Oscar Rivas Had No Idea Dillian Whyte Failed PED Drug Test July 17th Until Yesterday!!!

make sure you check out responsible to health place all the information is in the description used to promo code above good for the one boxing 18% off of all the natural products from Yoda ring pom a two-person much much more and have additional discounts on their website as well as to help ladies calm started 720 of promo codes good for eighty percent off we go alright man what's going on good morning I taught my brothers out there man make sure that subscribe button Bell icon button woman of the video good fellow sports TV appreciate the love support man but it's exactly what I thought it was Oscar Revis team his promoter your von Michaels GYN promotions he said today I'm Twitter and I'll make article description that they didn't know anything about the failed drug test by dilly and whites alright if you didn't know Dillion white failed the drug test for possibly multiple banned substances they took violet drug testing but the you cat is the one that called him the same you CAD they call fury and letting him fight wladimir klitschko like six months later you know and you know they'd you know it wasn't up to you cat to let the fight go on it's up to the British Board boxing whatever they call the BBC of British whatever it is called but you know in any home or you can match room mushroom promotions did not alert Yuval Michael's they were left in the dark they only learned of this yesterday yesterday and we all learned about it and unfortunately you know dealing and widening Eddie Hearn and and you know a British Board or whatever boxing they left they after somebody lost a life in the ring and rest and pirate of Mad Max and I know buddy McGirt got a heavy heart in a box of radu to actually my lost day life they still let dealing and white going the ring with an unfair advantage and could have killed Oscar Rivas after what we saw this past Friday is unexplainable because he further drugs have July 27 I'm in July 17th and they knew about it and they didn't tell the promoter and you Bob Michel said he would have pulled out Oscar Rivas and I figured Oscar Rivas was not I went on to it with the fight unless they but I gave him a shit ton of money not he bout to get a shit ton of money you know now he bought to get the back and he need to sue or everybody Eddie Hearn you CAD you need to be asked some questions about vada how did the you cat catch the drug testing you guys didn't you know and I've been telling you dudes Vytas real real shaky man riding don't be on a job like that they be letting people get away with shit are you thinking to be that you can't get away with something man you know but this is Dillion white second drug test failure it ain't like it's first or his first one was proven to be negative because of some health reason you know it ain't like that's it it ain't like that's the situation you know where okay this is this is dude you know maybe he got some blood thinners or this is due to a little disease that he got or or disability that he got and we knew where it is so it ain't really nothing nah it's a dude that already felt the drug test and then he celebrating after the fight yeah you doing he celebrating after the fight like he really wanting you really cheated the game and I was listening to mr. boxing today and he says his wife said he was on some shit because the veins in his neck she called it and then a couple days later he get a pop shots and mr. boxing today man Minnesota but this is like me it's like why won't you why you can't why won't you alert Oscar Revis let him know if you want to go on with this fight or they conducted a negotiate where he'd get more money out of 80 Hearn and I'm telling y'all the UK is been fishing man if I marked the spill command I want to know about their j'adore the way he was punching punching but the uk's fishy the whole Billy Joe Saunders thing the day of the day of a competition ain't nothing new autumn dude's been taking shit over there for the most part I want to say everybody but the majority of them dudes been take your shit over there that's why AJ look like a monster and he started doing violet and he come to America he don't look like a monster no more they need to get this unfair advantage and they still begin they ass whooped Tyson Fury another guy he failed the drug test and they covered up her still that in fried Crisco and we they was closing the wars on him his cousin Huey and they filled it for the same drug so you already know what was going on there hey another one you know he played the mental health card and people was wondering like why you don't wanna free much Crisco because he felt the drug test any new including a new before the clinic on fire I don't know Crisco knew and he avoided the rematch you know so the UK big fishing man Indira we said I'm not going over their financing Joshua and would you go over there for Anthony Joshua after all it is after they play Oscar rivers and that's why said V I understand why you know our hey man the premier boxing champions no longer recognize the WBO bill what they need to do is change the game and how do you change the game you change the game by only repping bills that's in America if you want us to represent your belt get this three percent on my father's purse you need to be stationed America like the IBO and IBF you know you they can elevate the IBO and said what is a major Berlin ours we're gonna represent the IBL and if you get the IB on IBF and PVC that's your undisputed and they start their own Boxing Hall of Fame and that started our own shit man break tradition with tradition ain't ain't really right you know real talk and represents your own village man you got over 250 pirates right way more than that because they ain't playing for you're out here you know no American fighters should go back to the UK and today get it together no fighter from Canada should go over there no fighter from Mexico to go over there none of porto rico nobody you go over there because they business and together they put a fighters life at risk knowingly and didn't even alert him that your life was that risky in there swinging for his life you know and dealing in white in there with an unfair advantage he should take dealing in white purse he should take all the Metro money and he should shoot you know the UK the British boards of boxing and he should get into shooting you can for not alerting him usually when Avada get the drug test they get adverse or fail drugs as they Larry both parties involved at the end of the day they marvel had took a bribe for Eddie Hearn and put it on the table unlike bother caught him maybe Eddie hernia had a money maybe the check bounced this time rights okay Eddie see we was gonna keep it under the table how many fighters they did that for allegedly how many fighters I slept on Sam I mean Fox went over there and took it ill the opponent was on some shit and they flip it on its head because maybe Frank Warren maybe Barry McGuinn maybe Eddie Haran allegedly slaves check under the table ice agree was almost lost his life that should be instantly turned into a no contest fuckin be sample you know and dealing I can hide on this table or you want to he said there any blasted drill Miller y'all both had one drug to fill drugs as before Miller Phil y'all perhaps mother filled one in kickboxing you fell one got a year ban so what's this has got to be a guy fire being over with you better tell your brother tell them gloves on the fight for you alright five-year livelihood you know that's why he wanted to come to America man and this art is all this cloud chasing you did on Wilder order shit you did talk about Miller being the fields you know being a pear defender and guess what you possibly got multiple substances and systems to or at least one and you know it was different about him he'll be able to come back soon maybe a fight Tyson theory you only UK you ain't gonna be able to fight someone you done they can suspend your black ass for two or three years so Joe you and your brother gonna do you know do the blue face and get the mop started mopping the mopping Mashroom offices matter of fact a might be called Oscar Rivas room our office if he's done with him and I sue them and tell them I won't I want to shop versus Reed versus Ruiz before AJ get AJ out the way I often that often that's the whole company but it don't surprise me no more man because that van lists keep growing and growing and growing and like Freddy from barbershop conversation said in this video yesterday you know when usually somebody get caught ain't they first time even the old wax Dillian white got caught once but it ain't his first time he's probably being popped multiple times I mean he's probably been done in multiple times you know but Oscar Rivas I be mad as hell I'll be my lawyers right under my loss Rivas to be able to retire without throwing another punch if he wanted to you know it's funny he looked like he was probably one that's on some chisel and dealing white out there with a dad by almost ibaka looking back he the one that's taking something c4z gray don't tell you nothing because they're these peds all I'm gonna make you look yoked up they got different you know they got different principals to him that they do to the body but it's a good fella sports TV appreciate everybody for checking in don't forgive me on Facebook Instagram Twitter reach out to the email yeah business question car wash because all those links in description keep sharing videos don't forget to check out response to help ladies that the hell is that comment promo code good for boxing 18% of attention furniture products lotions soaps foot soaps but I buy almost more website promoting scripture and make a donation share videos or make a donation with the link in description

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