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Oscar recognizes Cardo and Vendetta | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

And now, His Excellency
President Oscar Hidalgo will give the certificates
of completion for the training of the
Special Anti-Crime Task Force. Police Senior Master
Sergeant Ricardo Dalisay. Police Captain Abel Guzman. Police Captain Mark Vargas. Police Captain Francisco Rivera. Police Lieutenant Jeline Gomez. Police Lieutenant
Isabel Tiongson. Senior Master Sergeant
Katherine Parana. Master Sergeant
Trisha Almario. Chief Master Sergeant
Jerome Girona Jr. Master Sergeant Rigor Soriano. Master Sergeant Rolando Reyes. Patrolman Ramil Taduran. Patrolman Patrick Espinosa. Patrolman Marcial Matero. Patrolman Dante Villafuerte. Patrolman George Espinosa. Patrolman Gregorio Cortez. Let’s recognize
some of the members of this new task force for dedicating their strength,
skills, intelligence, and lives to achieve freedom from
the past administration. Let’s call them on stage. Police Senior Master Sergeant
Ricardo Dalisay. Face right! Forward march!


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