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Oscar Perez: July 4 Message (English Subtitles)

Venezuelans: I am inspector Oscar Perez from the CICPC I am taking the opportunity to explain why were were offline for a few days We performed an emergency landing on the coast of Vargas state We then had a long trek crossing the [Avila Mountain], but now we are in Caracas again, ready and willing to continue the fight to liberate our fatherland We are adhering to Article 333 and Article 350 of our Constitution We want to make it clear that the maneuvers conducted on [June] 27 we successful in their first phase where we only damaged the Ministry of Justice and Supreme Court buildings as planned, there was no collateral damage we are not murderers like you, Mr. Nicolas Maduro, and you, Diosdado Cabello, who force Venezuelan homes to mourn each day I want to explain that the second phase of our plan will be achieve [soon?] with commitment, planning, and our joint effort We have been paying attention to social media and we see many armchair commentators who talk, but do nothing [who say that] we launched this revolt out of egotism Let me ask you: is it egotistical to abandon our families, our children, our mothers and fathers our brothers and social circles, and all of our possessions, and to leave it all for anonymity due to our strong desire to free our people? Is that egotism? We are sure of what we are doing even if we have to give our lives for the people, we will we are proving this with our actions Stop talking. Go on the streets. Act. Represent Venezuela. Fight. If this Constituent [Assembly] happens, Venezuela will be no more We will have given away the country to the Cubans, and this small gang of corrupt [officials] who bargain with the future of our country and who are drunk on vice Let us be clear the time is now, not tomorrow the moment to rise up is now, so that we can have a new dawn we are one nation, and we must show it I want to send a brotherly greeting to all of the youth from Anonymous and all the youth who continue to fight around the country let us remain firm on the streets let us remain furious and energetic we are defending our future we are defending our rights and duties we are defending our flag our nation we will also be in the marches now Let the G2 and all of Cuban intelligence know we will be there defending our people against the armed thugs of fear and death they will not win because there are 30 million Venezuelans who [unintelligible] they will have to jail the entire country to be able to silence our mission, our duty, our patriotism, our struggle we will be with you on the streets. You will not be alone.

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