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Oscar praises Flora for raising Cardo properly | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

We need to do something as soon as possible. Absolutely, sir. Mr. President. General Borja. How’s the Vendetta? They’re doing fine. They’re all ready for their
new mission, Mr. President. Now that Cardo and his comrades
are done with the training I’m confident that
we can finally stop Renato Hipolito
and his evil plans. I’m just worried about
their safety, Mr. President. Renato Hipolito
is a vicious enemy. I understand you, Diana. We’re putting our family’s life
on the line here. But I believe they’re
the only ones who can fight Renato. General Borja’s right. I believe that they can
succeed in this mission. Just like how they did
in the past. I’m really impressed
with Vendetta because they finished
that rigorous training! Yes, that’s why they
really deserve that recognition
from the president. President Oscar is
indeed a good person. It’s a good thing
he got reinstated. He even let us live
with him in the palace. He’s really a good person that’s why he’s blessed. Right? But the president
really trusts us. I don’t know about you. Don’t say that. President Oscar
is nice to all of us. And he gives everyone
a chance to have a better life. That’s right. So let’s always
be thankful to him. And we should always
be here to support him Yes! I really love
President Oscar. There you go again. He’s nice and
really handsome. Oh my goodness! Come on! Let her be. It’s free to
dream anyway. Alright. If that makes
you happy. Lola Flora. Mr. President. How are you? I’m doing fine. Thank you again
for everything. No worries,
Lola Flora. Mr. President. I’m sorry to say
this but… I can’t help but worry about
Cardo’s new mission. Lola Flora. You have nothing
to worry about. I know that Cardo
has what it takes to be a great policeman. I know he can get
through any mission because you’ve
raised him well. Thank you so much,
Mr. President. You may not know
this but… I didn’t get to take care of
Cardo when he was young. He suffered from
this illness that’s why he needed
to get treated abroad. Because of that, I had no choice but to ask
someone else to adopt him. Cardo grew up
away from me. We only reunited
after so many years. That’s why his
surname is Dalisay, while mine is De Leon. He didn’t grow up
with me. I didn’t know that but… Lola Flora… Maybe Cardo get his
courage from his father But knowing that you
were a teacher, a principal, and
a barangay chairman, I believe that Cardo has
loving and generous heart all because of you. Thank you, Mr. President. Did you see that? – How are you?
– Hi, General! General, do we look good
in our police uniforms It suits you. But wearing that uniform
is not just for show. It comes with a responsibility. Promise me that you won’t
abuse your position. Don’t ruin the trust our country
and President Hidalgo gave you. Don’t worry, General Borja. We won’t waste this opportunity. He’s right, General. We consider this as
the start of our new life. You have our word, General.
You can count on us. I never doubted you. I just wanted to remind you. – Mr. President.
– Cardo. Thank you very much. Thank you, Cardo. Our efforts finally paid off. Who would’ve thought that
we’d be able to return to our previous lives? Just like what we
promised you before we’ll help you refine
the government agencies. Thank you, Cardo. ur country needs you. Your mission will start… …as soon as possible. You can count on us,
Mr. President. We won’t let you down. Cardo, Mr. President is right. I think you can solve
all the problems in the Philippines. Thank you for all
your help, Lily – You’ve been very good to us.
– Don’t mention it.


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