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MAC! So this video’s late. The Oscars happened on Sunday it is currently Wednesday, and I’m filming this video I want to put this out on Thursday, but knowing me this probably won’t come out until Friday or even worse a Saturday I’m a mess My tour starting this weekend, been finding an apartment this week. Everything’s been happening all that once But today I found time to sit back relax and tear apart some celebrities and their fashion choices. That’s right You’ve seen the title Today we’re reviewing the Oscars red carpet on the floor ON THE FLOOOOR! Jordan Peele won award that’s all that matters. And Timothee Chalamet was there And that’s all I care about. Also Armie Hammer.. Because he’s f***ing Armie HAmmer. Jennifer Gardener realized something, and the amount of years Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar is literally one less year than my current age So that’s something I’ve literally grown up with Meryl Streep being nominated for an Oscar almost every year of my life Why isn’t she president? Let’s just read these hoes Lupita Nyong’o Go ahead. We love gold here Emily Blunt Don’t go ahead. Stop for a second and breathe.. What is happening is this lace choking you what’s going on it looks like someone made this dress all blue.. And they’re like oh, this is too blue. Let me add something to it *gay ass sprinkle* There we go You know what you tried your best. It’s cute I’m excited to see you in Mary Poppins though If you’re watching this, invite me to the premiere. I love you I feel like I burn a lot of bridges doing this red carpet review. What if one day I wanted to win an Oscar? I probably can’t anymore. I ruined that. That bridges been burned. That bridge is gone Maybe it’s not I don’t know Gimme ten years.. Meryl Streep. There she is. I feel like at this point in her life She’s just like whatever well. Oh, I got invited to the Oscars again. Okay. Dress me That’s me if I was a Meryl Streep’s shoes whenever I got invited to another award show I’d be like okay I’m not picking my dress someone just throw something on me. I’m going on that red carpet. I don’t care anymore I feel like at this point of time whenever Meryl Streep is nominated They should just give her a thank you for Existing award the amount of times this woman has to carry her ass to an award show wearing these dresses Y’all better give her something now. It’s been 20 years Y’all should be paying her now Y’all wasted her time…Y’all wasting her Sunday night Sally Hawkins ..I feel like my great-grand-mother owns this dress She is the main character from the film shape of water Where she played a mute woman which reminds then me that I’ve never once heard Sally Hawkins speak in my entire life I don’t even think I’ve ever seen her in another movie other than that Has she been in another movie? Is she famous? You and Emily Blunt are in the same dress category Oh – too silver. Let’s just throw some shit at the bottom and tie a black string around it, FASHION! Cute Nicole Kidman I’m glad you found some shields for your hips. You know I like this. I like it a lot actually I’m just very confused where your second leg currently is Anseeeell Ellllgorrrt Is that green? I mean, it’s a suit He’s there. He exists. Leslie Mann Go ahead girrl. Go ahead. GO AHEAD Girl, bitch go ahead Out here looking like a peach. Don’t tell Timothee Chalamet Sandra Bullock You know what me too me too girl She kinda looks like she’s smiling through the pain Like if she doesn’t want to be there, But she has too Honestly, same Emma Stone What happened who cut off your dress. She’s wearing pants I’ve never seen her wear pants At least not at award shows Have I ever seen her wear pants at award shows? I don’t think she’s ever worn pants at an award show I don’t know I don’t really pay attention to the legs of Emma Stone, okay, let’s be honest I mean, this is cute. I don’t know what the pink is doing though, but it’s cute She also has like she doesn’t want to be there. Kinda just like, welp, yeah Won last year but whatever Jennifer Lawrence looking like she is ready to fight Okay, giving me gladiator goddess Okay, giving me Miss Wonder Woman sidekick What were they called? Amazoni-Amazonian? Amazonian Jesus Mother Nature Got kicked in the face in her last movie Go ahead Gal Gadot With the fringe girl, Bring it back Lookin’ like a Burlesque Barbie Doll Chira-see Ronan Chirorsay? Saariss? Simanaree I did this before What is happening here? *gay ass laugh* What is happening here?! There is so much But you look like I look like a schoolgirl Going to church on Easter Sunday So much pink And is that supposed to be a bow behind you? Because, I am confused Are those wings? Can you fly girl? You are in a movie called Lady Bird Was that code? Is she also wearing a cape? WHAT IS- All I’m seein’ right now She’s wearing a dress with a cape and a bow that might be wings A cape and some wings and a bow All pink Go ahead Honestly, live your dream And there he is Timothee Chalamet You know we all have dreams of being waiters too He’s the type of person that could pull something like this off I were to wear this, shit I’d look like an indentured servant White on white on white on a white boy We love it here So skinny like in an actual physical way not the stand Twitter way Skinny Legend Maria Carrey, 2018 I feel like I can break you That wasn’t a threat, that was just…. An observation Great Moving on Greta Gerwig Do your thang girl, do your thang With all that yellow? What is on the yellow? Lowkey, looks like you’re wearing frosted flakes? Well, you know what I’m not judging I’m just hungry. You also look very nervous and anxious. Honestly. I relate, just like I related to your movie Zenday- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh yes bitch, bitch yes, yes bitch yes What who you bitch? Yes, you bitch. Bitch, what? There bitch yes, bitch There Biiiiitch Yes, bitch Upside down bitch Sideways, bitch. Bun on top bitch, yes With the earrings bitch yes That silver and that brown bitch YESSSSSSSSSSSSS Bitch I like it Armie Hammer *gay moan* A man, Can he just Will he just if we just Is it okay if he just Just once In my bussy all I ask for Also, red on red into it I want to touch it, actually It looks very soft, you look very soft. I want to touch you I’M GOIN TO FAR WITH THIS- Viola Davis Did we have to? Mary J. Blige Girl, your shoulder’s falling off. Better pick it up. Kinda looks like your dress got wet So,you covered it with a towel, but it was too late for it to dry So he just walks out with the towel and half the dress It’s like your dress is wearing a case. like you have a dress case on. Still putting that funk up in that dance Sorry, I see, go ahead girl. You don’t need no hateration, toleration, in this daa-haanacary. Who are you? And why am I obsessed with allll of this? Salma Hayek Out here lookin’ like a regal seahorse Daniel Kahlua I don’t know I want to be down for the cause but like at the same time What? I understand that these men are trying their goddamn hardest not to show up on the red carpet Just wearing black at the same time sometimes wearing black is better. You know what I’m glad you got out now You just gotta get out of that outfit. I’m sorry. Gina Rodriguez Go ahead pixie wings Finally last, but not least we’ll end it on Jordan Peele I’m not gonna say it. We already talked about it with Timothee Chalamet. Just apply it here Glad you won. That’s it. We’re gonna stop there. I’m tired my butt hurts from sitting. Thank you guys so much for watching! Moral of the story.. Is it Charosee? Chiraso, Charoshow? Comment down below How does Armie Hammer make you feel? For me it’s a lot of things, all at once, together, inside and outside my body. My name is Mac. And don’t forget to like, comment share and subscream, BAAAAAAAAH *gay ass outro* GO TO HIS TOURRRRRR!!!! Subtitles by Rylee!!


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