including Hearn saying "Nobody can take this belt away from him now", would suggest the "banned substance" is a soft finding.

  • We need to know all the facts first before condemning the man. Wilder is the one who was saying that he wants to kill a boxer in the ring. Andy Ruiz must have read the contract before he signed it. He is enjoying spending the money he was paid. He cannot run runway from his legal obligations.

  • Ruiz is being a bitch, if he is publicly worried about the UK venue then he has already been defeated. Wilder needs to keep his mouth shut cause his own brother was a cheat.

  • Confirmed Rivas nor his promoter were informed by Hearn But Ruiz & Wilder should trust "slave traders" Hearn. 🤡

  • These yanks are so weak minded and effeminate they don't even support fighter's like Crawford pbc really stands for pussies bums and chumps

  • Maybe something related to weight loss. Lets wait for the B sample and the substance before making any conclusions.

    Beats love your videos man! Keep up!

  • I find it funny now that AJ has lost in America yall want him to fight back at home but it was AJ who stated he wanted the rematch back in New York. I guess if you can't make it in America you truly haven't made it in boxing. Tyson had no problem in America. Eddie is the one who wants the rematch in the UK not Wilder so don't make excuses for him.

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