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Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Niterói – A Dica do Dia

Hi guys! My name is Greg and I’m from England. I’m a student here at Rio & Learn Portuguese School. And today we are going to present to you the Oscar Niemeyer Museum here in Niterói. Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect considered to be the most important name in modern architecture in Brazil. He was responsible for planning the capital of Brazil, Brasília, and also this beautiful museum behind me. This Museum and its Contemporary Art in Niterói and its construction were finished in 1996 and nowadays it’s one of the main landmarks in Niterói. As it was built in a cliff we have a great view from the sea from up here and of course an amazing view of Rio de Janeiro. The Museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm and we can fin lots of interesting expositions here. If you want to come and know more, come with us to Niterói on our next RioLIVE! You’ll love it! See you in our next Dica and beijos!

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