Oscar Pool – Multiplex 10

[Music plays. It's pretty awesome.] Hey! Jason! We do an Oscar pool every year.
It's ten bucks if you want to play. Kurt, the Oscars are stupid. Why do you care what movies
a bunch of rich old white dudes like? You know they don't even
watch half the nominees. That's the only way Crash could
ever beat Brokeback Mountain. Ummmm… okay. If you change your mind the winner gets like $300 and their name on the plaque. You've won… every year? Yep! I love the Oscar pool!
It combines my two favorite things: Movies… and guessing! (disgusted) Give me a ballot. (Jason mumbling) Pff. Obviously. Boss Baby? Yeah, right. Roger Deakins for the win… Wait. La La Land for Best Picture? You never know! It could be their year! (applause) And the Oscar goes to… La La Land?! YES! (confused applause) [Multiplex 10 theme plays]


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