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sergeant I hope you're careful what charges you make I'm sure you know what can happen if you make a false arrest I haven't made an arrest mrs. Hudson I just want to know how you got that first or I've told you can make it a lot simpler for everybody if you'd tell me the truth very well I bought the store myself he told a furrier that your husband bought it out of town oh yes I lied about that my husband doesn't know anything about this I I wanted to surprise him was what a bargain I got do you have a sales slip well no as a matter of fact I don't you see I brought it secondhand well who did you buy it from well I don't know her name but what my hairdresser told me about a girl who wanted to sell a stone I see hadn't we better get in touch with your husband I don't know please don't do that he doesn't know anything about it he's out of town where Anderson Henderson Nevada that's practically Las Vegas he go off him well Henderson yes not Las Vegas he's an accountant he's working on an audit where is he staying Henderson well he doesn't stay in Henderson he stays in Las Vegas at a hotel I thought she said he didn't go to Las Vegas well I I didn't mean that was he there last weekend yes why what's that got to do with it well this fair was stolen at Las Vegas last weekend now you're being quite ridiculous sergeant in the first place my husband is the most honest man in the world and in the second place he couldn't have had anything to do with it because I bought the store myself so you already said well I can prove it I'll take you to the girl who sold it to me very well Oh mrs. Hudson you forgot your stole Thank You sergeant are you sure this is the right place yes I think so the apartment at the end of the hall how is it you don't remember the girl's name well it didn't seem important when I saw the FIR I wanted it so badly I didn't think to ask her oh yes you remember me I mrs. Hudson oh yes you're the lady that was looking at the apartment across the hall aren't you well no I was here last Monday about I'm a police officer miss I'd like to talk to you I haven't done anything wrong have I it's not about that ticket I got no but may we step inside yes of course I'm sorry about the mess I was doing my laundry it's quite all right may I ask your name yes do I start thank you miss dawn this lady says that she bought this first stole from you last Monday gosh I don't sell clothes I modeled them and work at Dorothy's you know Doris use yes it's a very good storm I didn't buy it at a store I bought it here here well you must remember I gave you $400 for it you said you needed the money cash it if I had a fur like that I'd go hungry before I let it go so you didn't sell this lady the stove course not and you haven't seen her before not as far as I know don't you remember I was here last Monday I don't know why you're saying I wasn't the girl from the beauty salon sent me your seals wait you have your hair done there cos I never heard of it I don't go to a beauty parlor I do my own hair it's easy it's naturally curly she's lying I know she's lying she must be making it up well I don't understand it I don't you pay for this tool did you give this young lady a check well no no I gave a cash I I had been to the bank and drawn out my sin savings $400 I well I was afraid she wouldn't take a check because she didn't know me I really don't know what she's talking about I never saw her before in my life that's not true I never had mink on my back except once at a fashion show they took it right off me the minute I finished the walk-around don't you remember it was last Monday evening about eight o'clock well you offered me a cup of coffee Monday you say yes I always go out with my boyfriend on Mondays everything's less crowded on Mondays you know all right mrs. Hudson let's go gosh I wish I could help you but she's just got me mixed up with somebody else that's all you know how it is an awful lot of us models lepre like well sorry to have bothered you it's quite all right nice meeting you are thank you she's right you know about models looking alike you think that's what it is that you got her mixed up with somebody else I'm so confused I I thought she was the one I thought I thought this was the apartment are you sure you wouldn't like to change your story mrs. Hudson no I wouldn't all right the girl at the beauty shop will tell you it's true I couldn't be mixing her with someone else she does my hair all the time all right then perhaps we'd better go talk to her but really made me the address you told me it was the apartment at the end of the hall oh honey I don't know what you're talking about I didn't write down any address no you didn't write it down I did oh well then that explains it mrs. Hudson just made a mistake about who gave her the address anybody can make a mistake like that you know it's funny you being a policewoman when you came in I guessed you wanted a permanence don't you remember it was on Monday Monday were you in Monday oh yes I did do you Monday you could do with a permanent you know you told me a girl came in here and gave you a hard luck story and asked you to buy a mink stole on the tips I make please this is serious you've got to help me oh honey I know you told me how much you wanted a mink but I didn't know you'd bought one would you say you got it from what are you trying to do to me honey don't cry it's bad for the complexion oh I got to bro my poor mrs. Hudson what sort of a woman is she well she was always sort of metal headed thank you she made appointments when she didn't and things like that but she I never thought she'd really flip her lid well thank you very much oh not at all and tell your partner I'll be happy to give her a parent that anytime she wants to drop in that's very kind of you well I was waiting for you to call back well I hope you handled him as well as I did as I was saying I acted all girlish and innocent the dear sergeant thinks maybe mrs. Hudson is crazy probably she's beginning to think so herself well the police are not such fools as you seem to think and I have a hunch we're in trouble already expect me to do about it yes Charlie's here Charlie she wants to talk to you Charlie but how do you think I feel yes Charlie you're darn right you better do something about it oh did you get your call the circuits were busy is there anything else sergeant have I completed all the necessary formalities yes thank you and why don't you get out of here both of you very well we'll be in touch with you good night mrs. Hudson aren't you going to take exhibit a well mrs. Hudson you've told us the stole is yours and at the moment we have no legal evidence to the contrary mrs. Wilson stole is insured with us for two thousand dollars and that's what we'll have to pay unless it's returned to her what's that to do with me well just this mrs. Hudson as I understand it you only paid $400 for that stone now rather than take a total loss we're willing to offer you $600 for it I'll give you the cash you'll give it a fur and everybody will be satisfied it isn't a question of money this is my stole I paid for it and I intend to keep it but you'll be getting a 50% profit and no questions asked what do you mean no questions asked don't be so defensive mrs. Hudson lots of people make the mistake of buying bargains that turn out to be stolen goods if this Fair were stolen mr. Jonas it would be a matter for the police not you you're wasting your time good night look my name isn't Jonas it's Harper Charlie Harper and I'm not with any insurance company I heist at that fire I'm a two-time loser already and I got a wife and kids if I don't walk this time they'll give me ten years then all the time it really was mrs. Wilson's bra yes my only chance of calling off the heat is to get it back to her look this isn't the only mink stole in the world I can get you another one a full length coat if you like and it won't cost either of us a penny me you'd steal it oh sure only this time I've been more careful see my kid was sicker I needed money I couldn't wait to mail a stove back he's like always I had a pen set here please you've got to give it back to me I can't the police would wanna know what happened to it tell him you lost it tell him anything you don't realize the position I'm in the police already have suspect me of having stolen the third they're sure to be back to question me tomorrow if it had suddenly disappeared what maybe certain something was wrong that's probably my husband please go all right I see what you're up against Oh good luck the both of us hello we'll keep trying please [Applause]

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